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  1. ZooL

    SAB shop privacy policy?

    The SAB shop page seems to have a few issues with navigation buttons sometimes?? just going to the /shop/ instead of the label button, the privacy policy which it seems i cant actually find a link to on site but only through a search engine also just redirects to the main page. Does the shop and site actually have a current privacy policy? (also no https redirect even though it has valid cert?)
  2. I've always wondered if a patch is actually the same patch as the year before or if it is the offspring from spores of the last season, also wondered if it is the spore offspring if then when do the spores in the wild actually germinate, as in do they just be dormant until the next year or do they begin growth ones they drop.
  3. I am moving to a new place next week(will post pics in a week or so) where i plan to make a succulent and cacti garden(with idea i may also breed for seeds and make cuttings for sale around some of the local markets) I intend to erect a few hot/glass houses simulating different environment but also intend to extend the garden there(someone has spent a longggggg time creating it amid nothing but farm pastures) with a cacti and succulent area. The issue here is the frost during winter time, i really don't know much about cacti growing but have heard many cacti will just turn to mush under these conditions so aside from general frost tolerant cacti and succulent i was wondering if people here may have some experience with what may be some frost resistant strains or crosses of Trichocereus?
  4. ZooL

    brass plates for prints?

    Would the oligodynamic effect that some metals have make small sheets or plates made of them good candidates for spore print medium or would the effect also have a negative effect on the spores over time?
  5. ZooL


    are they? I've only ever known what subs look like, I just took a pic of them cause i liked the formation.
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  8. ZooL

    Hey all

    I believe in climate change but don't think human activity has much effect on it, I think the real cause is the reptilians doing it in order to make the surface more hospitable for them. I like that trump somehow manages to reaffirm both my sense of inferiority and superiority and also both my sense of oppression and dominance but I'm pretty sure he's a reptilian so looses my support on those grounds. I am torn on the right to life thing, on the one hand there is the fact we will need as many soldiers as possible in the coming war with the reptilians for the surface but on the other hand there is common sense,empathy and respect for other people and their autonomy. On the topic of cacti I have almost no experience with them but intend for that to change over the coming months.
  9. ZooL

    Hey all

    quote error
  10. ZooL

    Hey all

    Hello all, thanks for activating my account whichever mod did that, i had an account here 7 or 8 years back but forgot pass(as i think i did for one before that also). I am about to move into a new property on a few acres and walking around the place reminded me of the days of browsing this forum so i made a new account.