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    Khat plant / Psych viridius

    Hi Im after a khat plant and p.viridius in melbourne. cheers
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  5. Hi all , what cool extractions can i do using isopropyl? I have a heap. And some cacti. Your thoughts
  6. nagual78

    Isopropyl extractions

    Fantastic. Do you think i could use it to make tinctures or extracts for things like cats claw or passionflower or other legal herbs? Of course my cacti only contain alkaloids that are above board. sorry for any confusion
  7. nagual78

    Datura and brugs

    Im rooting some cuttings atm. ill get back at ya.
  8. Would you consider sending the plants to Melbourne? at my cost. plus the cost of the Khat bush. cheers Nag
  9. nagual78

    Meet up: Melbourne

    Ive never been to one in all these years, but would love to start to get a bit more involved. Can i bring my son? If theres any on a sat or sunday in dec/jan please message me im keen to meet some sab heads in melbourne. Im in the s.e. I have some cacti cuts to trade. And look forward to a chat about all things ethno
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    P subaeruginosa print

    I got a couple. got something to trade?
  11. nagual78

    Trichocereus Spachianus

    I have some t.spach cuttings t pach cuttings t pach x schickendantzii cuttings looking for a caapi rooted or eph sinesis or brug rooted
  12. nagual78

    Looking to buy ephedra

    me too god i miss the stuff. used to be able to buy it from a particular chain inthe late 90s. better than any bullshit chemical. nicely balanced. gotta love nature at its finest
  13. Hi all, just trying to id some wattles. I am in melbourne south eastern suburbs. Any help feedback would be lovely.
  14. nagual78

    Melb cacti lovers

    Hi all im looking to do a trade for some rootbark. i have a variety of cacti, t.pach, t. scop, t. spach, t. bridge, t. huasca red, t. peru, T.pach hybrid. anyhow let me know i have wheels and am in the s . e subs id also love a rooted caapi to grow. cheers
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    My favs

    Some of my nearly 10yr old garden
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    From the album: My favs

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    From the album: My favs

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    From the album: My favs

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