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  1. ballzac


    Another hard trance anthem: Not sure when or even if I will post the ambient one. I don't mind putting on some ambient from time to time, which is why I thought I would give it a go, and I've only tried working on the genre once before, a long time ago. But it is a really tedious genre to work on because of the amount I have to listen to to work out if some minor change improved it or not, in contrast to hard trance where I can listen to a ten second segment repeatedly to work out how a fill or chord change or whatever sounds. If anyone's super into ambient, let me know and I will post if for nothing else than to get legitimate feedback on my work in a genre I'm not that familiar with. I remember Zen Peddler giving me great feedback on my last ambient-ish one, but haven't seen him around in a while.
  2. ballzac


    Some kind of housey vocal trance (or trancey house) kind of thing:
  3. ballzac


    I'm working on some ambient music at the moment. Mostly done, but it needs some final touches, so that will probably be coming soon. In the mean time, here's some more hard trance:
  4. ballzac


    More hard trance:
  5. ballzac


    More hard trance:
  6. ballzac


    You might like this one too. It's a similar style of anthem trance influenced, in part, by artists like Alphazone and Dave Joy:
  7. ballzac


    Thanks man! I'm really happy with it too.
  8. ballzac


    Some slightly industrial D&B: Note that I'm removing some of the earlier ones to make room on my Soundcloud for the newer tracks. I'll make all of them available somewhere at some point. Might even shell out for the pro account one day. But for the moment they'll be disappearing.
  9. ballzac


    Back to some trance:
  10. ballzac


    I thought you might like it, because it's got a similar vibe to some of my house ones
  11. ballzac


    I got a lot of free time at the moment and when I get focussed on something I can be pretty persistent, but yeah, I'm super happy with my current output (both in quality and quantity). I find that it only takes about three days for me to lose the headspace for a track, so if I have most of a track blocked out in a day and mostly finished within another couple of days, it end up being more coherent than if I spend longer on it. Fine tuning and mastering are, conversely, best done with fresh ears at least a few days later, in my opinion.
  12. ballzac


    More drum and bass:
  13. ballzac


    Some drum and bass:
  14. ballzac


    Another house track: Yeah. Space7 is one I'm really happy with. Even though it's kind of generic in a way, I feel like I hit the nail on the head with it. Slightly annoying is that there are a couple of audio glitches in the file, and I don't have the original project, so I can't fix them. Oh well.