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  1. Cogitate
  2. Agreed they are beautiful , love the lavender coloured flower on the father
  3. Nice pachanoi for todays pick
  4. Al-gore-rhythm
  5. Irreverent whet spume ha
  6. Loving this yowie x scop atm
  7. Watched journey to the west on sbs on Wednesday was actually really good laughed the entire time , feel like I need to watch the monkey king movies now
  8. is there a grass thread ? , my lawn is the absolute worst type of grass I've ever had the opportunity to walk on on another note why is outback Australia so damned beautiful , feel like I need somebody to teach me about aboriginal culture
  9. Beribboned
  10. Mawkish
  11. Sybaritic Gestalt
  12. Wimple farcical Apoplexy palimpset Quoit Sallee Ecosphere
  13. “You were a slimy creep then and you’re a slimy creep now, and when you die they won’t have to bury you; they can just pour you down the nearest drain, so you can join all the other turds.”