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  1. Can anyone help me out to ID this grass? These are not the best pics as started to rain and was windy out there. I am pretty sure this is a Phalaris but not fully sure on the species, if these are not clear enough or lack the identifying parts i will upload better ones tomorrow.
  2. But apparently nanny knows best... Yea have realized after looking into grow time that it would take a while before you can get a sustainable amount to use as needed but i think "again hypothetically" that it would be better to prepare now as it's been long enough that i know this injury and the pain isn't just going to go away on it's own. I also think with any form of pain relief substance there is also a double whammy potential for habit forming, even if the substance on its own has no addiction properties the sheer fact that it relieves pain can itself cause a habit to form. As in even if fairy floss was to limit or remove a chronic pain you would still have to be careful with a habit forming around it, so both them factors really need to be recognized especially if you don't have a hard limit of prescriptions given applied.
  3. I injured my back a few years back and am looking for an alternative to prescription meds, The bad pain isn't constant(usually just an ache) but when it flares up or i aggravate it the only thing i've found to work without taking more than the recommended amounts is Tramadol and the like. I live in a pretty rural area and the major announce is not being able to just zip down to the doc and get a script(is about a 40 min drive and often cant get appointment for days) and was thinking about if there was "hypothetically" something that I could grow myself that i can always have on hand. I have heard that Kratom can be somewhat effective and wondering if anyone has had any experience in regards to it and back/disk pain? I wouldn't expect it to kill the pain like stronger prescription meds do but just wondering if it has a noticeable or near comparable effect.
  4. ZooL

    A reward for a cat?

    Yea, would be nice but unfortunately there is a bit of a hillbilly infestation around here that would shoot him on sight, that along with the snakes,foxes,wild dogs and feral cats i don't think he would last more than a few days out there, the best i can do for him(and the slaughter he would cause) was to make him and the rest a cattery. As a gift i ended up going down to the river and catching a fish for him and them letting him eat it in front of all the other cats without having to share it.
  5. ZooL

    A reward for a cat?

    Around a week ago a tiger snake got into my cattery, I have a lot of cats(too many, mainly rescue/defective cats), one of the cats that has a temperate temperament and is large so i have propped him up as the dominant cat to maintain some order with them all. I have also spent a lot of time with him teaching him to not attack or kill anything and to be restrained when any of the other cats challenge him. But yea, this cat cornered the snake under a bush in the corner of the cattery and then alerted me to it being there with the weirdest meows i have ever heard(usually i can get a gist of what the meows mean but had no idea here), as i walk out there to see what was up another cat approached him out of interest and he aggressively lashed out at the cat(very out of character) then went back to the weird meows, only when i got close did i notice the snake and then I quickly got them all out before coaxing the snake away and then spending the day shoring up any gaps a snake could get through. But yea over the past few days every time i look at this cat i cant help but realize his actions effectively saved the lives of most of the cats whether he understood it or not. I know he wont understand, appreciate or relate a reward to his action but i still feel like i owe him, anyone have a suggestion for a fitting reward of gift for him?
  6. Are there any delerients where risk of a toxic overdose is extremely unlikely or not a valid risk to consider? I have done a bit of searching and can't really find anything aside from some obscure synthetics. This is just a curiosity things btw.
  7. ZooL

    Burning Brugmansia

    Yea, i'm thinking i might just take if off the pile and get rid of it some other way just to be safe. Thanks.
  8. ZooL

    Burning Brugmansia

    Is the majority of 2 plants about 1.5x1.5m
  9. ZooL

    Burning Brugmansia

    Is there any risk adding Brugmansia prunings to a burn off pile? as in would the smoke be a risk if it wafts into a paddock with sheep?
  10. The better part of the fun fungi seasons seems to be over but on my wandering during the season i came across a few specimens that i had never seen before, it got me thinking , maybe a some type of thread where people can either request spore prints from rare wild specimens or even offer a reward(even just a token reward) for sighting of extremely rare or rare species could be fun?
  11. When buying or trading online how many people here use their actual name and address? I have always had a little paranoia of giving out my name and address online and have recently moved to a new area and am getting a PO box next week for all my online transactions, annoyingly all closest PO boxes are taken even though no one really lives around here, my only guess to why is because it's just vic side of SA/VIC border and there are so much limits about what can be mailed to SA. But yea, I'm wondering if it's just me that doesn't like having random internet weirdoes having with my name(mail to post office) or my address(mail to house).
  12. Ah ok, So it's like someone that can only turn invisible when no ones looking and it only works sometimes?
  13. Thanks, I think atm supercheap is the best I'm able to do at least for the structure, eventually i will replace it with something better but not really an option right now. I will measure the amount needed but I may just have enough using that, thanks again.
  14. No, at least not directly, I believe you can see what people are thinking indirectly via reading their body language,facial expressions, tones and such and then extrapolating what they are or may be thinking with various degrees of accuracy, but no, I know of no mechanisms available to us that would allow for direct reading of other peoples thought and nothing to suggest this is actually possible. This seems like the kind of thing it would be extremely easy to test and show if it was actually possible, maybe someone that thinks it is or they can do this should do such a test.