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  1. MountainGoat

    Rooting old cactus base

    yeah, i reckon....
  2. MountainGoat

    Mimosa Hostilis

    yeah, swing me a pm...
  3. MountainGoat

    TPM Hybrid Seeds AUCTION

    Big ups Z for the donation to SAB! Champ
  4. MountainGoat

    Sacred Alchemy LP

    Cheers Northener...
  5. MountainGoat

    Sacred Alchemy LP

    Thanks Hal, its appreciated. There's a music video in the works currently with an award winning director for the first track on the album, the one with the Djabuguay mob. Its going to be deadly... I'll keep you posted...
  6. Hey all, So the debut LP has just come out from my Sacred Alchemy project, its on my own record label Sonic Alchemy... I thought y'all would appreciate having a listen, the LP draws a lot of inspiration from our plant allies, travel and living with indigenous peoples all over the world. It is journey and healing music, yet its banging outdoor festival dancefloor orientated... I won't go in to too much detail, but the work took avery long time to get all the recordings from Australia, the Amazon, the Himalayas, and the middle east. The first track is in Djabuguay language, of far north QLD and I was honoured to get the opportunity to record men in corroboree and their sacred songs...
  7. MountainGoat

    Show off your freaks

    This pach caught my eye today...
  8. MountainGoat

    Prickly Pear

    the best fruits ("tuna" in spanish) that i've come across are robusta, torrence and cow's tongue (engelmannii). I've heard that the absolutely best is the Burbank's eating one, its a spiny bugger - not the spineless, but i haven't yet tried it... hopefully it'll fruit this season... Also, the ficus indicus has decent fruits, huge pads, and is relatively common... but the fruits aren't in the same league as the one's i first mentioned...
  9. MountainGoat

    Cactus cuts for sale...

    I've got a few plants that could do with a trim, so i'll offer them here. PM for details and pics. Cuts available are SG Red Spine Fields Pach Juuls' x Scop Rob Benji Capel Super Pedro and there's a few pach monstrose and crests also, I have opuntia pads from torrence, robusta, cow's tongue, and the burbanks fruiting (not the spineless) Cheers, MG
  10. MountainGoat

    Big pach monstrose for sale

  11. MountainGoat

    Cactus of the month year day thread? Which cactus is really shining for you right now?

    That's a great colour, what is it?
  12. MountainGoat

    Tricho tip cuttings for sale

    I’ll take the hulk...
  13. MountainGoat

    Big pach monstrose for sale

    I’ve got a huge pach monstrose up for grabs. Growing on own roots, but only has about 2 months worth of roots. $120 plus $25 for postage. First in. Payment needs to be done in 3 days or I’ll offer it to the next in line. cheers, mg p.s this plant was on eBay a month back but was never paid for, so order was cancelled...
  14. MountainGoat

    Vanilla Trellis Idea

    If you cover postage I’ll send you down some vine...
  15. MountainGoat

    Vanilla Trellis Idea

    Nice one. You’ve just got to make sure you can reach the flowers to handpollinate. They are self fertile, but don’t naturally fertilise without assistance... Im keen to see the grow!