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  1. I have just cut off some full stamens and collected pollen on some qtips, put each in different baggies with some in fridge and some in freezer. Hopefully one of the methods works.
  2. I have 2 brugs that were quite neglected but have both come back to life after cutting them back earlier in the year, they are only a couple meters apart but one is flowering but the other hasn't even started to produce any bud sites(they flowered different times last year also). Since brugs seem to be self infertile i was planning on collecting pollen from the one in flower and storing it until the other goes into flower and then manually pollinating but not really sure on best way to collect and store the pollen. Any one have some tips?
  3. By systemic you mean as in is taken up and moved around in the plant and doesn't just stay on surface?
  4. How long after using a nicotine pesticide on a plant you were intending to consume would you need wait before harvesting to be confident you wouldn't also be consuming any meaningful amount of nicotine?
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    You grow this? I always thought flowers were super rare in cultivated plants?
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    I think she may have realized something is up.
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    Upload is fixed? (damn invision so buggy)
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    Upload is fixed? (damn invision so buggy)
  10. ZooL

    Loph seed ploise

    I don't know about don and never germinated lophs myself but for trich i initially used basically the takeaway tek method described on herbalistics but now use a larger container with 100% Sphagnum in those little cardboard pots, I just nuke the moss, cardboard pots(really don't trust these off the shelf in any enclosed area),water and sterilize the tub best i can, then keep away from to low temps or directly light. Seems to work well.
  11. ZooL

    Damping off.

    Nah , not checked ph of bore water. I had assumed because i was sterilizing soil and the change was so dramatic after only the water change being different then it must be something in the water , but yea could just be some of the gear im using that is contaminated and the bore water may be making a too favorable environment for it. Thanks, will check ph of water and give all the gear and tools a good clean.
  12. ZooL

    Damping off.

    Recently i ran out of rain water and have had to fill up my water tanks with bore water, i am now getting some serious issues of damping off on seedling when i transfer them from germination domes to filtered light areas, i have noticed that it is more of a problem when i water them after the top soil in the pots has dried out a bit. does anyone know of some good resources focusing on damping off or suggestions to prevent it?
  13. ZooL

    Herbal smoking blends base herb.

    Was planning on adding these to my collection, from what i can tell it only grows wild along the east coast starting from the top of vic to mid queensland, unfortunately i live on the vic/sa border area so there is none growing wild around here from what i know.
  14. Weirdly the first time my friend of a friend tried this these side effects weren't there, was only until the second and more times they became apparent. Is there any way to limit these side effects? either way this foaf is going to continue to use this when required(these side effects ain't got shit on back injury nerve pain) until they find something else.