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  2. I've got an old Olympus ECEBi microscope and I love the damn thing. However it's a little dusty inside, and I'd like to do some spore identification with it, so I need crisp vision at high magnification A few mates have the same base model or a variant thereof. They were super common back in the day Yep, they're from the 70s or something, but they're well made. I love well made things :) Having trouble finding someone who will clean it- not just the outer, but the gubbins inside, which seems dusty Have spoken to a few professionals about it who have said it's a fair bet they're not worth looking at, and the average hourly rate ( including part thereof ) for a professional clean is about $200 an hour- that would also cover the evaluation, even if no work was done Bit lost with what to do about this. I'd also like professional advice on storing the damn thing so it doesn't suffer from fungus, which seems to get into a lot of scopes in NNSW Anyone have actual experience with getting this done? Not just links- but actual experience?
  3. Hi all could anyone share their experiences or knowledge of traditional uses of Dodonaea Viscosa? I have found next to no info on this native. Cheers Dan
  4. Glaukus

    Post your track of the day

    Increase the peace
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  6. Glaukus

    Who here meditates ^__^

    The other form of meditation I really like is walking meditation. You just walk, and pay attention to walking.
  7. Glaukus

    Who here meditates ^__^

    I have changed my meditation style to a slightly more active type. I used to sit and just be aware, now I practice breathing deliberately. I have worked daily at it in the mornings for the last few months and I do find it is a great start to my day. My session is around 18 minutes each day. I have struggled in the past to motivate myself to practice consistently with other meditation types, and I think consistently doing it is one of the keys. I used to think that I should be getting better at it, or something, but not everything needs to be a linear progression. Now I just do it. Sometimes I do reach a really amazing state of calm and "isness". Everything goes aqua blue and it just "is".
  8. Ez test is a bit of a rip, it's cheaper to look for the actual reagents. Last time I looked https://reagentkit.biz/ seemed the cheapest Aus option for a mix of standard reagents, although the reagents they offer aren't comprehensive. There are also a number of reagent colour charts with some variability in what they say the colour reaction is for different substances. If you get an unexpected reaction it is worth cross checking your results, although I do think the dancesafe reagent chart is one of the better ones. Similar situation with the tripsit contraindications chart. Just another harm reduction deficit. I still dream of a collaborative harm reduction review body including peers with lived experience, service operators, medical practitioners and scientists.
  9. Humboldt

    Who here meditates ^__^

    I benefit alot from meditation but have trouble sticking at things that are good for me. I guess i do a vipassana style mostly, after 30 odd years on and off i still feel im a beginner though.
  10. Dekeius

    Bucks Party Location Ideas

    thanks SayN I like the idea of an adventure activity. 4 or 5 nights is just how long it tends to take me to get up to speed and back down again. But it might be nice to have an event people can come and go to Simon
  11. This reagent colour chart should be stickied. If you have all those reagents you can usually work out some semblance of wtf you have. Winner. This reminds me I also no longer have these.
  12. Ez test are handy, but the colour charts they supply with the kits are somewhat limited (probably perfect for their target audience). The chart I've attached here is more expansive, and can be used with Ez tests (pretty sure the kits themselves identify the correct test names, which is essential information if you use this chart).
  13. Cimi

    Post your track of the day

    Edit: links fixed
  14. ZooL

    upload delete how?

    I Uploaded a few when looking for a way to delete gallery but none resulted in the same multi bugged uploads you're having and they all appeared normally on front page.My guess would be it has something to do with the format or encoding of images you're uploading. if they are coming direct from a phone or camera then opening the image in paint or something and then saving them as a new jpg/png file should solve that if that is whats happening.
  15. That's so true. The fentanyl stuff is crazy. Me too. Thanks everyone for showing me the gaps in my understanding. I think I had decent "entry-level" education about many plants and drugs at uni but not very in-depth. I've seen a massive SSRI overdose where the acute symptoms went on for 4 days but the person still survived unharmed. The ageing thing is so true as well - the way things affect us can really change throughout our lifetime. I loved having a testing kit when my friends and I were doing pingers, really gave me peace of mind: https://ez-test.com.au/
  16. They exist in free form and also as meconate salts.
  17. Are the primary alkaloids in Papaver somniferum(morphine, codeine, thebaine) in a free base form while naturally occurring in the plant?
  18. There's so many synthetic opioids about these days, many extremely potent. It's just not safe to buy heroin anymore. Not that heroin was ever really that safe, but the risk factor has gone through the roof. The massive body count in the US is testament to that. I'm a fan of harmala alkaloids, I think they have huge potential for healing and personal development. Knowing the risks and contraindications is important though. I've never had any issues mixing them with any psychedelic, but individual chemistry varies wildly and changes as we age. This thread has given me pause.
  19. saguaro

    Wanted Cuttings

    I've heard good things about the SAB and australian tricho facebook pages for finding cacti, that's probably your best bet. other than that you can occasionally see trichos on gumtree and ebay if all else fails i could sell these plants they were grown from open pollinated tricho seed, look like pachanoi and bridgesii to me. i'd sell them for $1/cm (more for the 3 branched bridgesii), afaik that's the going rate
  20. i'm quite certain i had serotonin syndrome from a massive dose of aya, nothing else was in my body, very scary...
  21. Last week
  22. acasshia

    Best/Worst Coco Coir brands for bulk substrates?

    stuy92, I can recommend Professor's Nutrients Coco Premium Pure Blend. I could only find it at Hydro Experts. May be more expensive than Bunnings Brunnings but you see the quality as soon as you open the bag. I've done plenty of grows with this as the only substrate. Never had trich. Good luck!
  23. Regener8ion

    Germinating Newbie

    Hey! Oh it’s been a couple of months now. i didn’t use heating pads or lights ... Just sat them in a warm spot out of direct sunlight. still no love .... thank you for your imput. i shall await the warmer weather to perhaps attempt round two!
  24. Regener8ion

    Wanted Cuttings

    Anyone wish to part with cuttings for cash pleassse?
  25. Regener8ion

    Trichocereus cuts and some rooted clones

    I’d love to see if you have any cactai still available please
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