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  1. Enjaytee

    Meet up: Brisbane

    Good hangs. Thanks for having me bris crew.
  2. Enjaytee

    Meet up: Brisbane

    Hoop pine it is. I’m 15 minutes away
  3. Enjaytee

    Latua pubiflora - "Tree of Wizards"/"Socerers Tree"

    Boo indeed. Had stock yesterdee, checked this morning... gone! What a bummer. I spoke with a guy called Alberto this morning, the Chilean vendor on ebay, and requested he send my seeds in a plain non discript package. He’s also throwing in a bunch of extra seed for me. Eagerly waiting...
  4. Enjaytee

    Latua pubiflora - "Tree of Wizards"/"Socerers Tree"

    Ok, so who bought up all the latua pubiflora seeds from chile flora? It says they are out of stock, coincidence? Maybe. I demand you share some seeds with me!
  5. Enjaytee

    Latua pubiflora - "Tree of Wizards"/"Socerers Tree"

    @MountainGoat I’ll admit it was a lazy seed purchase. Searched ebay, hit buy it now, boom! they’re coming. I’ll order some from chileflora as a back up plan. I’ll also read up on those other species mentioned. Thanks
  6. Enjaytee

    Shoutout to the firies

    Well said @Darklight! and @niggles those pictures are fucking epic mate! Onyas!
  7. Enjaytee

    Latua pubiflora - "Tree of Wizards"/"Socerers Tree"

    Thanks for your condolences @Infinity. I’ve been through a range of emotions since the disappointing discovery. I will try a bunch of different methods with my next batch of seeds. Determined to make this plant my bitch. I may even inoculate with shaman semen just to deepen the connection between man and plant and thus lock her down well and truly... maybe. Anyway I’m not giving up on this plant. Let’s hope my seeds make it through customs.
  8. Enjaytee

    Latua pubiflora - "Tree of Wizards"/"Socerers Tree"

    Soooo I’m pretty bummed out saying this, it turns out my “latua Publiflora” is not at all what it should be. It seems a stray seed had made it into my seedling tray. Should have figured as much being that it was the only seed to sprout. Fucking gutted. Moving on... I think I’ll give up on that batch of seed as the person I received them from said they’d not had any germinate either. Found more L.pubiflora seed on eBay last night and have ordered some more. Hope to have better luck this time. Ive stopped buying seed internationally coz I’m sick of customs snatching up my shit but I want this plant desperately so I’m taking the chance. here’s the link for the seed. For anyone interested. https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com.au%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F274023804078
  9. Enjaytee

    Nangs: A guilty pleasure

    Sounds horrific @waterboy 2.0 i like the direction this thread is going. A few stories to remind everyone of the danger that can happen when indulging. I don’t want my lil write up to come across as a “hey everybody nangs are safe as, so fkkn cut loose on em” type thing. Too much of a good thing can be... well, bad.
  10. Enjaytee

    Nangs: A guilty pleasure

    Yeah the airy bones sound troubling for sure. I guess with lighter bones you could move a bit quicker and thus pull off some even more daring nos bottle heists. I dunno, trying to find the positives but scrapping the barrel here. Live n learn
  11. Enjaytee

    Nangs: A guilty pleasure

    thanks for sharing @Glaukus. what an epic tale! Ive had a nang cracker frozen to my finger but stuck to the lips sounds soooooo fucked up! Everything in moderation ay.
  12. Enjaytee

    Nangs: A guilty pleasure

    @Slocombe I’m not a nang veteran by any stretch but when in rome ya know. Only recently have I learnt to appreciated them for what they are. Hense the spiel. I’ve had hospital tank n2o once before. Some next level twangs. Any stigma around them needs to gtfo I reckon.
  13. A guilty pleasure?? How about we just call it a pleasure, yes that’s much better. It needn’t be a guilty one. Nor should it be an act shrouded in disdain. Nang use goes back as far as the 1700’s where Victorian aristocrats would get together for laughing gas partys. (That’s high society in every sense of the word.) The next time you indulge in huffing on a ballon or wrap your lips around a cream charging chalice and someone decides to cast a judgey look in your direction, worry not for they just don’t understand how cultured and sophisticated you truely are. I urge you to keep your head held high, turn your nose slightly upward and crack another coldy. Without even knowing it, you are the epitome of class.
  14. Enjaytee

    Gimli's Beezness

    So I guess you could call that a metheglin? Im excited to see you develop your technique over time, adding some different herbs and what not. Cherries and cinnamon sounds so delicious! I’d love to try a Cannabis and Poppy infused mead.
  15. Enjaytee

    Latua pubiflora - "Tree of Wizards"/"Socerers Tree"

    Out of 15-20 seeds, only one germinated. Bit of a slow grower but seems to be healthy. I’m hoping all the other seed wake up at some point but I won’t hold my breath. No treatment was used on seeds which may have hindered the germ rate. It is situated on the east side of my house under an eve where it receives 5hrs of filtered morning sun. Sown: 22nd September Sprouted: 28th September This last photo was taken moments ago. Hey @waterboy 2.0 have you had another crack yet? Anybody else had luck raising this plant to maturity? I would love to see some pics of someone’s seed grown ‘Palo De Bruja’.