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  1. Anybody have the prints yet? Paid on July 2nd with the promise they would be sent the next day. Contacted July 17tg and said they had been sent that day. Still nothing. Not super pleased hey.
  2. mark80

    Looking in Brisbane

    Hey, Lost my garden that I had for 10+ years in the Townsville floods. Moved to Brisbane after. Looking for few tricho cuttings and pereskiopsis for grafting. Happy to pay. Thanks heaps guys and girls!
  3. mark80

    Looking for a Cubensis print

    Hey guys! its been awhile for me too. So if anyone can help me outthat would be appreciated to.
  4. mark80

    Varius seeds/cuttings wanted

    was this before or after you edited your post?
  5. mark80

    Varius seeds/cuttings wanted

    your getting ripped off. Don't swap all that for some pretty coommon cutting!
  6. mark80

    A hobby I never knew existed.

    i sued to amke them. peice of pvc tube some kno3 S and charcoal mix em and ram in the tube that first had kitty liter rammed in it. than some more kitty liter in top and bam there a rocket. Kno3 and dextrose melted togtehr worked well expcet for the hydroscpoticty..
  7. its a public profile so he can ceck it out as much he likes iwthout justiing shit to you?

    Whats up?

  8. there is a very informative site that details local acacias with pictures about mackay up. Won't post the link but its out there so keep looking.
  9. jerking off 9 times out 10 orgasms just looses its appeal. Plus they make me feel happpy to know that when i leave work i am not just coming to a house i'm coming to a home. knowing tehre is someone who will be there when i need help or a cuddle. Plus during winter they are nice to cuddle
  10. mark80

    seedling porn

    For me grafting trichs is to edged. They do gorw bigger faster but than stall after they rocket along. I grafted icaro dna's whcih when grafted rocketd but some of the ones i had just in styro boxes are probably taking over now. I would graft a few and get them going (afterall you probably loose as many seedlings to natrual slection as you do from fuialed grafts, and a small say 5 cm peres is all thats needed to get em to kick off. i say graft as many as youc an wiat till they stop and eisther bury the stock (the scion probably has roots of its own buy now.) or degraft cllaoous and seal.
  11. mark80

    I want a B.Caapi vine!

    got one rotted for sale pm if interested wekll establsiehed (about 6 months old) will also chcuk in a virids leaf for porogation.
  12. mark80

    Ed's Free Loph seeds 2009!!!!

    pm'd as well. Aweosme!
  13. mark80

    Poppies in FNQ?

    Has anyone heard of these grown in FNQ? its getting cold here and was wondering if anyone had any reports about there growth>?
  14. mark80


    I saee your point but still disagree slightly with your opinoin for the following reasons. 1) I strongly agree with seat belts as they do save lives. Its a law designed to prveent people form doing stupid things that really only efefct them. Weel i sued to think. It would be nice to live a egocentric kinda world. But we don't our actions hurt others looking at gambling again it estimated that for every problem gambler 10 people are affected. If we look drug addicts not only do they hurt themslevs but tehy hurt others like family spouses and children. they cause crime to pay for fixes etc. its rather simple game theory (or group theory or something>?) for society to function as whole individulas must do whats best for the themsleevs and for the group. Now i nor i guess you would be comfratble with saying your dad is coke addict so you can't get help becuase he punched your teeth in during a argument over his drug money. the rippling effect hurt society as a whole. And they through no fault of there own get hurt and thus society should help. I am saying taht these restrictions help society even if they dis empower ceratin individuals (mainly those that would use responsibly) but many people (llok at alschoclics) have certain addictive behaviours that will in almost ceratinty result in a even stronger addiction to what will most likely still be exuberatntly expensive drug (after all its still illegal) these laws do go to far, for instance i think cannabis is realtvily safe and non addictive (phsyiologically) so is kava and peyote. But for more instances drugs such cocaine (were lethality of overdose is real possibilty) and super addictivness are things that make it unvaibale. sure tahts quite not the argument but i am sure you will see an almost instant spike in cocaine if coke plants are legal. Its a shame that a plant is illegal because of the almost certain deterimental effects of its sequla. 2/ i think your kinda fence sitting. Society shouldn't pay for drug fucked people becuase its there own fault. what about if a someone went on boat in stromy weather does he not deserve to be rescued freely? after all he went out and its his fault. Sure i don't agree that we should eb forking out for people who smoke themsleves to lung cancer but i do agree that if my mate drinks to mcuh and needs his stomach pumped society should pay for it. Its kinda the beuty of socialism you take the good with bad, and help your brother out. because i would like to think that if i stack my motorcycle doing a dnagerous trun in wet weather too fast that i would not expect to pay have my feet stcihed back on or pay to have the drughs even though it was my own fault. i see your point society shouldn't have to pay for people stupid actions but than we kinda live in third world country were if you don't have money youc an rot on the sterrets. Also a darwinian apporach to life is good for population dynamics but socialistically its quirte poor. i don't look at cancer pateint with a brca1 mutation and go "mate you should die, your genes are un fit to procreate". yet again its socialism at its finest. I am sure if you or a loved one got sick say with gene mutation to predisopse you to cnacer, you wouldn't say sorry hun, darwinina evolution. your time is up.
  15. mark80

    PMA in cairns

    Well making your own sprirts is illegal (isn't it?)