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  1. Enjaytee

    What did you do in your sacred garden today?

    @Caster sounds like it’s too hot and humid in the greenhouse for khat. I grow mine in lots of sun and no green house. I’m in a sub tropical climate.
  2. Enjaytee

    What did you do in your sacred garden today?

    Lots of potting up this week. Mainly cacti and psychotria. Had a lawn mower accident a few days before Xmas which fucked my ankle and put a dent in my garden game. Can’t stop me though. I hobbled on with crutches and got some shit done. I’m on the mend now. Leaving town for a few days so last minute checks on plants. I tend to get a bit of separation anxiety when i leave my plants but I’ve done my best to make sure they are self sufficient. Ie: water trays, feed, mulch, a few pep talks. Hang in there ya bastards! Don’t like leaving my garden but love coming back to see the new growth.
  3. Snowtown is a good film. Based on a series of murders in south Australia. I won’t say much except that i believe it is worthy of a watch.
  4. Enjaytee

    Meet up: Brisbane

    Good hangs. Thanks for having me bris crew.
  5. Enjaytee

    Meet up: Brisbane

    Hoop pine it is. I’m 15 minutes away
  6. Enjaytee

    Latua pubiflora - "Tree of Wizards"/"Socerers Tree"

    Boo indeed. Had stock yesterdee, checked this morning... gone! What a bummer. I spoke with a guy called Alberto this morning, the Chilean vendor on ebay, and requested he send my seeds in a plain non discript package. He’s also throwing in a bunch of extra seed for me. Eagerly waiting...
  7. Enjaytee

    Latua pubiflora - "Tree of Wizards"/"Socerers Tree"

    Ok, so who bought up all the latua pubiflora seeds from chile flora? It says they are out of stock, coincidence? Maybe. I demand you share some seeds with me!
  8. Enjaytee

    Latua pubiflora - "Tree of Wizards"/"Socerers Tree"

    @MountainGoat I’ll admit it was a lazy seed purchase. Searched ebay, hit buy it now, boom! they’re coming. I’ll order some from chileflora as a back up plan. I’ll also read up on those other species mentioned. Thanks
  9. Enjaytee

    Shoutout to the firies

    Well said @Darklight! and @niggles those pictures are fucking epic mate! Onyas!