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  1. ZooL

    The poor Victorian.

    Yea, didn't find any when i went out the time after posting that but ended up finding a really interesting spot in june close by on this side of the border, had copious amounts of subs,safrons and muscaria all in the same spot. But i regret not collecting more as have almost run out of the saffrons i collected and dried.
  2. ZooL

    Contact tracing

    Unfortunately large groups of people need to be managed and that comes at a cost of individual freedom. Imagine a small village with a single well, it would be nice if it could manage without any regulation around the use of that well, unfortunately some people either don't understand of don't care that taking a shit in that well will negatively effect everyone else that needs that that well for their clean water. Authoritarian creep is a real issue and balance need to be found but that doesn't change that 7 billion humans without any organization will just result in utter chaos and not all measures to manage,organize or regulate them comes from a nefarious intent.
  3. ZooL

    upload delete how?

    Way i found is more just a work around that a user could use, wouldn't be a good way to do it on the server as it doesn't technically delete them(i don't think), pretty sure it just makes them invisible to everyone including the uploader and pretty sure the images would still be sitting on the server taking up space but just aren't visible to anyone. Hopefully they will yea add an easy to delete in next update though, would be pretty easy to accidentally upload a personal photo by mistake that you didn't want to be visible to the public.
  4. ZooL


  5. ZooL

    upload delete how?

    The ones i uploaded just appeared in the bar on top of starting page like normal, but then i found the way to "delete" the album and they disappeared from there. atm in there i also see your lotus one and then the rest just black glitch ones with same filename as lotus one but lacking the .jpg extension (just upload another one to double check and yea, still works normal for me)
  6. ZooL

    upload delete how?

    I Uploaded a few when looking for a way to delete gallery but none resulted in the same multi bugged uploads you're having and they all appeared normally on front page.My guess would be it has something to do with the format or encoding of images you're uploading. if they are coming direct from a phone or camera then opening the image in paint or something and then saving them as a new jpg/png file should solve that if that is whats happening.
  7. Are the primary alkaloids in Papaver somniferum(morphine, codeine, thebaine) in a free base form while naturally occurring in the plant?
  8. ZooL

    upload delete how?

    edit: will PM that cause just realized that could maybe* be abused/exploited
  9. ZooL


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  11. ZooL

    upload delete how?

    Cant find anything when uploaded this way, think you might just have to "report" your own album and have a mod delete it.
  12. ZooL

    upload delete how?

    ah ok I found that red delete option you got to so maybe those 3 uploaded same way all yours did, but seems that doesn't work for me even when clicking delete as it errors on save with empty file be a required field
  13. ZooL

    upload delete how?

    I looked up invision forums and supposedly there is some way to multiple select/ select all in oder to delete but cant figure it out, and lol while testing i have somehow upload 3 images in a way that i can't delete them ones
  14. ZooL


  15. ZooL

    upload delete how?

    IF you created the album they are in then i think you can Go to your profile Click albums tab Click title of the album the images are in Then wait a sec and on the left hand side of page a box of that album will appear and there will be a button that says manage album, click that and then select edit album. Inside there there should be a little delete/trashcan item on the images