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  1. Texacana

    Glass gem corn seeds

    So I should also say that while I couldn't get any glass gem corn seeds, my FREE Painted Mountain seed arrived... opened up the packet last night and discovered I'd ALSO been given some Glass Gem corn see as well! How AWESOME is that? I mean, WOW!!! Fantastic!!! I thought there was only one packet of seed, but the others were hidden under tape!!! Thanks! Coolname!
  2. Texacana

    Glass gem corn seeds

    Got my FREE painted mountain Corn Seed! Awesome gift. Thanks!
  3. Texacana


    I'm always keen too... not sure how to get any in oz?
  4. Texacana

    Glass gem corn seeds

    Love some
  5. Texacana

    Glass gem corn seeds

    Am I too late? If so, I'll wait for next season. Wonderful looking cobs though.
  6. Any of the first two photos left - if so, PM me and I'll discuss
  7. Texacana

    Auction - L.williamsii var. weiss Bluete (grafted)

    I'll go $60 ... but I suspect most folk will wait until the day to bid
  8. Texacana

    Giveaway: Pachanoia mid cuts.

    I'll try and see if I'm "Starless", or a "Fallen Angel" ... Hadn't heard of them before but I'll go and watch them "Frame by Frame" and it's too late be be part of the giveaway, never mind. Tex.
  9. Texacana

    Trichocereus cuttings for sale

  10. Texacana

    Pkts of 100 mixed LW seed $20

    All Gone!!! Thanks everyone.
  11. Texacana

    Pkts of 100 mixed LW seed $20

    I have 1 left at $20 - see post above as to why - and yes I sound like a broken record - but if no takers by Friday I'm planting them
  12. Texacana

    Pkts of 100 mixed LW seed $20

    Not Gone yet ... was gone but somebody upgraded to the $25 deal, so I have 1 left at $20.
  13. Texacana

    Pkts of 100 mixed LW seed $20

    PRICE CHANGE... Well, I thought that they were all gone , but my other half, bless her, said did I really need all those seeds? (I said yes...but...) I rolled my eyes and then did as I was told and am offering one FINAL lot of 100 seeds. More than happy for no takers BUT this one will be for $25 not $20, AND I will put in 25 extra fresh LW seed just burst from my loph and 5 fricii and a gift of some trich hybrids and something else I'd rather not say Tex