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  1. Hello.. I've got a few trichs up for grabs.. ... A few cuttings and few bare rooted and more potted ones for sale.. Local pickup only for the time being. .pm me for details...
  2. ^toast.. thats great news Can't wait to try this new blend. Might grab an aussie pipe too. how much they going for?
  3. Phoenix_Osiris

    H1 bridgesii Cuttings For Sale

    Yes please :-) pm'd
  4. Phoenix_Osiris

    Chilli peppers - Aus

    nice pics Gimli I grow black cuban, corno di ti rosso, bigjim, Thai prik sod dang, butch T, red jalapeno and aji panca. I was pretty lucky with my seeds they all germinated within a week. Most took just 3-4 days. I just put in mini greenhouse. Growth has been slow since germination :-/.
  5. Phoenix_Osiris

    Brazilian Rape' / Hapi available

    a pea sized amount
  6. Phoenix_Osiris

    Brazilian Rape' / Hapi available

    All the haapi blends I've tried from toast give a similar nice warm buzz but each has a distinct smell.and kick.. I initially wanted to try this stuff because I wanted an alternative to smoking and so far it's replaced cigarettes with no discomfort to me at all. actually my mind feels a lot clearer and more active but getting that smell alongside that buzz is something I really enjoy. The smell is soo rich and earthy with that vintage cigar smell.. It takes my mind to a place I can only describe with a picture
  7. Phoenix_Osiris

    Where to buy the best quality chocolate?

    No need to buy from overseas.. there is some top notch chocolatiers in australia http://www.cicadachocolate.com/ https://www.zokoko.com/
  8. Phoenix_Osiris

    after Murraya koenigii in brissy

    yes bunnings do have them or you can buy online from http://www.daleysfruit.com.au/buy/curry-tree-herb.htm
  9. 1923 aka Heaven 1925 aka heaven
  10. pmd... plants 6 and 13 :-)
  11. Mm this song has soul And that video is something special.. I've been trying to get the meaning behind the video My interpretation is that when it comes to religion alot of people embrace it when they are just being showed the 'happiness and joy' it can bring as long as they just dance along. We all need to just dance (conform to religion/christianity/jesus christ).. is the message they seem to be spreading, and everyone they talk to seems to dig the idea and starting getting in the groove a bit but it seems that as soon as the boys start explaining "hey we all need to start dancing because the rapture/Armageddon/end of time is coming" everyone is like " whaaaatt?,, you crrazsy" ... Mmm and theeen the kids see that their efforts are futile but they're just"like 'f*ck it we going to keep dancing and dance even harder just to make up for everyones sins... so yeah they keep dancing and then the end of time comes and.... ....................(my brains blank) What are your takes on this music video??
  12. Hey this is some amazing pictures ive come across from the site deviantart artists- aharmon parablev
  13. Phoenix_Osiris

    Youtube vids

    Hello, not sure if you've all seen this so I thought I'd share Calling the others - visionary journey http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pBmbd0fxqfI
  14. Hey first post here, thought its about time to stop lurking around these forums and contribute and share :-) So hello to all of you and i hope this is the first of many posts to come. :-) Thought id start off by sharing a video a came acros not too long ago This youtube vid strikes deep... hope you all enjoy peace