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  1. ZooL

    upload delete how?

    edit: will PM that cause just realized that could maybe* be abused/exploited
  2. ZooL


  3. ZooL


  4. ZooL

    upload delete how?

    Cant find anything when uploaded this way, think you might just have to "report" your own album and have a mod delete it.
  5. ZooL

    upload delete how?

    ah ok I found that red delete option you got to so maybe those 3 uploaded same way all yours did, but seems that doesn't work for me even when clicking delete as it errors on save with empty file be a required field
  6. ZooL

    upload delete how?

    I looked up invision forums and supposedly there is some way to multiple select/ select all in oder to delete but cant figure it out, and lol while testing i have somehow upload 3 images in a way that i can't delete them ones
  7. ZooL


  8. ZooL

    upload delete how?

    IF you created the album they are in then i think you can Go to your profile Click albums tab Click title of the album the images are in Then wait a sec and on the left hand side of page a box of that album will appear and there will be a button that says manage album, click that and then select edit album. Inside there there should be a little delete/trashcan item on the images
  9. I don't know a lot about cacti or this defection but am looking for some that will maintain the trait with cutting propagation. trich,loph,whatever, etc, just looking to add some verity to collection. Don't really have much worthy of trade so am just looking to buy.
  10. ZooL


    From what i understand cesting of cacti can both be due to trauma and genetics(could be wrong here). Is their actually some naming or classification in relation to cacti that differentiates this? I am just thinking of a cacti that could potentially carry this trait on genetically as opposed to one that would only do so during cuttings.
  11. Not sure what they're called but i get a similar thing here, almost certain this isn't something you wanna eat. (but I'm not so knowledgeable about different species so someone may point out I'm wrong) The caps are really thin,soft and fragile right? as in will pretty much disintegrate if you squish them between your fingers?
  12. ZooL

    The ability to teach?

    What subject do you feel you have enough expertise in or knowledge of to teach other about? (I personally have none )
  13. ZooL

    Looking for any psychoactive plants

  14. ZooL

    Looking for any psychoactive plants

  15. ZooL

    Looking for any psychoactive plants