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  1. He truly was a character and a larakin...one needs no further proof than his posts in this thread.. http://www.shaman-australis.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=11314&st=0 feel free to post links to any other gems of his here when you come across them so we can have a read and reminisce.
  2. Initially when you are introduced to growing cactus people will tell you that when you get your cuttings you will need to leave them calous over at the end that the have been cut at. This procedure is to help dry the wet and open end from becoming rotten if stuck straight in soil. This is still good practice if you plant your cuttings shallow or just below the soil surface. A quicker way involves placing about 2" of perlite and crushed pebble at the bottom of an empty pot, patting down and making nice and level. Now gather your cutting, neaten up the cut if it's on an angle or is very rough and uneven. Now place the cutting in the pot with the fresh cut end sitting firmly on the perlite/pebble mix. press down firmly, now while you hold the cutting in place with one hand and then carefully back fill with your cactus soil of choice up to approx 2 inches from the top of the inside of the pot. Now gently take the pot and bang down a few times on a towel or some other soft cloth that is on a table or the ground, fill in a bit more soil, mulch with pebbles and water in. Place pot somewhere warm that gets a few hours of early sun and water when the soil looks dry, if you are doing this in spring and summer you can water everyday. Once you see the cutting putting on some new growth at the tip and the ribs are not showing signs of dehydrating anymore, then move the pot to it's final warm and sunny spot, fertilize accordingly and enjoy. The cutting will throw out many roots from the aereols that are buried beneath the soil and in no time your cutting will be powering on with new growth. I have used this method with quite a few cuttings recently and have had a 100% percent strike rate so far, in particular a couple of very old and weather beaten Peruvian cuts about 3 foot tall with arms...I wasn't sure if these would take but they were in such poor health and almost dead I had to do something quickly to get them to grow. The results were great, all of them cuttings were taken in the morning and potted up using this method by lunch time. They did take a lot longer than other cuts using this method but I am totally stoked now that they have begun to fatten up and show me some nice new green tip growth. These cuttings came from a very neglected but beautiful form of Peruvian that had been sitting in an awful concrete pot full of dark tan clay and sand. the plant had an amazing will to live, even though it only ever in it's life got rainwater and was never fed, plus it was so pot bound that it was impossible to remove the root ball without smashing the pot with a hammer, this why i could only take cuts. Another alternative is to simply lay the cutting on it's side on top of the soil and gently push it down, this is the preferred way to propagate small fresh mid section cuts.
  3. Would it be too much to ask, or possible if we could put together a thread dedicated to all known named ozzie trichocereus cactus..? Could a rough idea for the format be something like:- Bruce: T. Bridgesii variety named after ........ First collected from.......in 19..... Columnar cactus noted for it's........ insert image here....... and so on and so on... I think it would be nice to showcase all the oz varieties here at SAB in a dedicated thread then people could go to the thread when they need find out about a particular oz cactus they are interested in. People who discover new ones or need id for a possible new clone could use the cactus ID pinned thread...if it found to be a new or unknown variety then it could be added into this one. Sound like a lotta work...if anyone wants to send me the text and a ton of photo's then I'd be quite happy to compile it and start the thread... ... anyone...? Pass I'm looking your way...
  4. Chiral

    Aboriginal dreamtime....

    Is there anyone here who knows if the aboriginal term "dreamtime" is or has anything to do with DMT...I've been wanting to raise this question for years. I know a lot of elders are very tight lipped about a lot of things which is understandable, but has anyone here spent any quality time with some elders and gotten any info regarding the meaning of "dreamtime" and if there is any correlation between it and DMT or any other tryptamines or sacred natural medicines that are possibly found in OZ. I've read a lot of stuff about the indigenous peoples of this land but a common theme in a lot of the readings is that they are, or were,.. "not big on vision quests" involving making up aya style brews, or snorting tryptamines from acacia seed at corroboree' or tribal ceremonies and gatherings, rather they contacted the spirit world through sound, resonance, chanting, dancing and group dynamic energy connections...so either that's true,.. or, like other indigenous communities around the world they did use plants or combinations of plants or seeds, animal skins, saps, oils, venoms whatever to induce the visions of the spirits. I just find the word dreamtime and how DMT and the other hallucinogenic compounds found in native flora and fauna connect with people and put you in "that state of dreaming", for instance smoking it and laying down and tripping (dreaming), then there is the pineal gland controversy and how it maybe naturally produced in small amounts when we sleep...do you see what I'm trying to get at...or am I just bringing up something that has been discussed a hundred times before and someone will post a hundred links to other threads regarding this topic. any info muchly appreciated fellow dudes and dolls.
  5. Chiral

    Lo fi straw tek for begginers

    This is a very basic TEK for all those of you that keep asking how do I start off growing my own edible mushrooms. Firstly a list of what you will need. *1 or 2 or 3 spore prints of your favourite edible mushroom you wish to grow...the reason I say more than one because you can throw in more spores for faster and better chances of colonisation. *Plastic syringes...20ml ones with 18 or 21 gauge needles and caps, available from most chemists for relatively cheap cost. *6 or more 300ml straight sided glass jars..dependent on how much spawn you wish to make. Straight sided are necessary as it helps get the spawn out when the jar is fully colonised. look in your local supermarket for some cheap sauce like tomato paste etc and find the cheapest ones..use the food for what ever and clean out the jars with soap and water. *A pressure cooker...the larger the better...means you can sterilise more jars at once...pressure cooker is a must as boiling does not mean sterilising...look on e-bay for them. *A drill and a 5ml drill bit. *Silicon sealant. *A roll of inch wide micro pore tape from chemist. *A bag of Wild bird seed from any supermarket...WBS for short. *1 large cooking pot..the largest you have is needed. *1 normal to small cooking pot with matching lid. *1 box of latex gloves from chemist. *1 bottle of bleach and some anti bacterial wipes or alcohol wipes hospital grade from chemist. *1 flat blade knife and table spoon. *1 small tea cup sized sieve. *1 roll of aluminum foil and some rubber bands. *1 colander for straining and rinsing WBS. *1 or 2 depending on amount you are growing, plastic tubs with lids...preferably 6 inch deep tubs with snap on lids..available from most 2 dollar shops. *1 large 95 litre or 70 litre plastic storage tub with snap on or clip on lid to made into a fruiting chamber. *1 bag of straw or sugar cane straw mulch. *1 small bag of lime..OPTIONAL *1 bag of killarney peat moss..OPTIONAL *1 bag of Vermiculite small size grade..OPTIONAL...these 3 items are used to case the substrate and are pasturised. *Instructions for making spore solution syringes Firstly if you have purchased your syringes from a pharmacy they are completely sterile, now measure how much water it takes to fill how ever many syringes of spore solution you are going to make. Put this water in the small pot and set it to come to the boil on the stove with the lid on...use distilled water from store bought bottles. Once water has come to a boil turn off stove and leave water to cool to room temperature. Boil some more water on another ring with the flat blade knife in it and let it cool with the lid on too. Once water has cooled to room temperature it is time to make your spore solution. Glove your hands with gloves you purchased from pharmacy and wipe them thoroughly with anti bacterial wipes. take your spore print and working very quickly get the sterilised knife out of other pot and scrape all the spores from the print or prints into the spore water...stir them around in the water nice and quickly and get them all wet and mixed into the water evenly. Place lid back on pot. Now open only the plastic syringe packet...do not connect the needle or open it with its cap...just open the syringe is all....now gently tilt the pot of spore water so all the spore filled water gathers into one corner..place something under the handle to free up your hands if need be. Quickly wipe your gloved hands again with antibacterial wipes. take lid off spore water pot and the quickly suck up enough of the spore water to fill the syringe say 80% full....do not fill it to the max...you need room to shake the solution at a later date. Once you have sucked up the spore solution place pot lid back on and then quickly clip on the needle with its cap onto the syringe tip. Do this again till all your syringes are used up and your spore water is gone...if there is some left ...don't worry just leave it for now. Place your spore solution filled syringes in large zip lock bags and lock them up and place into the fridge for re hydration....approx 24 hrs minimum before use but can be left for a couple of months or more sometimes. You now have sterile spore syringes ready to inoculate your grain with... * Preparing WBS grain and sterilising jars ready for inoculation. take your bag of wild bird seed and throw it all into your large pot and fill with enough water to cover the seed by about 4inches approx. seed needs to re hydrate ...so what we do now is stir the seed when its in the water and get all the floaters and crappy shells and bits of crap out of the seed mix. Use your small tea cup sized sieve to collect every single floating seed and toss them out...in the garden or in the bin or compost heaps what ever. Go back and stir occasionally to find more floaters and dispose of them all again till there are absolutely no floaters or bits left. Place lid on WBS in pot and leave for 24 hours. Whilst this is happening we will sterilise our glass jars and get them sparkling clean ready for the grain the next day....so place as many jars half filled with water into the pressure cooker and place enough water in the cooker to run for 1 hour. Set oven timer so you don't forget. Turn off pressure cooker and remove jars when cool and place upside down on some paper towels somewhere clean. Do this till all your jars are cleaned and pressure cooked. now we are going to take all the lids and drill 2 holes in the lids of every jar. Drill one hole in the direct centre and one to one side in between the middle hole and the edge of the lid...clean up drilling of holes with cutters and make holes nice and clean with no dags or bits of metal hanging off anywhere. the middle hole is used for squirting our spore solution into so we are going to squeeze some silicon sealant on this hole and gently cut a piece of micro pore tape and stick it over the silicon so its flat...some silicon will get pushed inside the lid...scrape off with a knife and remove and make neat. The second hole simply cover with an inch by inch piece of micro pore tape...this is our air exchange hole...you can actually drill another hole and have 3 holes but it's personal preference and 1 seems to work well enough. Now your jars are ready to be filled with WBS. after 24 hrs of soaking has taken place we need to rinse the seed through a colander so place your colander into the sink and pour your WBS and water from the pot into your large colander...make sure the holes are not to large so as to let the seed through... ...now run cold water over the seed in the colander and swish and clean it really really really really good until the water coming through the colander from the seed is totally clear and no more starchy coloured water is coming out....use a wooden spoon if you need to swish it around the seed to get it all clean....this part is very important as it can be where we get dirty shitty seed into the jars and can lead to our friends the contaminates. Now let the seed sit over the sink and let all the water drain out completely....raise the colander up and down to force out any extra water ...leave for five minutes over the sink to make sure all excess water is released. Now it's time to fill our clean jars with our WBS. Glove your hands and use a sterilised spoon that you boiled and let cool and start spooning into each jar roughly enough seed to fill each jar 3/4 full...do not fill them all the way. Fill them all 3/4 until all jars have WBS in them. get your aluminum foil and cut a piece for each jar the size of the opening ...so a size like 100ml by 100ml square is good...now poke a small hole through the foil so the air exchange hole can breath and place that over the opening of the lid and then screw on the lid of the jar over the foil and the foil will twist on and act as a secondary protective layer between the seed and the lid. Do this with all jars. Now get another 100ml wide by 100ml wide peice of foil and place it over the lid of the jar and put a rubber band around it to hold it tightly in place around and over the lid...make it neat and tight. Do this with all your jars. Now your jars are ready for pressure cooking...so place as many as you can into the cooker and fill cooker with enough water to last an hour and a half...don't put so much water the jars float around and bang into each other ...they will crack and brake if you do that...they need to stand up inside the cooker and not move around too much. Turn stove on high and wait till your cooker starts hissing and then set timer for 90 mins or if you like 1 hr at least or 2 is more than enough. Once cooker has finished and time is up take cooker off stove and leave to cool for a few hours or at least till you can release the pressure and remove the lid without burning yourself. take out jars and set aside to cool to completly room temperature...remove the top foil layer after cooling so your air exchange hole can breath and then continue with more jars till all your jars of WBS are sterilised. *inoculating jars with spore solution. Once all your jars are cooled its now time to inoculate them with spore solution from your syringes. take your syringes out of the fridge and let them come down to room temperature...now we want to shake the syringes and get the spores all flying around in side the syringe...this is why we don't fill them all the way to the top. now take the syringe and remove the cap covering the needle with gloved and wiped downed with antibacterial wipes...take a jar and insert the needle into the central hole where the silicon is ...insert the needle and tilt jar gently and aim the needle so it will squirt solution around the edges of the inside of the jar right at the top of where the WBS is...squirt enough to go all the way around the inside of the jar so you can see it dribble down the sides of the seed inside the jar...one syringe full should do about 4 jars...when you remove the needle and go to do the next jar wipe it clean with a paper towel that is soaked in bleach..have this ready and handy and do it for each jar so you don't cross contaminate a jar....the silicon will seal up the small pin prick you have made where you inoculated the jar. Do this for every jar till they are all done...do not put to much solution in so as to make it too wet inside the jar or it will simply collect at the bottom and cause rot to the seed. Once all the jars are done give them all a real good shake and bang them down on a folded tea towel so all the seed re settles and none is hanging around on the edges up high....we want all the seed to stay together and neatly. You have now inoculated WBS jars and can now store them somewhere dark and warm to colonise. it's preferable to place them all in a plastic tub and then wrap a small childrens woolen blanket around the tub and then inside a nice warm cupboard...if you have a heat pad place the tub on the heat pad on low so as to keep things nice and warm. Check on the jars after about 3-5 days and look for any signs of mycelium growth....at this point if you see a little in each jar give them all a good shake and bang them down again on a towel for the seed to settle...it's not necessary but can help speed up things. After about 10-15 days your jars should be fully colonised and should look a wonderful white and every seed is covered with mycelium....if so you have successfully created mushroom spawn ready to mix into your substrate. * Creating and preparing straw substrate and layering spawn. this TEK calls for a substrate of straw only and is very easy and reduces the risk of contamination's very good. Grab handfulls of straw and fill up your pressure cooker with as much as you can stuff into it and fill cooker with water and place lid on pressure cooker and sterilise for 1 hour and let cool to room temperature. Your substrate tub is the 6 inch deep tub with lid....prepare this tub by drilling 4 holes around the sides of the tub and covering with micro pore tape..use a bigger drill bit and make 2 holes either side of the tub about half way up...roughly about where the straw and spawn will fill up to. Clean out tub with full strength bleach and a paper towel thoroughly including the lid...also make a hole in the lid and cover it with micro pore tape. Now place this tub next to the pressure cooker and have your spawn jars lids cracked open slightly ready for scooping out with a sterilised spoon. Now glove your hands and wipe them down as usual...open the pressure cooker lid and grab a handful of the wet straw and squeeze most of the water out of it...pack it into the tub and pack it down flat and hard...now grab the sterilised spoon and spoon out a full jar of spawn and layer it across the straw in the tub...do this again till you have layers of straw, spawn, straw, spawn, staw and finally spawn again....now pack this shit down hard...you can use a clean CD and flatten it down hard and compress it good...once you have done this place lid on tub....continue onto other tubs if you have more straw and spawn...usually 3 jars of spawn and a full pressure cooker of straw will do one plastic tray...so if you have intentions to do more you will need to arrange more straw and more tubs to accommodate the other jars of spawn. Now that you have a tub of spawned substrate you need to place this tub somewhere dark and warm and again wrap it in a blanket....check it daily and after about 2 days you could take the lid off and waft some fresh air into the tub...use a plastic ice cream container lid as a fan to waft the air in and out. Within about a week all the straw should be totally colonised and completely white...if so it is now time to case with pasturised peat and vermiculite about 1 inch thick or simply place your tray into your big 95 litre fruiter tub. The fruiter should have 3 holes around the sides with micropore tape and the lid needs a 100ml by 100ml square hole cut out and covered with micro pore tape as well...clean the entire inside of fruiter with bleach thoroughly well including the inside of the lid. Place you tray of colonised substrate inside the fruiter with out its lid and then put the fruiting chamber lid on and expose the chamber to light...just room light is enough...nothing fancy is required light wise at all...although if the light is directional your fruits will grow towards it meaning they will tilt. Now every day at least 3 times a day waft some fresh air into the fruiter and quickly replace the lid....to fruit temps need to be in the mid twenties so if you have a very cold room put a heater on in the room during the day and turn it off at night when the lights go out to create a pseudo day night atmosphere. If all things are good and there are no contaminations you will want to start seeing pins...the first forming tops of the mushroom...be patient they can take up to 2 weeks sometimes but also can be seen in less a than a week. occasionally give a very very light misting from a spray bottle with water but not to much...once the pins come the fruits grow very quickly and you should be able to harvest them about 5 days after. Doing tubs like this means that you will get several flushes and larger yields...the substrate will eventually start to dry up and pull away from the sides...you can if you are careful pour some water around the edges where it has pulled away to re hydrate the substrate...I have seen this work spectacularly and produce 3 more massive flushes. whew...I hope this all helps and answers all those questions people want to know about cultivating edible mushrooms and beating contaminations. I will come back and add photo's of equipment at some point and answer any questions obviously.... this TEK is proven and is easy and its an amazing yielder...the casing layer is optional and IMO can introduce contaminations at surface level....therefore this TEK does not require a casing but you can if you want. thanks for reading and happy growing... H.
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    Wandjina gardens

    I think a large percentage of members here would love to see some pictures of Wandjina gardens...well I know I'd love to...whats the chances of seeing some of the plants that are growing there so we can drool over them and aspire to. Hands up anyone who wants to see pictures..! come on maybe if there is enough voices we will see some pics soon. lodge your voice here and lets see some action... H.
  7. Chiral

    Psychotria 'Nexus'

    Anyone bought any of these "new" plants...? They are a carth and viridis cross, available from one of the ethno vendors in oz. just curious if anyone has got any and although probably to early to tell, weather there is any benefits from the cross.
  8. Chiral

    Film and movie reviews

    I've searched through the search engine and there are other threads about favourite ethno related films and favourite drug films but I want to start a thread about any sort of films you have seen lately and tell us what you thought of it...you see in winter I tend to watch a lot of movies and have all ready over the last few weeks watched The matrix trilogy again.. Constantine AVP and AVP2 Predator 1 and predator 2 Goodfellas Spun last week I watched ... The new version of the day the Earth stood still...I thought it was pretty cool....nice effects and a half decent story about an alien race wanting to eliminating humans so that the earth could heal it's self...acting was a little boring with Keanu Reeves and Jennifer Connolly...still worth a watch. But the movie that has blown my mind to smithereens was Apocalypto...I know its been out for ages but I had never seen it and.... damn, hell, shit, fuck !!!!...that was some shit hot film..brutal, fast paced, emotional, dramatic and with absolutely no special effects made it a serious pleasure to watch...this film I can recommend to anyone...simply stunning...particularly the makeup and hair and tattooing was bizarre and excellent. so if you have seen something cool lately let us know if it was shit hot or not worth it and a brief run down if you want. The thread may peeter out but it's cool cause I'll be watching heaps more films while the foul weather is around and I'll dump some mini reviews here for people to see. H.
  9. SOURCE Four drivers have tested positive to drugs in Orange's first mobile roadside drug testing operation. Police say out of the 158 motorists tested on Friday and Saturday night, another four were caught drink driving. There were no arrests in Cowra where the operation ran on Saturday night. Inspector Peter Atkins from the Canobolas local area command says there will be another crackdown in the near future. "It's our ongoing commitment to reducing road trauma by targeting drug drivers as well as drunk drivers because our intelligence is that many accidents involved people who have used drugs prior to driving," he said. Officers say four people also tested positive to being under the influence of cannabis, ecstasy or methamphetamines, and the results of a second test will be analysed before charges are laid. Inspector Atkins says it is a disappointing result. "Out of 158 tests, four indicated they had used drugs at some time prior to driving, and in addition to those four for drug tests we also arrested four for drink driving, so it is concerning the numbers still driving affected by alcohol and or drugs," he said.
  10. Chiral

    Opium pipe

    Would it be legal to own and purchase say an authentic Chinese Opium smoking pipe....if I was to locate one say overseas or even locally are they legal to import and or own as ornaments...I'd really like to start a collection of smoking implements as something of a small hobby and put them in cases say and hang on the wall....I don't want the boys in blue doing me up for owning paraphernalia though particularly when they will be clean and unused. anyone have any ideas or sources they could PM the sources of course. H.
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  12. Chiral

    Vepris ampody..?

    Vepris ampody..anyone know of any pics of this plant and its status here in OZ..is anyone growing it or have seed etc. H.
  13. To play the leader of a military unit devoted to the use of brain energies to help the Army in 'The Men Who Stare at Goats,' the actor just recalled his trippy days in the '60s and '70s. Jeff Bridges, looking like a Malibu prophet with his bushy beard and seasoned surfer smile, says he had a bit of a flashback while filming "The Men Who Stare at Goats," which fictionalizes the oddball odyssey of a U.S. military program that tried to train soldiers to use mental powers as a weapon (and, yes, to snuff out farm animals by glaring at them). "I found myself remembering my own experiences in the 1970s when I hung out with John Lilly, the man who invented the isolation tank and did experiments with trying to communicate with dolphins," Bridges said. "I was a test subject in the isolation tank; it was a box with about 2 feet of water and 1,000 pounds of salt so you would float. John was a guy who would shoot acid -- he'd inject LSD straight into his veins -- and go in there for 24 hours." And what did Bridges discover as his head bobbed in the silent darkness? "Well, it's true that when you can't see out, you start looking in," he said. "Why is John wearing that 'Star Trek' jumpsuit? Wait, what's really in this water? What if he's a mad scientist doing an experiment on me? You get carried away a bit." If there was ever a movie that gets carried away with the mind games, it's the quirky "Goats," which opens Nov. 6 and stars Ewan McGregor, George Clooney, Kevin Spacey and Bridges. Clooney produced the film, which was directed by his production partner Grant Heslov and based on the book of the same title by journalist Jon Ronson. The story is based on a real military program and, as the movie states in the opening sequence, "More of this is true than you would believe." In the film, McGregor plays the feckless Bob Wilton, a small-town reporter who loses his girlfriend to his editor and, to prove himself a man or a martyr, he jets off to cover the war in Iraq. He meets an eccentric mystery man named Lyn Cassady (Clooney) who seems like a character plucked from the geopolitical farce of "Doonesbury." Cassady reveals that he was part of a military unit devoted to the potential use of brain energies to walk through walls, transport their consciousnesses miles away, befuddle enemies and obtain state secrets. Bridges plays Bill Django, the drug-gobbling guru leader of the unit, who talks like a mash-up of Timothy Leary, Obi-Wan Kenobi and the Psychic Friends Network. Chatting over lunch at the Four Seasons in Santa Barbara, he chuckled at the "years of research" he performed in the 1960s and 1970s to find the tie-dyed textures of the loopy character. "I find aspects of myself that match up with the guy and I think about the people I know and my friends through the years," Bridges said. "I went through those experiences too for the Dude character [in the Coen brothers film "The Big Lebowski"], and some people say this character reminds them of the Dude. I don't see that, really. But I guess if the Dude somehow got in the Army, if he got drafted and he heard about this unit, the New Earth Army, he'd sign up." The Django character is based on Lt. Col. Jim Channon, who did, in fact, lead a New Age program at Ft. Bragg, N.C., that trained its members to achieve the U.S. Army equivalent of Jedi mind tricks. Bridges sought out the psychic warrior and his First Earth Battalion to offer tips for the role. "Jim Channon is alive and well in Hawaii, and he answered all my questions," Bridges said. "He's very gung-ho, and he's really dedicated to changing the human direction. A lot of the stuff is far-fetched and easy to laugh at but in my own personal view, it's headed in the right direction. We have to find some way besides killing each other. This stuff is bizarre, but I bet whatever is really going on in the universe is a lot weirder." Bridges said the film shoot in Puerto Rico and in Albuquerque was often amusing because McGregor, as the film's voice of skepticism, has numerous lines mocking the weird science and comparing it to Jedi Knight mumbo jumbo -- a funny twist considering he spent three films swinging a light saber for George Lucas. Bridges said his favorite moment, though, was a scene in which Django secretly dosed himself and the journalist with LSD. It was another flashback of sorts. "We had these special contact lenses that made our pupils really big, and to look Ewan in the eyes and see that and know he was looking at mine, it really put me right there, it was easy to get back to that." Django is different than the Dude in one major way -- Django is focused on a life's mission, while the Dude likes to go bowling. Bridges, it turns out, approaches his career more like the latter. "My M.O. is resistance; I try not to do anything at all," Bridges said. "I only take projects that come to the point where I have no choice. Whatever sucks me in, whatever beats my resistance, those are the ones I did." The 59-year-old Bridges looks a bit like Kris Kristofferson these days. He grew the beard for "Crazy Heart," a film about a country singer with a lot of mileage who crosses paths with an up-and-coming musician ( Colin Farrell). That small film was a jolting change from the one he just finished: filming "Tron Legacy," the Disney digital fantasy. Bridges said he hopes "Goats" finds an audience and that he's relieved by one early good review -- the one from Channon. Bridges said he was unsure if Channon might feel he was being mocked too much by the farcical tone of "Goats," but it turned out that the old psychic warrior doesn't feel a need to win the battle for credibility -- he views the movie as a chance to win the war. "He said he just wanted people to come to his website," Bridges said. "He said that the people that think it's all ridiculous, they have to find their own way into this. The people that are intrigued, they can see what the real thing is. They can find the reality." SOURCE
  14. Chiral

    Warning on Subs

    It's that time of the year again and I know a lot of you are just busting a hump to get out in the bush and find some subs...just a few words of warning about these fruits. If you find a huge patch and collect them all, make absoluely sure you check each and every single fruit when sorting and drying for copycats, galerinas or any other lookalike, even if you think it's a sub but aren't 200% sure it is...sling it, don't go..oh yeah I think it's a sub cause it was in the same patch. You'd be surprised in a picking frenzy how many non subs you can end up with...you may only get one chance so be absolutely damned sure of your id'ing skills and DO NOT think it's okay to just try it and see. Secondly, this mushroom is not recreational in my opinion, in fact I don't see any fun in dosing this fungus at all, it is a deep dark haunting trip that can be very very overwhelmingly disturbing at times, it is not social so don't expect to be off at some party dosed up on this fruit or you will be poleaxed into some sort of alternate reality and quite possibly lose it. Do not treat it like a cubensis as the two have virtually no similarities at all, particularly when it comes to dosing and measured weights etc...3gms of good quality cubensis is fun and can be recreational for most users, 3gms of subs can and will knock you down and you won't be laughing.Start very small, around the 1-2 gm mark and make sure you have a 4-5 window of peaceful time, without interruptions from things like family or phonecalls that will make you paranoid or anxious that could bring you undone or turn your trip upside down. have a friend stay with you for the first few hours if possible and ask them not to dose with you if you are unsure, just in case you don't take to the trip and start freaking, at least they can be supportive in some way. There have been many reports of disturbing physical side effects and strange unexplained reactions during and post trip on subs, for eg..falling down and feinting without warning, epileptic type attacks and seizures, complete and utter dissociation from ones mind and body and the potential to lose control of involuntary actions like breathing and even bowel or bladder movements. There is very little real in depth knowledge and data on these mushrooms to help the nubile picker and tripper so just be aware that you are messing with something that is not fully understood by many and they are extremely strong and mind bending. Take it from me I am one of the typical indestructible types who thinks no psychedelic is too strong for me, bring it on as hard as you like type..you know what I mean, I dosed 29gms of subs last year one time, then again dosed 12gms with 15gms of subs together, then again another 15gm sub trip. It wasn't pretty and I am probably quite lucky not to have poisoned myself or hurt myself mentally or even physically during or after these sessions. I have the memories under my belt and feel I learned an immense amount of intricate detail about life and things everyone including myself overlook all the time, but I'm quite sure I don't ever need to be so gun ho and risk such levels again. Perhaps one day down the road in some years I may need to reset and remember, but it will be with a lot more respect and control, for this mushroom is no fun funky happy hippy party at all. I've never done Ibogaine but have been fascinated by it's powers and have read about how it disassociates you from yourself quite heavily...I think subs are simialr like that and are a medicine, a primitive cap like a very very ancient tablet, a very potent almost dangerous fungus that one must use under guidance, for healing, learning, not for fun and shits n giggles. Take the time to understand the mushrooms growth habitat and it's connection to the ground, take the time to appreciate and respect it's surroundings, it will call out to you if you are truly seeking out it's powers, I have been picking and have on many many occasions been under some sort of hypnotic spell and led to an area through spines and rugged terrain, almost falling and injuring myself, but the hypnotic vibe has me in it's powers and I arrive, the spell lifts and I see with clarity a patch of 30 -40 beautiful fat gold subs shiny and glistening, wanting me to pick them...sounds wacked and trippy...ask holy mountain he will tell you the same shit, he has had them call him over and drawn him to them, it's so damn amazingly old and mystical when you open up to them that they seemingly want to play with you and have fun. anyways be safe, don't pick too many, save some for others, spread spores and throw stem buts into new wood chipped areas, clean and dry them properly, take pictures, respect the terrain and offer the pastures and surrounding trees your blessings as you walk around...do not litter and disrespect the places you walk, do not throw cigarette butts in the bush, put them in your pockets and dispose of them later. Do not be brave or stupid and carry large sacks of subs in the car in view of any other passer by or motorists. Do not if you can help it offer any of your pickings to people unless you are 1000% sure of the identity...you do not ever want someone else's sickness or something worse on your conscience...be safe, smart, respectful ethnobots and take the time to just notice and appreciate nature and all it's unbelievable mystique and beauty. oh and watch out for leeches too...those suckers are nasty... I wrote this just as a form of harm minimization, most of you here already know all of this but I felt it was a fair enuff thing to post considering how many new people have been coming in lately and in particularly quite a few new people I've met in real life who are just jumping out of their skins with passion for plants and mushrooms. laterz.
  15. Chiral

    Cactus grow log V1

    Okay so I have wanted to perform a grow log of some of our beloved Aussie clones and not so beloved standards like PC etc.. there are 20 cactus all placed into 20 pots containing exactly the same soil 1 part Perlite 1 part Vermiculite 1 part dried cured horse manure 1 part coarse river sand all cactus pebble mulched with the same stones from same source. the idea of this log is to basically monitor the growth rates of these cactus over 1 full growing season...I know a lot of you are going to jump up with variations and this and that, but I understand that and this is why it's called V1. there are so many variables within one species genetics I know that..so 30 bridgesii seeds could sown and 30 cactus grow and 3 of them could exhibit faster growth rates than the others etc etc...so..I cant really control that factor so I have just chosen at random... tip cuttings and placed them in a pot alongside others that we like growing...what I'm looking for is growth rates, pupping, flowering, disease resist ability etc. To perform a true grow log I would in essence have to grow all these out and then take 30 cm tip cuttings on the same day and then plant those back out on the same day to give a more precise log and clearer data..that would be grow log V2. Some are not properly ID'd so if anyone wants to confirm or dispute the ID of some of them then please feel free too. I will update with pictures once every month and now that its almost winter I don't expect a lot to happen which is good as they will all take off together when spring comes...autumn and winter is a great time to take cuttings as the tip does not continue to grow which means no etoiliation. oh and I have messed up with the individual pics and had my camera on the wrong mode...I will endeavor to update with clearer shots of each individual shortly..sorry for the fuzziness ...I need my tripod back...grrr. anyways here are the contenders ..place your bets please.
  16. Rahli one of our much loved members here is going through a very tough personal time with his young family and I think we all need to wish him and his wife and their baby on the way some strong positive vibes and wish them the very best of health and pray they get through this incredibly emotionally tough time. much love and many strong vines being sent your way bro. hope all turns out for the best I really do,
  17. Chiral

    Spring Photoshoot

    The wierdo's...particularly the first weirdo pic mmm I have a couple just like them from seed about the same size as yours too...perhaps we got our seed from the same source...? don't ask me who i forget but it's nice to see someone else with em too....also have my first crested Peruvian from seed and will pot her out soon and giver her some spring time goodness. your camera work is getting better Bit...
  18. Drop your fav psytrance links here and letz us have listen... have some Scorb - 13.5 hours,.. up ya butt for starters.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i5KnEwpMAE4 if y'all like that track then you'll love this bitch too.. Scorb - stupid science
  19. Chiral

    Chemical Shaman we will miss you

    I' used to be a very very keen rock-hopper...(rock fisherman) and the risks I took so often to get to a suitable ledge to fish from certainly seemed suicidal to others, yet as it where, I took the risks with rods and heavy bags, to jump and land, mostly on green weed covered ledges and low lying platforms that waves washed up on occasionally...so I can see and feel how Denis had to do what he did, I would have definitely wanted to do the same thing, there is something about getting to rock surface that you can see will give the best vantage point or view or access, it's an addiction of sorts, can't tell you the amount of times I've come undone and slipped and thought oh shit I've done it now..!! I'll hazard a guess and say Denis is a Sagittarius, the free spirited reckless type, who constantly looked for greener pastures, risks aside it's something that makes us happy..people like Denis are never afraid of dying and live for the moment. I seriously doubt after reading Torstens roundup that any drugs or suicide had come into play here, he was gunna get to that platform regardless, it had to be conquered, also another trait of the free spirited type. Thanks for the post T in my mind even though I never met the guy I know and love the type and feel a warm smile upon me when I read your post.
  20. Chiral

    Outta here!!

    One of the nicest and true to soul members ever encountered on this site, I'll miss you seth, stay safe travel well and don't look back. Where you are going is going to be one hell of an experience and one thing I would take with you when living over thee is your guard, it can be a tricky ordeal over there for lengths of time and some have even said that even after living in SE Asia for 40 years they still hadn't worked out the locals and have a clue about their mechanisms of culture and family attributes.
  21. Chiral

    Shulgins last interview and Aleph1

    When used in a time and place where legal, Ct7 acted as real beauty at low dose daily at around the 7-10mg range, it acts as an anti depressant of the finest kind. Ct7 full blown exp's can start at around 30mg and upwards and a number of 50mg exp's with additional top ups via insufilation although painful, are extremely full on, the Ce and Ci are more recreational in slightly different ways but they don't seem to work like the 7 does daily at 7-10mgs as anti depressant. for Ce or Ci it's pretty wild at around 20mg and certain hard heads have had balls to the walls visuals at 15-18mg with vacuum cleaners turning into people and moving around the place selling tickets to gig goers amongst other oddities.. Ce has quite a long ramp up but the plateau at 20-25mgs can last for a solid 8 hrs, same with Ci, one thing of notice is the very gentle and steep drop off to baseline with a minimum of fuss. Cti is an unusual one as visuals lack the full colour spectrum and can simply all be in black and white with tinges of purple at times. The c series all seem to synergise quite well with other phens, even opiates feel so much better and different when used in conjunction...think mdma before the peak when you get THAT feeling of empathy and a strange calm and numbness takes over your body and time appears to be of no relevance. and alcohol like tequila can be a whole new wondrous exercise in recreational relation and thought processing. Can't imagine THC would work well into the C's experience then again THC has never really worked to any degree for a few full stop so that is still out for adjutication. The miracle half dozen ( C series) certainly have their place now in history as compounds to work with at varying safe dose's successfully and provide the user with different psychedelic landscapes and plains to work amongst compared to traditional or the more established psychedelics such as mescaline or acid.
  22. THE State Government is quietly compiling a mathematical map of almost every adult's face, sharing information that allows law enforcement to track people by CCTV. Experts said yesterday few people realised their facial features were being recorded in an RTA database of drivers licence photos that the Government has allowed both state and federal police to access. The federal body CrimTrac has asked NSW for its database so it can be mined nationally by police using the facial recognition information contained in it. University experts in facial recognition said the correct match rate was as low as 90 per cent, meaning the names of people with faces sharing a similar structure to criminals could be returned in searches. Dr Carolyn Semmler from the University of Adelaide said police wanted to eventually use facial recognition in smart CCTV cameras allowing people to be tracked anywhere there was a camera. Some airports, such as Singapore, employ facial recognition technology and the US is considering using it at border crossings. "Police hope that at some point an individual can be tracked," Dr Semmler said yesterday. Professor Sowmya Arcot from the University of NSW said a "matrix of numbers" based on features and the distance between facial structures was derived using an algorithm applied to a photograph of a face. That could then be matched to other faces stored in a database. Opposition police spokesman Mike Gallacher said most people were unaware their face had been mapped when they applied for or had their licences renewed, allowing them to potentially be tracked. "Over 20 years ago we had a debate about the Australia card and the people of this country showed where they stood in relation to the government knowing people's movements," he said. "The push for this into the future has far greater ramifications than some old Australia card. "I have a concern about a lack of public debate." The RTA began compiling its facial recognition database last December. Roads Minister David Borger said it would be shared with other government agencies. "While the facial recognition system is in its early stages, the RTA will co-operate with other agencies wherever possible," he said. "The RTA already provides information to the police, and will co-operate with other state or federal law enforcement agencies." He said the technology was also preventing fraud and stopping people obtaining multiple licences. A spokeswoman for CrimTrac said its board of management had granted approval for a project proposal for a nation facial recognition capability. source Oh how lovely to find this out after it's already been done.
  23. never ever had any problems with rot...i cut on an angle and in general winters here are quite dry spring is when it rains most i find and humidity and warmer weather encourage rot faster than cool and dry.
  24. Chiral

    Positive / Negative Rating

    hey no fair....I'm gunna have to go off and make some cheeky ass comments somewhere again now to get my red back...ahhh then again I could and might and just did positize you mwahahahahah. :devil: :devil:
  25. Chiral

    The best of Chemical shaman...

    wasn't there a thread started by ronny simulcram called something like ..who wants to ejaculate on his face" ...something like that...I couldn't work that one out for ages till it explained to me recently and then I burst out laughing.