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    Strayan Sloths

  2. Bread Filter

    Craigslist cruisin'

    That article is from March. The police just ran Operation Sea Monk: http://www.9news.com.au/national/2015/11/23/19/59/queensland-police-targeting-online-drug-dealers I have seen the top shelf weed that sells for $850 an ounce on the DNM and it is the juice but massively overpriced. The sellers are making $600 profit per bag.
  3. Bread Filter

    Farewell Incognito

    I'll miss your action Incog. Take care of yourself. I took a break from forums for a few years so hopefully we'll see you round again somewhere, someplace.
  4. Bread Filter

    Happy Birthday Watertrade !!!!!!!!!!!

    Lovely day here for it as well. Happy Birthday WT.
  5. Bread Filter

    Oberon sub zero camp

    That's good news. Thanks for the reply.
  6. Bread Filter

    Oberon sub zero camp

    What was wrong with the weather/conditions? Was it too wet, too warm or just too late in the season? In previous years we had been at the same time and found heaps. People had reported finds at the start of the month so I am just wondering what went wrong?
  7. Bread Filter

    Oberon sub zero camp

    Did you find any subs?
  8. Bread Filter

    Oberon sub zero camp

    It will be fairly warm out there with the lowest temperature predicted being 7 degrees. That's warm for that area as I remember it getting down to 0 previously.
  9. Bread Filter

    Oberon sub zero camp

    It looks like a tip out there now in the spot under the trees. I also found broken glass bottles in the actual forest floor. Hopefully there will be less motorbikes out there now with the logging work they have done.
  10. Bread Filter

    Oberon sub zero camp

    Hey guys. My missus couldn't get the time off so I went up early this morning. There are lots of Amanitas, some Slippery Jacks, Gallerinas and NO subs. I hunted for 2 hours and found none whatsoever. I checked the entire area from the camp site to the road then all the way up to the boundary. The road that heads further in, the one that people got bogged on, has been logged so that entire area is gone now. The problem seemed to be that the entire area was under 10cm of water and was very flooded. There were also a lot of cops out there on motorbikes even in the driving rain. Luckily they were on road bikes and didn't come into the dirt roads but stopped at the entrance and had a good look. On the way home I stopped along the Old Butter Factory road as the conditions looked better and there were hundreds of Amanitas visible from the road side. It was the same story there mushrooms wise except there was a lot more Gallerinas. That area was a lot drier also. You guys might want to bring your own supplies this time. Hopefully I just missed them as I wasn't looking for them in particular. Have fun out there and take some bogan rubbish home with you
  11. Bread Filter

    Oberon sub zero camp

    They are made from high quality steel and are very recyclable. I used to get a scrap metal company to come and pick up my empties when I used them. Can someone please PM me the location? I have been before but can't remember which way to turn after a certain point. I am trying to talk my missus into coming out for the day.
  12. Bread Filter

    EGA thread - Who's going?

    I had a look for a specific EGA thread but couldn't find one so started this. If there is another thread please feel free to delete this. Who is going to the event? I'll be down there sometime tomorrow. Where is everyone staying? Decent Melb accomm is pretty scarce right now. Who is staying around for the Sunday event?
  13. Bread Filter

    EGA thread - Who's going?

    That's a great offer. There is very minimal accommodation left in Melbourne this weekend.
  14. Bread Filter

    Help Save My Catha's

    Can anyone offer some input as to how I can save these Catha Edulis plants? I recently bought 2 narrow leaf, 1 red and 4 Hybrids that have been living in my lovely tropical bathroom. The narrow leaf and red plants are fine but the 4 hybrids have shriveled and dried out. Is there any ideas on what I can do for these? Also if anyone has some Catha's for sale please let me know and I'll snap them up.
  15. Bread Filter

    4 x free tool tickets for tonight

  16. Bread Filter

    Swedes develop marijuana breathalyser

    Don't be disappointed dude. Invent it and save the world
  17. Bread Filter

    4 x free tool tickets for tonight

    Sorry for the edits guys. Hope you had fun at the concerts Naja
  18. Bread Filter

    4 x free tool tickets for tonight

    Hey guys. I gave my tickets to best mate and his wife. I don't mean to be rude but can people please stop PM'ing me asking for them?. They are all long gone now. Anyone like the Deftones?
  19. Bread Filter

    4 x free tool tickets for tonight

    I have 8 that I can't give away. For tomorrow night as well as Brissy. I can't even go now.
  20. Incog got me keen to start the 2013 Camping trip thread. The idea this year is to have a big meet. I know we always plan this and it ends up intimate in the end but I am going to start now! The exact location will be PM'd to members attending much closer to the date. The date is usually around the start of May depending on the weather and how excited we get. I am really hoping to see: * Colhawk looking dapper in a Safari suit. * Marcel giving Incog Moustache rides. *At least one person's boots melting. * Incog's erection problems when it comes to tents. * Another quality Bread Filter Tek Workshop. *Holymountain giggling and smiling contagiously. * Lactarius Breakfasts * Glowing Funghi * Hillbillies "Town" * NO TRAIL BIKES BUZZING US ALL MORNING * Reindeers? Anyone or anything I missed? Feel free to add to the list
  21. Bread Filter

    2013 Camping Trip - East Coast - Blue Mountains - May

    Thanks Mate. Ouch count me out. That is Tool in Melbourne night 1 and 2. Have fun on the trip guys
  22. Bread Filter

    Legal Weed: Is it really legal?

    I wish someone would post this up on one of the "Incense Junkies" forums. They were the symptoms I had when I smoked the rubbish ages ago. All incenses produced the same effect for me regardless of compound. My Phlegm was black as I was smoking 100 cones a day and could cough up an entire mouth full. I am playing international sport instead now
  23. Bread Filter

    2013 Camping Trip - East Coast - Blue Mountains - May

    I am playing Hockey in Hawaii from the 9th -18th April. I hope it isn't on then We used to go the first week of May so here is hoping....
  24. Bread Filter

    ACT members

    2615 represent. Charnystyle Baby!
  25. Bread Filter

    Lophophora alberto-vojtechii seeds for sale. SOLD

    Sounds good mate. I am in.