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  1. FragmentedSanity

    Watch this space

    Wow. Didn't expect to support much of anything Hanson says, but im with her on this one. I still think we would all be bettor off as a nation if the just legalised it, or at the very least decrimininalised it. Average doctor being able to write a script would be a step in the right direction. I really do hate listening to politicians tho. The self promotion and the constant blaming the other party gets tired. Imagine the progress we could make if they put all the bullshit aside and just debated an idea on its merits.
  2. The use of DMT for religious purposes sounds promising, and a step in the right direction... But am i the only one worried by the idea of a new schedule (10). I mean its an explosive that causes weightloss and lots if nasty side effets, like death and cataracts, so sure, dont sell it over the counter. But does it really need a new schedule. Isnt s9 already just plain banned? What on earth is s10 gojng to be?
  3. Pinegap, Cant say i know exactly where your at but I can empathise. I went through my crap years ago. Personally psychadelics helped certain things a lot. Some parts not so much. But if they dont work for you then I applaud you for knowing that. And not experimenting. Doctors tried all sorts of things on me, none of which did any good. They might have better antidepressants these days but after what i went through with them i wouldnt touch them if you paid me. There are plants that can help some things without being psychedelic. Depends what you need. A big part of plants healing us can bethe actual growing of them. The time outside, the regular care of something else. These things help as much as the 'medicine' in the plant. Sometimes its the little things over a long time that help the most. Ie general improvements in your health and wellbeing from growing and eating froma little herb garden have a much better payoff that a nights sleep from a potent plant. Other times you just need to sleep. Its up to you to be able to see the diffeence The thing that helped me more than anything else was that I got a dog (or more accurately badly neglected stray found me). Getting up to feed him, take him for walks and play with him. Small things, but its what i needed. Often, the only reason i got up was to feed and water him, then id crawl back into my little hole, but no matter what, every time he was happy to see me, and that got me through some very dark times. Its hard to stay all negative when there is this creature bursting with joy just to see you. The excercise and activity helped a lot too. There were times when i couldnt care less about feeding myself, but I made sure id feed him, so that got me out and about, and id end up buying myself food too. Which helps. Really. Eating right is important. When id taken too many drugs and he sat beside me and licked at me if i stopped responding came in handy... That dog changed my life in so many ways. As said, i really have no idea what you are going through, but i sincerely hope you find what works for you! Drugs / plants / meditation /medication or whatever all work differently in each of us. So where as a pot+LSD+Ketamine combo with a nitrous boostser may have allegedly worked wonders for me, it would be bad advice to reccomend it to someone else. I watched friends strugle through experiences that i found amazing for me before i learned that. Its been said, but get to know what you need and have faith in yourself to get it right... and if you do go down the medical path dont be afriad to question your doctor, or tell them when its not working. They are just people too, and need as much info as you can give them in order to help effectively.
  4. FragmentedSanity

    papaver somniferum

    PST is really quite dangerous. Dont get me wrong, it works in a pinch, but it should be noted that a dosage that works a hundred times might kill you on the hundred and first. You just cant tell how much actives will be on the seeds. Its especially bad if someone is trying to use it recreationally. A friend almost died doing this. I dare say his dose was a lot more than 500g but he did it a lot before ODing. IMO your safer growing the poppies and using them (where legal of course). Sure people die doing that too, but 1) it takes a bit more patience to grow and harvest the poppies, 2) there are more ways to standardize the doseage when you start with the whole lot and 3) if your going to use unrefined opiates may as well get a good dose, rather than a generally mild, but wildly varying dose.
  5. FragmentedSanity

    Grasshopper control?

    My chooks LOVE grasshoppers. Watching hem hunt is awesome!
  6. FragmentedSanity

    HCL vs. H2SO4 acids for seed treatment

    http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/mo-flow-moflow-momar-sulfuric-acid-liquid-drain-solvent-acid-x-1L-/191253218475?hash=item2c879484ab:m:mIhCN-UTbtP3MKD_GaI4qdA Thats the product i mentioned. Pick up only in sydney, but clearly not that hard to find. Like i said its been at most every mitre 10 store ive walked through the plumbing section of. You can buy battery acid from auto stores, but they usually want you to buy a battery too. You could make it yourself with a bit of effort if you are really worried about buying it, but as far as im aware its not illegal.
  7. FragmentedSanity

    HCL vs. H2SO4 acids for seed treatment

    Sulfuric can be had easily enough. Mitre 10 carries it as drain cleaner (at least all the ones ive seen do). MO flo. From memory its pretty concerntrated wouldnt be regent grade, but should do the trick. As for the question as to whether HCL would work, i have no idea, but if H2SO4 dosent kill the seeds id be tempted to try.... mind you ive seen a vid where germination was increased by almost as much by just taking the seed from a ripe fruit and washing/rubbing off the pulp then drying it out prior to sowing, so i might be tempted to just try that and avoid the chems. Im currently having some success taking clones from cuttings of my passionfruit vines... they are just starting to form roots after a couple of weeks. The mint i put in next to it 3 days ago already has nice roots. But if you can find a vine you like i reckon clones are the way to go! Edit: had a quick skim of the paper. Shows 86% by soaking in 10% sugar water for a couple of weeks and 76% if you just chuck it in water for 7 days. I like the idea if sugar water, but 5 minutes sure is quicker with the sulfuric. I wonder if soaking in diluted seaweed sokution for a while days might work well and promote healthier plants.
  8. FragmentedSanity

    Home-brew heroin...

    I cant think of a reason this special yeast wouldnt still make bread rise... Am I the only one that thinks this would make the best pizza ever?
  9. FragmentedSanity

    Rum give away

    Ill take number 8. ive prolly been around long enough to have qualified, but i dont post often enough to have felt right about that, seems like Bigred was wanting to reward contributers. Ill enter for random newbie prizes tho... daresay im the oldest newbie you'll find. cheers!
  10. FragmentedSanity

    Incarvillea Sinensis Extract giveaway

    I recieved the package from stonewolf today. Many thanks! Apologies for the innaccuracy of my report, but i couldnt find accurate scales to measure with. I used kitchen scales, and weighed 2 teaspoons into a shot glass which barley holds a single shot. Scales showed 3 grams, but I wouldnt have much faith in that being accurate. Volume was about 2/3rds of the shotglass. Id eaten about 2 hours prior. No coffee or any other medicines or drugs in my system. I transferred the powder to a larger glass and half filled with water, swirled with a spoon and downed it as quickly as possible and repeated till all the powder had been swallowedIts not the wrost taste, but its not one id sip on for pleasure by a long way. Didnt hang around in the mouth as some flavours do tho, and didnt cause any queesiness or anything. Effects were mild, at this dose i found it slightly relaxing but not sedating. it did show some pain relieving properties. Took about 45 minutes to notice but it was a gradual thing. I get back pain from time to time, and I have a cold/flue. Had a headache and muscle pains and the back was fairly stiff and sore (well uncomfortable might be a better description, back pain can be crippling... this was more like Id done a days hard physical work then slept in the wrong position) since taking the extract the back pain has pretty well gone. Headache lessened slightly, but id say its more to do with sinus congestion than anything else. its now about 5 hours post ingestion. Still feel crappy from the cold but the pain is still much better than it was earlier. Looking foward to further tests, shows some potential so far. Thanks again to stonewolf.
  11. FragmentedSanity

    asking farmers if its ok to go for a stroll on there cow paddocks

    Respect is key. Start by telling em you want to collect edibles. Offer them something for the privilege. Judge the convo from there, but due to liability issues as mentioned probably avoid mentioning anything illegal. Even offer to collect some for them too. Some farmers would be happy to eat some field mushrooms, but don't have the time to go picking themselves. I grew up mushroom picking on the neighbors property with my nanna. We grew crops, so the paddocks got ploughed every year, hence no mushrooms on our place. Neighbor up the way ran cattle on pasture and lots of big mushies popped up after the rain. Neighbor was happy for us to go picking, especially when we picked a bucket for him too. It was many years before i learned other reasons people might want to pick mushrooms. I still hate the smell of cooked mushrooms, but my grandad loved em, so i loved picking them for him. Its a great way to spend a day in the sun. (And if you happen across some special mushies in the process then it'd be a bonus and no one need know any different.) Another way might be to ask if you could collect manure for your garden... Id say a note in the mailbox would be a better option than driving up to the house. You can get a few dodgy bastards scoping out properties to burgle out on the land, so people can be instantly defensive when stranger appears out of the blue with 'weird' requests... especially if the house is well off the road. Even better would be to get introduced first. Either way with permission in the daylight is a much safer way to pick. Less likely to get chased (if your lucky) off with high velocity lead or by a pack of dogs.
  12. Not that it will help weigh stuff... but wiki says an average flower produces 7mg dry weight of saffron stigmas. 3 stigmas per flower. So 6 should get you close to 14mg dry saffron, maybe just have six and a half. Not the answer your after, but maybe help in the short term. I remember a thread her years ago about the effects of saffron, i think it was called 'psychoactive saffron' from memory and Torsten put up some intersting info. Let us know how you go, hope it helps
  13. FragmentedSanity

    guilty conscience

    Thats a hard question. Everyone needs to find their own answer to that one. For me it was a combination of the above, coming to the conclusion that guilt is basically a wasted emotion as you cant change the past, and accepting that every action, positive or negative, you have taken up to this point contributes to the whole that you are now and makes you what you are at this point. You can only change things going foward. If you are unhappy with past decisions all you can do is recognise that and strive to do better in the future. Hope you find your answers and are able to move foward in a positive way.
  14. FragmentedSanity

    An online shop- feelers out

    Pretty sure small businesses (grossing under 50k a year) dont have to register for or pay GST. Another unprofessional opinion tho. Ive always preferred to deal in cash so as to avoid any headaches with government. Id say it depends on the scale. A market stall could well be the cheapest setup, but depending on the plants your average punter might not pay what they are worth to an enthusiast. Setting up a simple webpage is pretty easy. Paypal has some payment solutions that look simple. But then there are records of everything so your back to declaring income. I dont use facebook, so can't comment on that. But ive heard it works. Could try just listing the plants on gumtree, assuming the trade section here and ebay arent the way you want to go. Gumtree is free to list, so you've got nothing to loose by snapping a pic and sticking a price on it.
  15. LOL... im a good shot but shooting the seeds off might be a stretch even for me Ive only got an acre and according to council i cant have goats (or any other livestock. Bar a few chickens, but chickens arent goint to mow my lawn and tame the overgrown garden beds), id thought of that. Neighbor has 5 acres he lets run wild so im hoping to convince him to let me agist some critters on his place, council rules say thatd be ok... That way i could bring em into my block every now and then for weed control, and it would keep his place tidy so even when my kitties do roam, they wouldnt get so many burrs (his dam is spitting distance from my fence, but my dogs cant get there to harrass them, so the cats chill out round his dam, ive chatted with him and he has no problem with the cats so i let them to it). Itd also give me somewhere to raise meat, and be a good fire control measure. Unfortunately hes just decided to try and sell so its a no go for now. Hopefully the new neighbors are easygoing when they happen. He did say if it dosent sell hed be open to it tho, so ill see what tbe future brings. Pity i cant afford his place too. IMO ive got enough room for a few animals, but the local council has their head up their ass and has the same rules for my tiny little community as they do for the city and the town half an hour away.