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  1. ballzac


    I got a lot of free time at the moment and when I get focussed on something I can be pretty persistent, but yeah, I'm super happy with my current output (both in quality and quantity). I find that it only takes about three days for me to lose the headspace for a track, so if I have most of a track blocked out in a day and mostly finished within another couple of days, it end up being more coherent than if I spend longer on it. Fine tuning and mastering are, conversely, best done with fresh ears at least a few days later, in my opinion.
  2. ballzac


    More drum and bass:
  3. ballzac


    Some drum and bass:
  4. ballzac


    Another house track: Yeah. Space7 is one I'm really happy with. Even though it's kind of generic in a way, I feel like I hit the nail on the head with it. Slightly annoying is that there are a couple of audio glitches in the file, and I don't have the original project, so I can't fix them. Oh well.
  5. ballzac


    House? Very different style, but given the rhythms in it, I think it has to qualify.
  6. ballzac


    Some more house:
  7. ballzac


    Some pop: I put this up on soundcloud about a month ago, but I was planning on remastering it before sharing it around. I spent a while tweaking it to bring out the base and kick a bit more, but I think it lost some commercial pop charm in the process, so I'm sticking with this original master.
  8. ballzac


    I'm not sure how I feel about Acid/time. It stands out amongst my music as having unique qualities, which in itself is something positive, but I don't listen to it and think "this is perfect. there's nothing I would change about this". As for genre names, I think of them as mostly a convenience to help people find things they like. For me, it also helps to find new inspiration. I'll often look up a variety of examples of some particular genre and try to emulate some commonalities without actually copying anything from an individual track. Sometimes I end up with something that actually sounds like that genre, and other times it just sounds like my own style with those elements incorporated, but I always walk away with a larger toolset that I can draw from in the future. With that said, here's my take on techno: Yes, a lot of my track names end in "7", lol.
  9. ballzac


    Not sure what style this would qualify as. It's got psychedelic elements, rock/blues elements, and house elements. Whatever it is, I like it.
  10. ballzac


    Same reason I come here to share it. I post other places sometimes, but I've got much more respect for the opinions of the community here than on some random music forum. Thanks for the feedback. It's much appreciated. Here's one of the House tracks I produced lately. Not super sure how this genre works because I don't listen to it much, but I'm pretty happy with the result regardless of whether it follows the 'right' conventions or not:
  11. ballzac


    Thanks. I didn't see your post before. I actually wasn't sure if anyone was still listening to these and if there was any point in posting more. I'm not very involved in the forums these days except for the small amount of moderation required, so I don't blame the community if people aren't that interested in what I'm doing with my music these days. But if even just one or two people enjoy my music, I'll keep posting stuff. I recently messed up some of my mastering because of an incorrect setting on my mixer. This caused a few of my mixes (including Voyager 7 above, but mostly ones that I haven't posted here) to sound very thin. I've started remastering them, and Voyager 7 is done now, and well worth listening to again in my opinion. I've been working on some housier stuff recently, so will probably post some of that soon, but in the mean time, here's the sequel to Voyager 7. It's more hard trance, but has a 'playful' vibe that I think makes it a bit more interesting. When I'm producing, whatever track I'm currently working on is my favourite, but after the dust has settled over time, I realise that some really aren't as good as I thought, but others are better than I realised. This is one of those tracks that I listen to after working on half a dozen other tracks and it really stands out as having something special to it that I wasn't fully aware of while I was creating it. Hopefully someone else enjoys it as much as I do.
  12. ballzac

    Masses of little mushies

    Possibly Coprinellus disseminatus. Have you seen fully mature ones? If so, do they change colour as they mature? Coprinellus disseminatus start off looking like those but end up going grey. Sporeprint would be black.