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  1. Yeti101

    Meet up: Melbourne

    27th? I must have read the replies too quickly as I thought it was this weekend (or I do actually need glasses, something I’ve suspected for some time). Might actually be able to make it then.
  2. Yeti101

    CBD oil?

    I’m for people having access to this, but the prices these Aussie websites like that Charlotte’s Web one charge compared to US jurisdictions is insane. The first store in Colorado I picked at random had products with better info (suspect they are better products, but with the lack of info on what’s sold here, who knows?), at less than half the price (much less in some cases). The prices some people are charging is, and let me be blunt, bullshit corporate profiteering. This is why organisations that get plant medicine to people without profit being the main aim are so important.
  3. Yeti101

    Meet up: Melbourne

    What time are peeps turning up?
  4. Yeti101

    Watch this space

    OK, so there’s to be an inquiry about cannabis in Victoria. (How many has it been now?) https://fionapatten.com.au/news/secured-victorias-first-inquiry-cannabis/ Even though details aren’t up yet, I’ve been told they will be taking submissions. Now, while I trust that Fiona Patten’s heart is in the right place with this as she’s serious about legalisation, there are likely to be a lot of bullshit reefer madness/drugs r bad m’kay contributions. So when the time comes, it will be important to try to balance that with something reasonable. Will post more info as I hear it.
  5. Yeti101

    Post a random picture thread

    Yes. Yes I have.
  6. Yeti101

    Watch this space

    Richard DiNatale doesn’t rub everyone the right way, but he gets why the TGA is problematic: https://www.change.org/p/decriminalise-the-use-of-medicinal-cannabis-for-people-with-terminal-cancer-like-my-son/responses/42203
  7. Yeti101

    Meet up: Melbourne

    I’d rather the 2nd or 9th than the 16th (and imagine that 26th is not enough notice for everyone).
  8. Yeti101

    Watch this space

    I hesitate to call this ‘progress’, but our probable future Health Minister has finally had something to say about medical Cannabis: https://www.change.org/p/decriminalise-the-use-of-medicinal-cannabis-for-people-with-terminal-cancer-like-my-son/responses/42198 Deeply centrist, and possibly will be derailed by the TGA’s recalcitrance and uncooperative Senators. Nice to see it on the agenda though.
  9. Yeti101

    JILUNGIN - Terminalia canescens

    Must follow up on this (and so many other things).
  10. Really awesome day. Can't wait to do it again some time.
  11. Yeti101

    Denver decriminalises psilocybin mushrooms

    It has begun!
  12. Got my ticket (finally)! Going to be an awesome day; looking forward to seeing everyone again.
  13. Thanks for clearing that up @Insequent. Yeah, I’d love for this to lead to some convictions being overturned.
  14. AFAIK cannabis suppositories are best for some medical rather than recreational purposes (maybe) as the reports seem to be that they don’t produce much of a high. I haven’t read up on the actual real research on this, so I can’t say for sure. If there is an absorption/availability issue, I’m willing to bet that ppl here could solve the problem though. Bypassing the test by packing your THC gummies in a gel-cap though? This seems pretty straightforward, albeit a little less fun than taking the back road.
  15. When questioned in general terms about the effectiveness of the police’s oral testing method in detecting different types of cannabis consumption, Dr Perl said: ‘if it is ingested it will disappear out of the oral fluid very rapidly, or if it is ingested in a capsule form it will not even be detected [at all]’. There is growing disquiet about the NSW drug driving testing regime. (file pic) The magistrate, David Heilpern said this evidence had ‘obvious implications for the efficacy of the state’s drug driving regime’. ‘The uncontradicted evidence of Dr Perl is unequivocally that if you take THC orally by capsule or by suppository then it is not possible to have a level of THC’ https://www.echo.net.au/2019/04/roadside-drug-testing-flaws-exposed-local-court-case/