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  1. MountainGoat


    wow @ballzac you make tunes like a machine. you must have an awesome workflow to punch out so many new tunes!!!
  2. MountainGoat

    New Music

    Hey y'all, just dropped a new track from my MountainGoat project. It's been more then a year between releases from this project, this track took 12 months to get all the horn and vocal recordings finished and tidied up. Its a pretty epic track, 13 piece horn lines with an awesome conscious rapper from Sedona... Check it out, and let me know what you think!
  3. MountainGoat

    Banisteriopsis caapi tucunaca seed

    Hey, is there a particular reason you want to do it from seed? You’ll find it far easier to track down as a cutting... I don’t have that variety, but I can help out with cielo, black or ourinhos...
  4. MountainGoat

    Positive Drug Drive test may not show impairment

    Anyone got any new info for this thread? I just got my license back, got swabbed, then done driving whilst suspended. So its been about 2.5 years riding a pushy around the mountains to keep the family fed etc... Now that i have it back, i'm interested to hear of any updates on testing and good outcomes... Hit me up a pm if you've got something to share that you would rather not here...
  5. MountainGoat

    Advice, b cappi, hot dry summers/cold winters, growing in pots

    dwarf varieties? that sound interesting, which varieties of aya are dwarf varities. I wouldn't have thought it would dwarf considering its a vine... They do display different growth habits depending on their position. Full sun you get a sprawling shrubby kind of thing, but if its got something to climb, it'll take over a tree pretty quick...
  6. MountainGoat

    Advice, b cappi, hot dry summers/cold winters, growing in pots

    its always worth a try, at the very least it'll be a good experiment... I find caapi (its caapi, that might help your searches...) pretty easy to keep going. It does love root space, and you would probably have to keep it as a semi bonzai and be forever trimming it back so you can get fat vine but still move it... Do-able, but yeah I think you'd be wanting to try and tame it to grow it there... If you're on bore water you may need to treat it...
  7. MountainGoat

    Cactus packs for sale...

    Hey everyone, I’m keen to share these cactus with the community. Each pack is $100 including postage. All seed grown, grafted to pere, and degrafted. Now on own roots for several months and growing strong. Some scars. I've attempted to put 2 of each trich in the packs, i've split the phenotypes of the hybrids so you should get 1 of each of the main phenos... Any questions, shoot me a pm... Photos are in order, pack 1-9... 1. Matucana Peru (EG’s seed) x 2, kk339 (marked as Ecuador pach, but obviously a kk labelling issue... again...) x3, psycho0xtpm x2, huarz x validus. 2. Matucana peru x 2, Tulhuayensisx, Huarz x Val x3, psycho0xTpm x2 3. Matucana peru x2, Tulhuayensisx2, Huarz x Val x 2, BonnyxTpmx2 SOLD 4. Huarz x Val x2, Oscar x Olivia x2, Bonny x Tpm x2, mystery x2 SOLD 5. kk339 x3, matucana peru x2, psycho0 x tpm x2, Lumberjack x tpm x2 6. Matucana peru x2, kk339x2, Lumberjack x tpm, Bonny x tpm x2 7. Matucana Peru x2, kk339x2, Lumberjack x tpmx2, Oscar x Olivia x2 SOLD 8. Matucana peru x2, tulhuayensis x2, Bonny x tpm x2, tpqc tpm 9. Matucana Peru x2, kk339 x2, oscar x olivia x2, psycho0 x Lumberjack, Huarz x Val. SOLD p.s I'll list them here for a week before i list them elsewhere, so get in quick....
  8. MountainGoat

    Free Trade Thread 2019

    Offer: 1 nexus, 1 alba and 2 hostilis. (I’ll top each of them to post, I’ll add the cuttings of the psychotrias to the pack)...
  9. MountainGoat

    Free Trade Thread 2019

    So, let's get it going again. I'm going to quote the last thread for the rules: "HOw this works is you post somthing, a plant or some seeds etc. To give away to the next poster at your postage cost. By posting you take the offer above you. The next poster claims the offer by saying taken and then posting their offer. This goes on forever. For this to work you really must offer something and come through with posting it. previously this thread has failed due to people failing to post things asking questions breaking into conversations etc. If we all stick to the same format for the posts it makes the thread easy to read. Ill post a few post below so its easy to get the idea. Any questions please pm me *Australia only to keep postage managable and please no posts besides taken with offers* *All trades must be legal and within regular forum rules*" If you have any questions, use PMs. And let's follow the format as seen here in posts 2 and 3... ****Note: There is now a minimum post count of 25 to partake in the free trades. If you haven't got that many yet, introduce yourself and your garden and you'll get your count up pretty quick.... ****Note: Post a picture of your offer also.
  10. MountainGoat

    New Free Trade Thread?

    I like the cut of your jib Hal... i second this...
  11. MountainGoat

    New Free Trade Thread?

    i'll do it, i've got heaps of extras at the moment...
  12. MountainGoat

    For Sale: Black kava plants

    I’ve got 4 Hawaiian black kava plants for sale. The 2 on the left are $30 each and the right 2 are $40 each. Postage on top of that. They are a very sensitive plant, a tricky one to grow but very rewarding... They currently have some leaf damage due to a shit load of rain in the past fortnight and they were under the canopy of the forest. But they are very healthy. Organically propagated and grown. In the right conditions you could grow these to a harvestable size in 2 years... If you are south of say Coffs Harbour you’ll need to have at least a green house, if not a hot house to keep them going through winter. Any questions, hit me up...
  13. MountainGoat

    Noob's cacti

    It’s interesting what ever it is, but it’s not a flower bud. They are shaped and coloured differently... I’m keen to see what happens though...
  14. MountainGoat

    Noob's cacti

    Actually noob, that wouldn’t be a flower bud there. It might be a pup pushing through, but loph s only flower from the centre, even when you have multiple flowers there always from the centre. Pups off the main head will also flower, but also from their centre...
  15. MountainGoat

    eBay/Gumtree finds

    Yeah, i wasn't looking to get it. I'm overflowing with cactus at the moment....