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    Blue Lotus

    I had a search through the site & couldn't find any info on Nymphaea caerulea ( Egyptian blue lily ) so i thought i add it to the forums for others looking for it Nymphaea caerulea also know as Egyptian blue lily or sacred blue lily, is a blue water-lily in the genus Nymphaea that grows along the Nile, Ross River ( townsville ) & many other places. The Lilly contains the alkaloids nuciferine and aporphine. Used in aromatherapy, Nymphaea caerulea is purported to have a "divine" essence, bringing euphoria, heightened awareness and tranquility There has been much controversy about this 'Blue Lotus' ( even though it's not a lotus at all ) on the internet & other related forums all around with many stating that it doesn't work/placebo. . . I know different chemicals/alkaloids effects people differently. Well i decided to try out this 'Blue Lotus' today after a week or so of research & must say that is is some pretty good if you have the right setting. NOTE: If you use this for a high don't expect to feel much if not anything !!! I went swimming the other day in my local river & collected 30+ Blue Lilly's, dried them & then bagged them. ( i felt bad for taking so much that i have brought 100 seeds from an online vendor & will plant them in 10 patches of 10, they are an extremely gorges lilly & might add a few to my pond/new garden ) Well today i have been at home all day, got nothing to do, been straight for 24hrs+ so i decided to tryout this stuff. . . 5pm - Cut up some of the petals ( 5g ) added them to a teabag & started to boil the jug of water 5pm - Cut up the flowers/bulbs ( 5g ) added them to a teabag, filled 2 large cups with boiling water & added the stuff. ( I dunked both tea bags for 5mins then let sit for 30mins then removed teabags ) 5:50pm - turned everything off, put the fan on low, sat down and got comfortable. Started sipping both tea's 6:30 - Finished both cups ( one with petals the other with the flowers/bulbs ) each cup was 600ml's Around 7ish i decided to start & see what this substance could do, not feeling anything but i knew if was in me. NOW 7:55pm - over the last hour i have been playing with wind ( turning the fan off and on feeling some very warm shivers down my arms/legs/back ) Had 2 shots of my 50% rum ( im assuming this feeling is how people in Alaska feel when they have a nice warm shot of whiskey ) Any music seems to be very interesting making me lay back really mellow but mind kinda feeling like i just had a small shot of amphetamines ( not the feeling but the way your mind races ) Also i feel like i am on top of the world. . . probably a better way to put it is better than everyone else ? I feel a great sense of well-being & just feel like i know everything & can deal with anything. Really weird body stoned, none that i can even relate parts of it too but would kinda say i feel normal but a hint of psychedelic feeling ( you can't really notice it unless you change what your doing like: walk around for 5mins then sit down and try to get yourself as relaxed as possible ) Oh and bloody hypnotic like effects: I started to read over everything i just typed and just realized i have been looking at the 7th line for over 5mins now =/ It might go great with a movie, witch im going to try out now but yeah just thought i would get a topic of this started here & let you all know that i think it does work for everyone but since there looking for a "feeling" like mostly every other drug they cant seem to put there finger on it, but then again may be wrong there too ;) Would love to do a lot more research on Blue Lotus over then next few months & will definably keep you guys posted !
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    Free Ethnobotanical's (Australian Members Only)

    VVvvv ~ gets: Cebil, Psychotria Viridis, Syrian (viable) Rue, V.B.L Tobbaco, Velvet (white) Beans -all seed... Coleus extract, Theobromine (pure) & some CatNip herb!! ~ vvvVV
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    Townsville Traders !!!

    Hello fellow townsvillians!! ~ There seems to be a fair few botanists around town with some very cool & unique plants, which got me thinking... Wouldn't it be awesome if we could all get together once a month and have a few beers, bbq and a chat? But for the meantime i was thinkin we should all start expanding our gardens, if (those that are keen) everyone can share/trade/sell some of their excess seeds/ plants/ herbs, (which is costless to you, but priceless to someone eles) then everyone will be gettin great deals and more importantly, everyone will have all the unique n wonderful plants, right at our fingertips and will eventully have more than enough for years to come =) . For those that are interested in having a BBQ This Weekend, send us a message on here, so we can work something out, but until then..... . . ~PLANTS~ . 10x Rocket $5 . 10x Jack Fruit $5 . 20x Chillies (all sorts_30cm) $5-$10 . 5x Brugmansia (white/pink) $5 . 5x White (n.l) Miraa - $40 . 2x Red (b.l) Miraa $20 . 5x Psychotria Viridis (1yo-4yo) $30 - $180 ------------------- SEEDS & HERB'S . 20x Velvet (white-hairless) Bean Vine $5 . 100g Damiana $20 . 20g Blue (resin/tar) Lotus $35 . 500g Poppy (khus khus) Seeds (blue) $20 . 500g Poppy Seeds (peruvian white) $25 ^^ dont let the prices fool you, their very tasty ^^ . 50g Blue (flower) Lotus $20 . Hawiian Baby Wood Rose: 10pods - $10 25pods - $20 50pods - $35 100pod - $50 . Trades Are Welcome =)
  4. .:Shadow:.

    Free Ethnobotanical's (Australian Members Only)

    Thankyou soo much!! Just the rue & african dream herb please mate, save ya money ;D ~ ^^^Gets 20 Mescal (hairless white) Beans --- 30g Pv [admin: this item is illegal to trade here] --- 300 fresh Tobacco (virginia b.l) Seeds --- 200 Poppy Seeds (pav + mexican, 200each) --- 30H.B.W.R Seeds & a Mystery Gift ;) ^^^ ~EDIT~ also gets freshly picked chillies: Thai, Bell, Rainbow, Ball n several others + some strong/fresh Calea (mexican dream herb) Zachtenchichi =D
  5. .:Shadow:.

    Free Ethnobotanical's (Australian Members Only)

    EDIT . . .and . . . 60 Thai Chillie seeds - 25 Bell Chillie seeds - 1000 Tobacco seeds - 200 Mexican (prickily) Poppy seeds - 500 Papaver Somniferum seeds and some Colus Extract. . . Enjoy! ;)
  6. .:Shadow:.

    Free Ethnobotanical's (Australian Members Only)

    Thank You Good Sir. . .ok what have we got lol. . .vvvv gets 10 Habanero seeds - 60 hbwr seeds - 1.5g Pure (99%) Caffeine - 25g P.Viridis - 25 Mucuna (hairless.white) Pruriens seeds and some 'pretty' red berries ;D
  7. Hey mate, you accepted my trade in the free seed ring. Sorry bout the late reply as iv been busy packin for W.A. . . I cant send a message to get ur addy (dam mobiles lol) could u give us a call on 0414 850 708 when u get this. Cheers, shadow!

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    Free Ethnobotanical's (Australian Members Only)

    Thanks Mate!! vvvvvvvV Gets: 5g B.Lotus Resin - 10x Bell-Chillie Seeds - small Miraa Seedling & 25x HBWR Pods Vvvvvvvv
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    Wanted: Spore Prints

    oh, there a few hours apart? sorry, i can see where your coming form now, haha
  10. .:Shadow:.

    Wanted: Spore Prints

    Hey everyone, it's been a while since i've posted, although i still read these forums regularly =) I have recently brought a microscopy set and would love to research some cool organisms. So if anyone has a few different strains or a few (5) good cubansis spores they could part with, it would be much appreciated!! I can trade someone 20 HBWR pods, few grams of Blue-Lotus & 5g of Syrian Rue seeds for the trouble if needed. Thanks again guys & looking forward to experiment with this =D Shadow.
  11. .:Shadow:.

    Wanted: Spore Prints

    what?..lol I've only got one account on here, and really post (but am on the forums a fair bit ;) ) i'm near townsville and will be able to look at heaps of cool organisms soon, just watched a doco and was interested in acquiring some samples... There pretty costless, i'm looking at just enough to share some around so 5people can study each strain ;) and think what i'm offering is pretty decent =) I've got all sorts or cool things out the back, just pm if interested in trading and sorry if my name has caused any dispute <3
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    theres heaps of var of woodrose between cairns and mission beach, keep an eye out for some betlenut and morning glory too ;) thought you would of figured that out, but thought id' post and let you all know im still alive
  13. .:Shadow:.

    Tabernanthe orientalis leaf

    I have also have a few addictions that i would like to kick ( i can with a bit of effort, but like lofty said, it just keeps coming back) I would love any info on this substance if anyone has any & will post anything i hear of ;)
  14. .:Shadow:.

    Iboga, Cebil, Viridis, Caapi for trade/sale

    you should be able to take cutting of the viridis, i took 2 off my year old one & it shot roots.
  15. .:Shadow:.

    Overthrow the Government

    I for one wont be just standing by ! I know a lot of people (just in townsville) that will protest over this BS. If all fails i know the anonymous will step in ;)
  16. .:Shadow:.

    merry xmas..SABBERS

    hahahaha i dont know why i should be celebrating christamas but have been for, well, ever. So merry christmas guys, made a few mates along the way & hope to meet some more interesting peeps in the future ;)
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    Swine Flu 1976 & Propaganda

    I don't know much about this, but as a kid with a christian mum believing that all these vacc's were better to have than the disease. So i have had at least 60% of them since 1990. I'm one of those people that like to grow there own food/live off the land. Over the last few years i have been really into health stuff from happy high herbs & have been taking immune boosters/ginseng/all the others for a few years now. What i was wondering is if this stuff can backfire on the so called vaccines, as i feel i'm getting healthier & healthier the last few years, no doctor, no needles, no checkups, didn't take what the doctors said i should take ect, ect. I thought to myself that... people all over the world have been using plants for thousands of years in their everyday use to combat problems in there lives & all of a sudden you see all these commercials on tv about pharms & stuff that you NEED to take if your want your body to be at 100%. but at the same time there making all these plants that contain the chemical that you Need illegal. It's just a bunch of crap i say, i just wish they would stop telling us how to live.
  18. .:Shadow:.

    Swine Flu 1976 & Propaganda

    Coincidence that all these vaccines are doing more harm than good ? This is all based on personal knowledge but think about when autism started, within months of some random vaccine ( can't remember ) they same can be said for many of them. The water we drink, the food we eat, stuff like bacon, eggs, meat ect have been proven that they help stop/cut down dieses but you still hear the gov/media going on about drinking 8cups of water & high cholesterol ect Even got some sources admitting that aid's was just some experiment gone wrong ( and scientists confirming it saying there's no way in hell that something like that could on come naturally ) Count me out, take my job off me, take my house, take what you want but your not infecting me with whatever's in that shit. Please don't take it & Spread the word ! ! !
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    Lovely ! He's sooo cool !
  20. .:Shadow:.

    old man's beard (Clematis vitalba)

    oh cool, i got heaps of that stuff growing over my other house, will look awesome over the front balcony, so might grab some and add it to my garden. My thoughts exactly ! This stuff have been growing for a long time and it hasn't spread or anything ? Guess over a huge period of time it could do some damage though.
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    any cubes yet

    The rains are coming ! Can't wait for the wet season, decided to add a few things into my daily schedule, one of them being mycology. I'm going to start growing a few species of edible mushrooms and start researching organisms & such,so hopefully you'll see a bit more of me on the Mycology Forums ;) Anybody know of and places to buy good/cheep musroom growing packs ? ( PM with supplier )
  22. .:Shadow:.

    From the mind of Dog

    That's soo cute But those are one set of scary eyes I converted from Christianity to spirituality 2 years ago but have yet to encounter this 'communication' with living things for myself, one day guys, one day ;)
  23. .:Shadow:.

    Sal Div

    Cool experience ! I have yet to try this salvia out once it becomes legal as i have read many salvia D experiences and they all sounds pretty cool. Would be funny to see this 'civilized ' country unban it ;)
  24. Nice man, i dont really like dark psychtrance but this is just so mellow, it really flows through the body nicely. Great job man, keep it up !
  25. .:Shadow:.

    deepthroat, mouthfuck

    My God ! This is the first time i've been in here, the first time posting in here & the last time i'll be in here lol Sorry just a bit to much for me after dinner