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  1. Enjaytee

    What did you do in your sacred garden today?

    @XavierDass I use a mixer because it beats mixing up multiple barrows with a shovel. Work smarter, not harder. ;) My basic soil mix is 50% 3-5mm washed rocks (blue metal, zeolite, scoria, riverstone) 25% premium potting mix and here’s the real secret to a fluffy mix... 25% coco coir. I then adjust the mineral/organic content from this depending on what I’m potting.
  2. Enjaytee

    What did you do in your sacred garden today?

    Potted a bunch of tricho cuts and grafted some lophs. Put my v.africana in larger pot which was way overdue. (The root system reminded me of mung bean shoots). Caapi, psychotria, T.corymbosa, S.Tortuosum and D.cooperi & pereskiopsis cuttings.. I sowed some E.gerardiana seed. It’s my first time growing ephedra so interested to see how it grows. Also got the mixer out the other day and did a big batch of fluffy soil.
  3. Hey mate. so generous. its a bit dark but here is a pic of seed grown acuminata and a phlebophylla I’ve raised from seedling. Also some courtii I grew from seed recently. ;)
  4. Enjaytee

    Meet Up: Gold Coast

    Overwhelming response guys! Well there has has been a good amount of interest shown on the fb group so I have organised a meet for the 10th of november if any forum members are interested.
  5. Enjaytee

    Gimli's Beezness

    I’ll never forget the first time I saw a flow hive. At a bbq... the hosts said “you’ve just got to see our flow hive”. Anyway we all gathered around the hive excitedly, ready to marvel at its ingenuity and as they’ve turned the tap, what came out was this beautiful viscous golden liquid filled with fucking maggots! I could have almost heaved watching them finger the maggot laced honey and trying to tell me it was still fine to eat. Well maybe it was, but I was trying not to retch at the thought of it. I guess it was hive beetle larvae which can happen to any hive right? But I’m sure you keep a nice clean apiary.
  6. Enjaytee

    Post your track of the day

    Hoping everyone has a great weekend Get down, Saturday night
  7. Enjaytee


    Hi @XavierDass I can send some unrooted cuttings if you would like.
  8. Enjaytee

    Meet Up: Gold Coast

    Would any members be interested in a Gold Coast meet up in the future? swapping/sharing plants/knowledge Lets see some hands.
  9. Enjaytee

    My Garden

  10. Enjaytee

    Gimli's Beezness

    Yeah Gimli get some natives already. Also... I am well keen for some Aussie made mad honey. Attached is a list of plants containing grayanotoxins to get the ball rolling.
  11. OMG we're following each other. It's like meta-stalking :D

    1. Enjaytee


      OMG Soooo happy right now!  :lol:

    2. Darklight


      I wanna ketchup with you at Alpacarama

    3. Enjaytee


      It’s been ages. Can’t wait for a lil reunion. 

  12. Enjaytee

    What did you do in your sacred garden today?

    Hey @Pedro99 The ants are more than likely farming scale insects. Check on the undersides of leaves and the plant stems and you will see them. My voacanga and viridis that are in the shadier/moister parts are prone to this. Scale is a real pain. Read up on how to treat it before it gets out of hand. Get rid of the scale and the ants will tend to clear out.
  13. Enjaytee

    What did you do in your sacred garden today?

    The garden is thriving. I noticed a P.Viridis Shipibo starting to form some flowers which is exciting. C.Edulis is punching out a load of flowers and a few cacti are busting out fresh pups. Also planted some more seeds today. •Anadenanthera Peregrina •Peganum Harmala •Latua Pubiflora •Codariocalyx Motorius •Clitoria Ternatea •Nicotiana Rustica
  14. Enjaytee

    Psilocybin Mushrooms of SE QLD, Australia

    Hi @Boof , I’d be more inclined to use sugar cane mulch or straw instead of eucalyptus mulch. (Subs love eucalyptus, not too sure about pans and cubes) I’ve heard an old trick is to drizzle vege oil on substrate to feed. I think it was T who told me. In regards to covering with plastic, make sure it has decent air flow otherwise it will become an anaerobic mess with gross green mould growing in there and the mycelium will have trouble competing with it. (Maybe try shade cloth instead) I’ve had success doing multiple layers of straw/cane and dung and heavy watering for the first month and then keeping it just moist afterward. Best of luck!