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  1. ZooL

    First subs of the season VIC. ANyone else lucky?

    I wen't out a had a look on Monday and again today at a few spots and saw none, the only other place i found some early last year i would likely need to sneak or talk my way through checkpoints to get to(am in a border town) so i thinks that's off the table for now. Most spots in my area started flushing around mid April last year so i think i will wait a bit before looking again this year.
  2. ZooL

    First subs of the season VIC. ANyone else lucky?

    I am gonna go out and have a look tomorrow at the place i found them popping up earliest last year, Ill snap some pics if i see any.
  3. I have sent a message to the mods about a specific issue and have received no reply(many weeks ago)(i also pm'ed a mod with no reply). There are also more and more issues presenting that are not being resolved or addressed, In all my time on the internet this site is by far one of the best communities i have ever encountered and it would be an extreme shame to let this site fall or degrade due to lack of mod/admin engagement. I request that either current admins/mods engage/maintain the site more or they put effort into finding new talent(trusted) that can do so.
  4. Recently i have had repeat dreams where some time randomly during the dream i begin to drink from a 1.25lt soda bottle. As soon as i start drinking it's like I am drinking near boiling urine. Then shortly after i wake up extremely thirsty and have a craving to go to the fridge and start sculling any softdrink i can find. I'm pretty sure i'm just getting heartburn while sleeping.
  5. ZooL

    Home brew.

    I have noticed if you add oven dried rose pedals to the secondary fermentation of apple cider it results in something that smells and tastes much more like beer than cider. Anyone else into home brew and have any weird tips or favorite recipes?(entho cider recipes and ideas also welcome..)
  6. ZooL

    Share some wisdom!

    The cell that becomes cancerous is not the fault of the cell itself. Focusing blame on that cell only takes away from efforts that could be applied to understanding the root cause of the initial mutation or of steps that could be taken to remedy the situation once it has arrived. Although we are more than capable of focusing on more than one issue at a time our limits of focus and applyable resources are finite, we should remember that when tackling issues and where possible we should direct our efforts at the root cause of problems for greatest possible effect.
  7. ZooL

    Plant identification apps

    cool thank, might give that trial a shot then. even narrowing things down would help.
  8. ZooL

    Plant identification apps

    Has anyone here ever used any of these apps and know how well the preform and how specific they are with identification?
  9. I made a post shortly after (re)joining making a reference and questions to whether kratom would be theoretically effective for pain relief for my specific issues, but since browsing after joining i have noticed a flood of "oh no, i got a splinter, please send me kratom seeds/cuttings). Imo this site since i have returned seems to be suffering from a big deficiency in moderation and admining. Simply utilizing delayed bilk admission will help weed out some problamitic users but no moderation of blatant illegal request along with many technical issues of site left unresolved really doesn't bode well.
  10. Probably would be right as is likely the reason it is still grown commercially that way. I was just thinking that if the content of useful things was comparable then it could possibly allow it to be grown in trays on racks stacked many high instead of just 1 layer planted in a field. and also seasonal time(not sure if poppies even require that) and light would not really matter and could allow for perpetual replanting at any time.
  11. A week or so ago I caught up with an old friend i hadn't seen in a while and at some point during the night of heavy drinking the conversation arrived at the topic of opium, the old friend made a reference to someone that they knew(that had a relative, etc) that said they used to grow opium poppies from supermarket bought seeds and then let them grow for around 4 or 5 weeks planted in a pot(like alfalfa as described) and would then harvest/dry and smoke and this was said to have a very noticeable morphine like effect at around 2g smoked. at the time my skepticism dismissed this and just bs or misconceptions around the opium poppy as i am under the impression that the only viable concentrations of alkaloids would be present in the sap from seed pods. I sort of forgot about this then remembered the conversation a couple days ago and did a little bit of crude research and found some references in some old books from the 30's-50's from a guy named Peter Valaer that did in fact detect alkaloids present in seedlings but the information was very sparse and made no mention of concentration, but after this i am now somewhat curious if there may be something to this story. Does anyone have any knowledge around this that could shed some light as to whether there is something to this story or if it is just random bs? (clearly i have no interest personally in the application of this and any such knowledge should only ever be employed by the commercial poppy producers that supply our benevolent pharmaceutical companies and i am just asking out of curiosity)
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