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  1. inti

    For Trade: Palo Santo

    yes plz i would like to try after reading about pmed
  2. Hi Trailblazer Thank you very much for your response and offer. My mate will be very happy. I will PM you. Cheers Trichoshaman
  3. Hi endofinder. thnx for link to site. Awesome collection of products on site. Are you aware of how Australian customs will treat any products from this shop in peru ?
  4. Hi all I have discovered I have some pest roaming my greenhouse and i wanted to get the best advice in dealing with them without interfering with the health of the plants or my health. Plants inside greenhouse are; Lophs, Grafted lophs of T.Pach. & Spach Psycotria viridis plants caapi seedlings The pest I have discovered are ants wondering all over leaves and also lophs. But also i have discovered tiny little creatures (smaller than fleas) i am guessing they must be mites.? These little guys are seen wondering on lophs and also gatering around on caapi and viridis leaves.plus gathering in bunches on caapi new growth. I am not sure If the ants are actually eating the mites....kind of like a little food chain thing going on here.... There are also heaps of webs and spiders. But those guys are welcome i like them around. Plz also a few nibble marks on my loph.Suspect mouse or rat has gotten in and had a nibble. at dusk My cattle dog seems to be spooked around green house on a trail. So i think a rodent is getting in. My questions is what is the best safest way to treat these pests. Ants ( not sure really if they are problem ..they seem to be enjoying nectar on flowers of viridis.) mites ( There seems to be leaf damage where they gathering ) Spiders webs etc..they are cool. They are already part of insect patrol/control. They are on my side in this battle. Rodents ( i put some rat bait out for them). Now I have "pest oil" petroleum based. Is that safe to be spraying on plants or cactus.?? I would like some advice whether or not i should be concerned about these mites or ants.... If so what is best way to control them without negatively toxifying my plants or anyone who consumes them. I dont really want to kill the insects. But if the health of my plants is at stake. I must fight a preemptive war for peace and harmony of my special plants in my greenhouse. thanks all
  5. inti

    Bilpin Rare Plants Fair 13-14 April 2013

    Hey I called in on saturday too.... 3.5 hrs later....swag of random plants loaded in car and some books. Nice variety. I scored a few diff varieties of brugmansias, aloe plant..raseberrie plant.. Plus some fly eating plants... (cant remember all the offical names haha) Got a medicinal plant book plus sacred healing beer brewing book. All round worth the visit.
  6. inti

    Show off your freaks

    very nice freaks =)
  7. inti

    If I don't come back...

    wow your adventure sounds hardcore. Deep into the last froniters. Amazing . I wish i could join you. Sounds like a dream. It sure beats western suburbs sydney .9-5 mortgage life. keep head strong and love..all will come good. peace and good luck
  8. inti

    If I don't come back...

    All the best on your soul searching travels. Sounds like a great adventure when there is risk of not returning. Or r u running from the law =p hehe Hope u bring back seeds. Peace Safe travels
  9. inti

    North Korea threatens US with nuclear attack

    The UN and other world leaders need to all have a sit down circle And have a brew. Chat to Mrs Caapi. I am sure with dissolved egos and a reality check we are actually all One with infinite love.....the world might kinds become a better place. But then again I could be wrong...... Nuclear war hey... Back to the stone might be such a bad idea... I bet trichos will live on and survive ground zero.;)
  10. inti

    Bizzare graft scenario

    Respect the loph.
  11. inti

    Bizzare graft scenario

    Amazing. It looks like a miniature peyote tree =) Even brocoli like. So its make use of the stem for its own needs and Made restrictions to nutrients flowing to stock flesh. Amazing. As you say much like a parasite. The loph on top looks so.healthy and strong
  12. inti

    Happy Birthday Shruman!

    happy bday bro
  13. inti

    Money money money

    What sad government we have... Un bloody believable. Its theft.
  14. Noticed this little guy on my graft last night.
  15. inti

    Sydney Plant Swap - 02/03/13 @ Bents basin

    Yes it sure was dreamtime. Very enlightening indeed. That cinnamon was very flavoursome. Even cosmic may I say. Words cant describe. 24hrs it took me to re enter the atmosphere. Touched down all safe and well...landed back on the earth with wisdom and unique inner world Experience. P.s I really enjoyed the effect the tibetan bells had on my visual and audio journey. Peace
  16. inti

    Sydney Plant Swap - 02/03/13 @ Bents basin

    Top night guys. Great meeting everyone. Thanks for the generosity and showing me a good night on my first SAB camp. Sure was an enlightening night plus i came home with a hole bunch of nice plants for the garden. Cheers Tricho.s
  17. inti

    Sydney Plant Swap - 02/03/13 @ Bents basin

    I will aim for midday. Grey triton ute I will be in I will be following el presidents map =)
  18. inti

    Sydney Plant Swap - 02/03/13 @ Bents basin

    Hi all, Here is a sat image view of park. Is there a location we intend to meet at ? There are two entrances to park also. Maybe an "X" marks the spot to save confusion. Especially for newbies who aren't familiar with SAB faces
  19. inti

    Sydney Plant Swap - 02/03/13 @ Bents basin

    Sounds like rain hail or shine the SAB crew are strong in attendance. Good to hear ! Look forward to meeting everyone tomorrow doing a few trades kicking back enjoying myself.
  20. 2meke - amazing spider pets ! awesome yes they are sure great protectors. Respect to the spider. strong allie of the cacti
  21. inti

    Sydney Plant Swap - 02/03/13 @ Bents basin

    Just confirming I will be there Saturday look forward to it I have a few trichos I can bring along
  22. inti

    Herbal Health

    castor oil works well. Soak cotton cloth in castor oil. Wrap around knee. Thn cover in plastic gladwrap and then apply aheat pack of some kind. Hot water bottle or something. Keep it there for 30-60mins mins. You would be surprised. I was getting a swollen big toe. Arthritis kind of thing. I tried the Castor oil and it was amazing swelling went down and pain went down by at ;east 80-90% give it a try
  23. I am curious to know too. I have had the same thing happen to a few of my pachs
  24. inti

    Todays grafting experiment.

    Yea i like the idea of big fat stocks. With large root system in decent size pot with Nice soil mix. Plenty of energy to fuel the pups. I will keep you guys posted on its progress. In two weeks I will hit it with seasol juice.