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  1. Entheo

    Radula marginata

    Hmm, according to some research, it is also found in Australia, at Brown´s River in Tasmania, and at Mt. Bartle Frere in Queensland.
  2. Hi there, wanting to refresh my mycology, I wanted to go through some lectures, so I went searching and found this from the Washington State University General Mycology 521 Class http://classes.plant...wsu.edu/plp521/ And here were links to several of the lecture powerpoints on this site http://www.ppt2txt.c...antpath.wsu.edu But after lots of searching (and quite difficult searching at times) here is a list of all the links that I could find (they seemed to have moved lectures around in different years, hence some missing lecures and doubling up of other Lecture numbers) General Mycology Syllabus 2007 http://classes.plant...abus%202007.doc Lecture 1 Intro to Mycology http://classes.plant...%20Mycology.ppt Lecture 2 Intro to Kingdom Fungi http://classes.plant...dom%20Fungi.ppt Lecture 3 Fungal Growth http://classes.plant...yphomycetes.ppt Lecture 3 Asexual fungi (cont.) Introduction to Ascomycota http://classes.plant...oelomycetes.ppt Lecture 4 http://www.plantpath...ure%209-11f.ppt Lecture 5 Hemiascomycetes - Yeasts http://classes.plant...20%20yeasts.ppt Lecture 6 Eurotiales - Filamentous Ascomycetes http://classes.plant...0Eurotiales.ppt Lecture 7 Erysiphales - Powdery mildews. http://classes.plant...Erysiphales.ppt Lecture 8 Pyrenomycetes - Claviceps http://classes.plant...renomycetes.ppt Lecture 9 Loculoascomycetes - Sooty Molds http://classes.plant...ascomycetes.ppt Lecture 10 Discomycetes - Cup fungi http://classes.plant...iscomycetes.ppt Lecture 11 Gasteromycetes - Puffballs http://classes.plant...teromycetes.ppt Lecture 11 Intro to Basidiomycota some aphyllophorales http://classes.plant...llophorales.ppt Lecture 12 Mycorrhizal Relations Hymenomycetes http://classes.plant.../Mycorrhiza.ppt Lecture 12 Mushrooms http://classes.plant...20Mushrooms.ppt Lecture 13 Heterobasidiomycetes - Jelly Fungi http://classes.plant...lly%20Fungi.ppt Lecture 14 Ustilaginomycetes - Smuts http://classes.plant...014%20Smuts.ppt Lecture 15 Pucciniomycotina - Rusts http://classes.plant...015%20Rusts.ppt Lecture 16 Mucorales http://classes.plant...20Mucorales.ppt Lecture 17 Zygomycetes and Trichomycetes http://classes.plant...ichomycetes.ppt Lecture 18 Chytrids http://classes.plant...%20Chytrids.ppt Lecture 20 Intro to Straminipiles - Diatoms & brown algae http://classes.plant...raminipiles.ppt Lecture 21 Oomycota part 1 http://classes.plant...%20part%201.ppt Lecture 22 Oomycota part 2 http://classes.plant...%20part%202.ppt Lecture 23 Cellular Slime Molds http://classes.plant...ime%20Molds.ppt Lecture 24 Myxomycetes - Plasmodial Slime Molds http://classes.plant...ime%20Molds.ppt Xtra - Lecture Cellular Slime Molds and Plasmodiophorids http://classes.plant...odiophorids.doc Lecture 25 Lichens http://classes.plant...1%20Lichens.ppt Lecture 25 Supplement - Lichens of North America http://classes.plant...ecture%2025.ppt Lecture 27 2003 Phylogeny and Evolution http://classes.plant...20Evolution.ppt Xtra - Lab 5 Archiascomycetes and Saccharomycetales http://classes.plant...romycetales.ppt If anybody knows of a Mycology course with notes/handouts up on the web, please put it up It will be a valuble resource for mycologists out there.
  3. The Silver Morning Glory, Argyreia nervosa, is found from India to Australia as a native, its introduced into Hawaii. So we should just be calling it by its pre-Americanised common name, the Silver Morning Glory.
  4. Entheo

    nelumbo nucifera

    While not dissing the Reader's Digest, I think there are better books about Australia's native plant usage out there,
  5. Scientists discovered that Tiwanaku (pre-Inca) mummies from the Atacama Desert area, had harmine in hairs from an adult male and a one-year-old baby, who both date to sometime between A.D. 800 and 1200 Andean mummies
  6. Entheo

    Elaeagnus Triflora

    I know that in the New Guinean Highlands the Gimi inhale the smoke the leaves of tobacco, an Elaeagnus species and an Amaracarpus species in divination rituals to enter a trance state, and I think the only species which is found in New Guinea is E. triflora.
  7. Entheo

    Flindersia bourjotiana

    What about if it is Flindersia laevicarpa, which contains harmalan, hesperidin, flindercarpin-2, in the leaves (Picker et al., 1976) and flindercarpin-1, flindercarpin-2, and flindercarpin-3 along with flindersiachromone and 8-methoxyflindersiachromone in the bark. Picker, K., Ritchie, E. & Taylor, W.C. 1976. The chemical constituents of Australian Flindersia species XXI. An examination of the bark and leaves of F. laevicarpa. Aust. J. Chem. 29, 2023-2036.
  8. Entheo

    daucus glochidiatus

    well according to Harborne et al, (1969), the seeds of the Native Carrot (D. glochidiatus) contains the essential oil myristicin. I dont know the amounts though. Nor do I know of anybody who has tried to extract the oil, but I suspect that different strains/varieties would have different amounts. Harborne JB, Heywood VH, Williams CA (1969) Distribution of Myristicin in Seeds of the Umbelliferae-D. Phytochemistry (Oxford) 8, 1729-32. Distribution_of_myristicin_in_seeds_of_the_Umbelliferae.pdf
  9. Entheo

    A sad site (image heavy)

    Usually it is actually, somewhere there is a great book about the Red Cedar harvested from the wild for its timber, so much so that it became very rare. he admitted he harvested 6 in that way, and that he intends to replace it with 6 baby seedlings (that might not survive) for the mature tree he took (come on, at least 2 seedlings per tree!) just my 2 cents worth
  10. Entheo

    plants for home defence

    thinking about it, there are a couple of bushfoods which should be good for home defense and able to survive the hot & dry Canberra summers, Desert Lime and from another site "Desert Lime trees exhibit many desert adaptation characteristics. They are the quickest citrus tree species in the world to set fruit after flowering. They protect themselves against grazing animals by sharp thorns, however, after growing above browse height of large kangaroos the trees grow no more thorns." also here "It is able to withstand long periods of severe drought and strong, hot winds. Under such conditions the tree will defoliate, leaving its thin, weeping green branches resembling a smoke tree. After germination, the tree develops a deep taproot and an enormous root system before making any vigorous aerial growth or full-sized leaves. It can endure high concentrations of salts in the soil and can grow up to 25 feet with access to water." and you can see the thorns and I think Native Currant: Acrotriche depressa is prickly, don't know how it would work as a deterrent though. And there are some acacias (Acacia verticillata) related to Acacia maidenii and A. phlebophylla that are very prickly and who knows, it might be interesting!
  11. Entheo

    plants for home defence

    Natives, now if you lived in a slighter wetter climate I could recommend Bush lawyer Or the Lawyer Vine (Calamus muelleri) Or Fire vine (Trophis scandens) and Stinging vine (Tragia novae-hollandiae) However living in Canberra, I would think Bougainvillea would be an ideal plant, apart from not being a native.
  12. Entheo

    Orchid Tea

    Hi Torsten, any of them native? just so I can add them into my talk at EGA
  13. Entheo

    indigenous opioid bark

    Hi Rahli better tasting? (which I assume) or better medicine? And has anybody tried to ferment any of these fruits to make a fruit wine?
  14. Entheo

    Hebrews pdf post.

    how much ram does your computer have? (are you trying to run too many applications at once - it can take up a good chunk of processing power and ram opening up some pdf's)
  15. Entheo

    Emu apple - Owenia acidula

    Sounds like the effects traditionally associated with Pituri