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  1. Swiper

    Cactus Country, Strathmerton, VIC

    Visited cactus country a week ago.
  2. Would love to trade for some thanks Bullit !
  3. Any ideas what this white thing is ?
  4. Swiper

    Cacti ID

    Nice plant , I want one !
  5. Swiper

    Cactus Cuts 4 Sale

    Got my Roseii today, very happy Thanks mate !
  6. Swiper

    Rauhocereus riosaniensis

    T.Thelogonus ?
  7. Swiper

    What Video Games Do You Play?

    Forza Horizon.
  8. Swiper

    Cactus Cuts 4 Sale

    pm'd re: roseii # 1
  9. Swiper

    Cactus Cuts 4 Sale

    Is the roseii number 1 or number 2 ?
  10. Swiper

    Whats this white thing ?

    A few days later ...
  11. Looks like roots growing through to me. I'd introduce them to the light slowly.
  12. Swiper

    Whats this white thing ?

    Thanks for the replies, I have no idea about fungi, I think you might be right Amazonian, it's all very confusing to me !
  13. Swiper

    How to grow cactus from seed

    http://www.centralarizonacactus.org/assets/article/seed/CACSS_Article_Cactus_From_Seed_Leo_Martin.PDF is how I start my seeds, except I use propagating sand from the hardware store.
  14. Oh yeah , and nice mini greenhouse !
  15. Swiper

    New Garden - In Ground Cacti

    Love the oyster shell look ! extra calcium ?
  16. Nice plants Myco, thanks for sharing, I enjoyed looking at them esp the last one.
  17. Swiper

    blue columnar id please

    I would be interested in a cut. Nice looking plant.
  18. Here's my pach, note some blueing has been rubbed off when I took the toothbrush to some scale. About 5ft tall.
  19. Yeah ok, thought you were gonna say that, will have a pic up tomorrow !
  20. I have a ' non PC pachanoi ' purchased from a member here which has a nice blue to it, it sits under the verandah and only receives morning sun for 3 - 4 hrs, then a few more hours of 50%. It's my favourite pachanoi !
  21. Swiper

    Trichocereus grandiflorus c.v.s

    Those last two pics look like T. not so grandiflorus !
  22. Swiper

    Show off your freaks

    WOW ! gorgeous plants ........
  23. Swiper


    1$ a cm, or 1$ per mm ?