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  1. The better part of the fun fungi seasons seems to be over but on my wandering during the season i came across a few specimens that i had never seen before, it got me thinking , maybe a some type of thread where people can either request spore prints from rare wild specimens or even offer a reward(even just a token reward) for sighting of extremely rare or rare species could be fun?
  2. When buying or trading online how many people here use their actual name and address? I have always had a little paranoia of giving out my name and address online and have recently moved to a new area and am getting a PO box next week for all my online transactions, annoyingly all closest PO boxes are taken even though no one really lives around here, my only guess to why is because it's just vic side of SA/VIC border and there are so much limits about what can be mailed to SA. But yea, I'm wondering if it's just me that doesn't like having random internet weirdoes having with my name(mail to post office) or my address(mail to house).
  3. Ah ok, So it's like someone that can only turn invisible when no ones looking and it only works sometimes?
  4. Thanks, I think atm supercheap is the best I'm able to do at least for the structure, eventually i will replace it with something better but not really an option right now. I will measure the amount needed but I may just have enough using that, thanks again.
  5. No, at least not directly, I believe you can see what people are thinking indirectly via reading their body language,facial expressions, tones and such and then extrapolating what they are or may be thinking with various degrees of accuracy, but no, I know of no mechanisms available to us that would allow for direct reading of other peoples thought and nothing to suggest this is actually possible. This seems like the kind of thing it would be extremely easy to test and show if it was actually possible, maybe someone that thinks it is or they can do this should do such a test.
  6. I am planning on setting up a hothouse. I don't have thousands to spend so my idea is to use star pickets and polypipe to make the frame for a tunnel hot house(maybe 2 with different conditions) but am not to sure on a good film/cover material to use. I need something that will be effective but also something that wont cost to much because not only am i poor but I'm also quite cheap. Anyone have any tips on a good cover material?
  7. ZooL

    Glenelg river fishing.

    Ah ok was pretty sure were mulloway so thanks for confirming, yea iv'e been using pilchard for the most part, when the fish are about it does seem to get cleaned of the hook pretty quick(I usually use over sized hooks because i wanna avoid hooking undersized fish necessarily). But even so, at night it seems no matter what bait i get no bites at all even though they seem so active jumping all over the place, I have been using a runner rig but am wondering if that is to focused on bottom feeding and at night they may be purely surface feeding? Do you have any suggestions for rigging? I was thinking maybe a float setup but haven't had a float on me when I've been down there.
  8. ZooL

    Glenelg river fishing.

    It may just be because its winter atm but the lower glenelg park as a whole seems like such an under utilized area by the general community, there is little mention of it online aside from government parks sites and a few YouTube videos mainly focusing on the on the river mouth in nelson. But yea, to my question, I recently moved to an area near the park and wondering if anyone here has any fishing tips or info for the river ,especially night fishing. I have no boat and have been down to the river a few times from some of the boat ramps and caught a few bream and a small mulloway, most undersized including the mulloway, Ive been there at night a couple times including once at a site called battersby where i stayed fishing overnight and all night there were fish jumping all over the place and noticed a few roughed up mullet hiding under the boat ramp so I'm assuming the jumping fish were mulloway but couldn't manage to get any bites from them. Was still a good night for the sky alone when viewed from the river, can clearly see a satellites buzzing about and shooting stars all over the place, i also had the company of a friendly possum(that scared the crap out of me by sniffing my ear when i thought i was alone), but yea would be nice to know what this fish are that are jumping about or if anyone knows how to catch them of if they are worth catching.
  9. Thanks ill go have a look around there and see if i can find any of the threads. Yea i was thinking about radiation methods but from what i can tell its is a bit more complex in equipment needed and harder to to keep rates content and measured, i will admit the risk with ems waste and exposure do make me a little uneasy and i haven't fully thought through or planned out how to ensure complete wash and disposal. I wouldn't start messing around with something like it until i had a lot more confidence and understanding of the methods and processes to limit risks as much as possible and not end up with unexpected nasties remaining.
  10. ZooL


    I noticed a little back that neither the forum or the shop use https even though they have valid certs(remaindered me this pc didn't have https everywhere running), is there a reason for this? after installing https everywhere the only issue i have noticed is some button/links don't work unless i right click and open them in new tab. Https is somewhat important in todays age, though i inst a magic bullet and can cause a false sense of security it does have some important protections that not only limit the snooping and modification of data but also and more importantly will for most cases prevent session hijacking, if a mod was to login without https on a public network it wouldn't be that difficult for an attacker to jack their login session, this is i think more of an issue for this site not just because of the subjects discussed here but because the owner of this site is a publicly known figure that could be targeted.
  11. I remember once reading a paper that showed some pretty extreme variation in fruit when treating spored with mutagenic compound, has anyone here ever experimented with this? After a bit of searching i can't seem to find any regulations in aus around use of mutagens which seems pretty surprising, I have found a few places that supply Ethyl methanesulfonate I was thinking about doing a bit of messing round not with spores but with cacti and succulent seeds, I know its really a pot luck of anything beneficial or interesting showing up and then even more luck required for it to be a hereditary mutation but i was just wondering if anyone had ever tried this with mushrooms. and a secondary question, if i remember correctly there is a class of mutagens that not only caused single point mutations but also created duplication of chromosomes, i think it resulted in greater variation possibility and is often used to create sterile or seedless plants but cant remember name of it, anyone know that? I'm no chemist or biologist and just have an interest in this for some reason but could be a little off with some details.
  12. ZooL

    The Random Thread.

    A pic of my smallest and largest cat(both full grown)
  13. ZooL

    SAB shop privacy policy?

    The SAB shop page seems to have a few issues with navigation buttons sometimes?? just going to the /shop/ instead of the label button, the privacy policy which it seems i cant actually find a link to on site but only through a search engine also just redirects to the main page. Does the shop and site actually have a current privacy policy? (also no https redirect even though it has valid cert?)
  14. I've always wondered if a patch is actually the same patch as the year before or if it is the offspring from spores of the last season, also wondered if it is the spore offspring if then when do the spores in the wild actually germinate, as in do they just be dormant until the next year or do they begin growth ones they drop.
  15. I am moving to a new place next week(will post pics in a week or so) where i plan to make a succulent and cacti garden(with idea i may also breed for seeds and make cuttings for sale around some of the local markets) I intend to erect a few hot/glass houses simulating different environment but also intend to extend the garden there(someone has spent a longggggg time creating it amid nothing but farm pastures) with a cacti and succulent area. The issue here is the frost during winter time, i really don't know much about cacti growing but have heard many cacti will just turn to mush under these conditions so aside from general frost tolerant cacti and succulent i was wondering if people here may have some experience with what may be some frost resistant strains or crosses of Trichocereus?