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  1. Any mob here going to Rabbits this year? It'd be sweet to catch up your a yarn...
  2. i've got it crested with monstrose traits also... hit me up a pm...
  3. That’s cool, I’m glad I read those articles, it’s helped me identify an opuntia crest I always wondered about... my phone camera isn’t working, but I’ll get some photos of the plant sometime and upload them... Ill be sure to try grafting to it. However, the created form is not a fast grower like other opuntia species...
  4. MountainGoat

    Trichocereus Bridgesii Monstrose Clone A

    Clone A is long form... if you’ve got heaps you’re doing well...
  5. MountainGoat

    2019 Andes Eclipse Festival

    que impresionante el video, quiero ir...
  6. MountainGoat

    2019 Andes Eclipse Festival

    dude, i didn't know there was one in valle del elqui. its amazing there. I'll be headed over for the december 2020 one that'll be around pucon... I'll check out this one though for sure, it may give me an opportunity to visit in the in-laws again... thanks for the heads-up...
  7. MountainGoat

    How-to: Slab Grafting

    nice idea, i hadn't thought of that.... have you done any vari wedges G.?
  8. MountainGoat

    MountainGoat Music

    free 24bit download is up if anyone is keen....
  9. MountainGoat

    How-to: Slab Grafting

    yeah, the wedge is awesome but it really does need plenty of pressure to keep it in place. Also the water content of both scion and stock are important because swelling or deflating will cause issues... I did 12 narelle wedges this season and lost all of them.... had great success with others, but have found vari's difficult to wedge. It may be my high humidity though....
  10. MountainGoat

    Noob's cacti

    wow, nice haul... I noticed they've got water droplets on them, I'm not sure if those cuts have roots or not, but I would recommend that you don't water anything that comes out of the mail for at least a week, and if it doesn't have roots yet i'd wait at least another week on top of that...
  11. Hey Tribe, so i thought i'd start a new thread to let y'all know when MG is releasing new music... I'm on a bit of a push at the moment with my music projects to set them up as a viable profession and not just a hobby... So if any of you enjoy the music, any support would be awesome to help me land those big gigs (just getting sufficient followers helps lock those gigs in)... I'm starting it off with this bad boy remix of Uptown Funk, when there's enough 'virtual support' (100 likes/follows/reposts combined) i'll fork out for an awesome mastering engineer (this version is my own master) and give free .wav downloads of it... You can offer your support on soundcloud (https://soundcloud.com/mountaingoathippy), facebook (https://www.facebook.com/MountainGoatMusic/), youtube (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCz01Q249gDMM1vCDfnfU4Jg), or where ever. MG is also up on all the major streaming services like spotify, itunes, bandcamp, amazon etc... Cheers, MG
  12. MountainGoat

    Cactus for sale

    Had a big Yowie fall over, so I decided to offer it and a few other cuts. A few scars, but healthy tips... BIg Spikey 35cm - $30 Tig x Scop 35cm - $30 (a really nice hybrid, grows fat with small spines...) Peru (seed grown from Glaucus) 35cm - $25 Peru (a nice steel blue colour, fast grower) 28cm - $25 J2 x Psycho0 35cm - $30 (wickedly spined, got that validus like shine...) SOLD Yowie 80+cm - $60 SOLD plus postage... Cheers, MG
  13. MountainGoat


    wow @ballzac you make tunes like a machine. you must have an awesome workflow to punch out so many new tunes!!!
  14. MountainGoat

    New Music

    Hey y'all, just dropped a new track from my MountainGoat project. It's been more then a year between releases from this project, this track took 12 months to get all the horn and vocal recordings finished and tidied up. Its a pretty epic track, 13 piece horn lines with an awesome conscious rapper from Sedona... Check it out, and let me know what you think!
  15. MountainGoat

    Banisteriopsis caapi tucunaca seed

    Hey, is there a particular reason you want to do it from seed? You’ll find it far easier to track down as a cutting... I don’t have that variety, but I can help out with cielo, black or ourinhos...