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  1. knarkkorven

    Help with id

  2. knarkkorven

    Estonia... much mushroom so amaze many spore

    Beautiful photos! No, unfortunately you didn't. Without seeing the gills, I think this is P. foenisecii, but could also be a Psatyrella or Panaeolus. And the ones you think are Panaeolus cinctulus are also Panaeolina foenisecii.
  3. knarkkorven

    C. paspali

    Very nice find! As you might have read, it contains ergine(LSA) and also lysergic acid hydroxy ethylamine (LSH, google it!), I don't know if it is missing in sclerotia from Autralia as mentioned below, but I have read that it is very likely to decompose to LSA when it is extracted to be analyzed with GC/MS. Interesting to see that you did notice psychoactive effects just from handling them. I have picked lots of Claviceps purpurea and never noticed anything, the amount of alkaloids is to low. But if you got something there and that wasn't placebo, then it's VERY potent and VERY interesting. I hope you will do an oral bioassay sometime and report the results here. BTW, may I please have your permission to use your photos in the Wiki at magiskamolekyler.org? http://wiki.magiskamolekyler.org/Claviceps_paspali
  4. knarkkorven

    Local Haul

    The mushrooms in your flower pot looks like the genus Parasola.
  5. knarkkorven

    Psilocybe semilanceata

    You should start looking when the day temperatures drop steady below 15C. The best hunting time is when its cold enough to want your gloves. A good sign of when the season is coming to it's end is when the ground freezes for serveral nights in a row or you get snow that stays on the ground for more than a day. And, I must add. It's not when Amanitas grow, the amanitas will be gone long before the liberty cap hunting season start.
  6. knarkkorven

    Galbulimima bioassays

    Best info I have found so far: http://www.shaman-australis.com/~benjamin-...lbu_belgra.html And in The entheogen Vol 14, no 1 (2005) there is more details about two experiences:
  7. knarkkorven

    Silene capensis an MAOI?

    Bullshit... Not facts, only myths. And why did he use such large doses? Its enough with 100-200mg/day.... I have used S. capensis several times (week long experiments) and the only side effects is the feeling of not having slept enough during the night. I wake up at the normal time but it feels like I want to sleep a few hours more. But the dreams are worth it. Very vivid and totaly crazy I don't think S. capensis is a MAOI
  8. knarkkorven

    Myristicin is aminated to MMDA in the liver

    Interesting. How many mg's safrole does 15g sassafras bark contain? How long did you wait between #1 and #2 ?
  9. knarkkorven

    Myristicin is aminated to MMDA in the liver

    Thanks tregar! No, I don't think so... Where did you find that information?
  10. knarkkorven

    Myristicin is aminated to MMDA in the liver

    Can you upload it somewhere else, please? This is the best reference I've read so far of the effect of pure myristicin on humans. The second best is this one:
  11. knarkkorven

    Myristicin is aminated to MMDA in the liver

    Good work tregar! I read about your destillation plans at The Nook, I'm in the process of building a setup myself. Found about 800g parsnip roots a few weeks ago, now stored in my freezer. Also, I've ead reports from other swedes getting a stoned, trippy feeling from 20-30g fresh roots. Looks promising! Yes, I thought the same thing. lots of hypothesis without any evidence or experiments to make something out of it...
  12. knarkkorven

    Myristicin is aminated to MMDA in the liver

    This pdf contains a review of the different reports and studies, the best i've read so far. It also propose a different theory about how allylbenzenes can be aminated to essential amphetamines. In Sweden it's an old tradition to eat gingersnaps before christmas, and we tell each other to eat lots of it to become nicer. I discovered that this tradition goes way back in time to 1497 - 1501 when a King named "Hans" ruled Denmark, Norway and for a brief time Sweden. He had a bad temper and his doctor recommended gingerbread because it was generally known to make you happy. The pharmacist in Copenhagen apparently had records of sending several kilos of gingerbread to the king. What do you think? Can the essential oils become aminated "in furno" ?
  13. knarkkorven

    Myristicin is aminated to MMDA in the liver

    Planthelper: I have looked at coldfinger destillation, and yes it's simple, but is it good enough? My concern is that the temperature don't spread evenly in the pot, might burn the plant material in the bottom and not heat the plant material at the top? How about an ethanol extraction? Making your own parsnip liquor? Torsten: If you bioassay the parsnip oil, let us know if it worked.
  14. knarkkorven

    Myristicin is aminated to MMDA in the liver

    Thanks! I have been looking for this one! I have read almost everything on this forum regarding essential oils and the phenetylamine conversion. Your reports of rubbing the oils on muscles sound promising Torsten! I discovered about a year ago that parsnips allowed to grow into it's second year are a good source of myristicin. I tried them (5-10g dry) last year with mild effects, will try again this year fresh to preserve the volatiles better... My kitchen was really smelly last year, haha I am wondering about how one would do a simple extraction. I don't have a destillation setup, but was thinking about cooking plant material in water with a bit of butter or other fat under a lid, filter the liquid and let it cool down to the point when the fat hardens enough to be separated with the actives. Would this work? Check this out: