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  1. MountainGoat

    Vanilla Trellis Idea

    yeah, swing me a pm....
  2. MountainGoat


    I'll swing you a pm...
  3. MountainGoat

    Check out what my neighbour has in her yard!

    I don't know what's good where you are. I use volcanic rock, locally (<50km) mined called quincan... Or I sieve out the fines from my local river sand...
  4. MountainGoat

    Check out what my neighbour has in her yard!

    The skin damage is from humidity most likely, it happens a lot for me up in the tropics... Just a note, that maybe you know already but i feel drawn to share. If they are fresh cuttings, let them heal for at least a couple of weeks before putting them in soil to root. And when you do put them in soil, make sure it is bone dry for at least a month... It looks like your soil is wet and slow draining... If you use sand, make sure its gravel size...
  5. MountainGoat

    wtb TBM long form

    Cool, next time i've got a bit for trade i'll post it here on SAB... Probably not this season though....
  6. MountainGoat

    wtb TBM long form

    they're kinda similar, but i'd say it's pretty unlikely that it's long form. It looks like a big segment of short form. long form gets big, like up to a couple of feet+ and has very few aeroles... Far slower growing than short form in my experience...
  7. MountainGoat

    wtb TBM long form

    Hey, i've just put up a bit of long form on the fb auctions... https://www.facebook.com/groups/1316453921842330/permalink/1361817157306006/
  8. MountainGoat

    New Chacruna and Aya varieties

    Hey tribe, I'm looking to get some more varieties of chacruna and aya. If you've got some different one's please hit me up with a pm. I've got plenty of awesome trades... I'm especially interested in tracking down the "5 leaf" chacruna... I've got cielo, ourinhos, and black aya already, and also plenty of luna chacruna... Anything other varieties and I'm well keen... Cheers, MG
  9. MountainGoat

    wtb TBM long form

    Its a slow grower and they throw very few aeroles (for new pups)... Grafted they throw even less... I've had mine for a few years and i've only managed to propagate it couple of times...
  10. MountainGoat

    eBay/Gumtree finds

    a 4 ribbed pach.... dude, i got see some photos of that... please... I've never seen a 4 ribbed pach. I think if you're going to call it ogun, you'll need to get that seconded by someone who already has a definitely legit piece of it... I know of several people with it. The next hype fad will be Zeus I reckon...
  11. MountainGoat


    Thanks mate, i love it even more now!!! I’ll grab some photos of mine in a bit...
  12. MountainGoat


    Hey @spooge, I thought narelle was a validus op from you...? Haven’t heard from Master B for many moons... I nearly lost mine too, but it’s rising from the ashes. Is yours showing vari? Mine has a very high % of yellow...
  13. MountainGoat

    Looking for Ogunbodede´s Pachanoi

    are you in Aus?
  14. MountainGoat

    Free Trade Thread 2019

    cheers totemgoat, i'll jump on that fo shiz... i'll offer 1 well established black kava plant (about 2 years old)... i'll get a photo in the morning
  15. MountainGoat

    Mimosa pudica feeding

    Thanks @Infinity