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  2. Religious nutters lie when they say they 100% believe nonsensical prophecies. It is extraordinarily easy to prove. Just bet them $40,000 it wont happen, in writing, signed and notarized. After all, an extra $40,000 couldnt be bad in end times when jesus is coming, right? They wont take the bet, not one of them. They dont believe. They just wish they believed.
  3. They can also help a lot if you suffer from a headache disorder such as migraine or cluster headache. I know this from personal experience.
  4. That is a nice flow hood. If I were a noob who was planning to upgrade to a flow hood then I'd buy it. It's professionally made and it has a nice big area to work in. I notice that you're also selling a flash looking Ethereum rig. It looks really well made compared to some other rigs I've seen. What are you getting rid of it?
  5. It's the same people that believe we landed on the moon
  6. Felt also in love with zellys crosses and so did many others. Great solomon. I have a small mate lj x vrg. I am not a good grafter, only a few grafted, and i am always happy when the graftingstock and scion are melting together. Exciting.
  7. I think I'm too late, no more berries going!
  8. Absolutely love Zelly's hybrid seed. Looks like you are showing two very nice jewels from this collection. Thanks for sharing these solomon.
  9. I spend quite some time looking into the future of our species. It's calamitous times ahead. We don't need political leaders that are funded by corporations to make bad decisions for us. As a whole we are naive and self destructive and could achieve the same end result without corporate guidance. It's the most peaceful time in all of human history and the warmongers are crying destruction as the solution to our minor conflicts. The whole economic system is rigged on a likeness to a Ponzi scheme and when lead to it's conclusion must fail. It's not if capitalism fails, it's when. Infinitely growing systems in finite areas must stop growing, and when the basis of success is built on that growth that system has a single eventual outcome. Inevitable failure. The funny thing abut these times as well is that as our wealth of knowledge and information increases so does our ignorance. Go riddle me that. There were no fools in the 20's-90's trying to prove the earth is flat, they were just fools and basically ignored. Now with the advent of the internet a fool can speak his mind as clearly as a wise man and convey a message to a malleable mind. Minds that have been fed on consumerism and advertising, minds that have no experience of problem solving outside of a very limited paradigm. Minds that would demonise others for beliefs, freedoms and words tear at the fabric of our society. Look at the rounds of words/phrases to go around the media... triggered, fake news, war against "x", protections, equality. Laughable in the context they are conveyed. The other ultimate reality that we face is the human race is a plague, quite literally. And as all plagues do we will eat ourselves out of existence or die of disease, 90%+ will die and the rest will rebuild for the next wave. Bacteria and other micro organisms are realising the potential of us as "food" and will inevitably capitalise on the opportunity also. The book "War of the Worlds" (original by HG Wells, must read) could show us how ignorance of these organisms leads to species death en masse. I know it's just a fantasy situation, but we can look at how indigenous populations were wiped out by the common cold... imagine what a long onset super flu could do to the planet with our transport systems. %50 of the world could be infected in weeks if the first symptoms were mild and transmissive, then later symptoms being extreme and acute.A modern Spanish flu with aeroplane transmission... gives pause for thought. I'd like to believe it's all going to be okay, that the human race will pull it's head out of it's ass. But I'm neither naive nor unrealistic. Civilization as we know it is doomed. This is why I live next to the jungle in the middle of nowhere. Perhaps my genes can be part of the 10% who survive this great extinction period, or maybe it's too late for us all. Maybe my kids will be isolated enough from the nonsense to see what is really happening. Maybe they can carve out for themselves a piece of reality.
  10. Nice hood matey to bad im on the other side of the country
  11. wrap ya laughing gear around this baby i found in Ireland
  12. Spring has sprung and the 8th is a date. if ya cannot come down for an hour or two and hang that's cool.......we really need to just make these meets a first sat/sunday of each month or bimonthly to avoid hassles of "she said, i said, they said, i said nothing....who's talking" type of thing. hope you are all jumping around planting seeds and putting them overwintered plants back outside.
  13. Hello gang Im selling my Large flow hood on gumtree if anyone here is interested, don't be shy to make an offer. It hasn't been used in a fairly long time so im moving it on. All the best.
  14. This one didn't keep it's cristate form: And here is a Clyde x Variegated red grandiflora from Zelly seed:
  15. damn loph fruit jam would cost a fortune retail.. can only imagine the the amount of fruits that would've gone into making that
  16. Couldn't help it, I just picked a loph fruit to try and kinda regret it lol it was to small to properly taste it and I feel I have killed some future plants lol oh well curious minds
  17. Thanks man : ) there is a monstrous form not far from here might ask if I can grab a couple so prob wont need to worry about sending any : ) There is a small dragon fruit farm not far from here, I might see how they compare to others I have tried. For real you make loph fruit jam? that would surely take a huge lot of fruit to make a jar, man I wanna try that, that's some rare exotic jam, could charge a mint for that stuff I would guess.
  18. Oh this might sound crazy, hope it is, I had a strange sense and a strange serious of events happen not so long ago, it may have all been coincidence but it was one hell of a group of coincidences that's for sure, synergies was off the chart and had people/strangers come up to me and start telling me all there woes or about preparing for heaven, man it was like scifi shit or something, I was sober during that two weeks and it all stopped after smoking again, my rational mind would say it might have been temp psychosis but the shit that happened over that period of two weeks or so doesn't seem to be well explained by mental illness in the way that the synergies or events/coincidences involved others. Crazy shit, felt like something was trying to communicate with me and by smoking again I cut it off, real or not it was awesome and has stuck with me majorly. Like I would be at the dentist reading a book, the part I was reading was about false idols and prophets and who come through the door, Allan miller, I approached him and said hey and showed the cover of the book to him, it was titled satin is alive and well on planet earth, he laughed and shook he's head as he walked out lol I saw this book in my collection and have no idea where it came from so decided to read it whilst going to dentist appointments, I have to spend the day there to get a ride back in the arvo so I read the whole thing over 3 days (3 dentist appoinments) man I finish reading a chapter largely about Egypt also about the temple in palestine being rebuilt and I get up from the park to go to the appointment and right there on the gazebo it says in large letter Egypt Palestine, that is only two examples, this brief time I was experiencing this it was like my mind was being blow over and over, every song, tv program I saw had relevance and connection to something just previous or after, I had a similar thing happen many years ago when on ayauscha, seriously I was struggling quite a bit and turned the tv on cause I thought it may help relax/calm me a little, then boom the simpsons, there is homer drinking down a brew and going on a journey, felt like it was ok after that like I wasn't alone in it any more, I seriously felt like matt groening was communicating with me through space time or something, could see diamond in the screen, everything was diamond dominant, when I looked at my arms they where made of diamond shining light, close my eyes and there is a spinning diamond approaching me throught the moving visual landscape, I don't know what it means but I know it is significant, strange thing the last couple years there is people making you tube vids about the simpsons knowing and/or predicting the future, I wouldn't have believed it and thought certain events happenings a being made to look that way, perhaps a psy-op, but I don't know after seeing/feeling what I did, the impossible don't seem so impossible to me, it wasn't just what I saw but what I felt that made it so powerful and stand out for me. The weird shit that happened more recently was after I fell horribly ill it all started, main thing I got from the experience was brace for fire, 2-3 years somekind of big global event is gonna happen, like catastrophe, shit about pallistine and Egypt being significant somehow maybe and shit about the anti-Christ or someone trying to pose as a god type figure over the world I may have just committed social suicide lol but I aint that social anyway : ) and I may be connecting far out dots that don't go together how it does currently in my mind, maybe I am just wanting to jump to some kind of supernatural explanation for extra excitement maybe to feel special, really all I know is what I experienced and it was real for me, I cant help but sense I (we) are being led to something so drastically different to what is current census reality and slow personal exposure is the safest way of presentation and least likely to cause health issues or rejection, some kind of hard core shit that can only be known in increments as the witness engages more and more and once the increment is able to be accepted without to much negative effect than you will be shown the next increment, perhaps leading to a readiness to not be encapsulated anymore and experience a world that is perhaps a more free energy flow world with things manifesting in and out by will or consciousness (like death maybe), imagine not having any experience with hallucinogens and being thrust into a heavy ayauscha trip? maybe try some shrroms first might be sound advice, could be a similar thing tho what we call life is the trip, and even the crazy or stupid shit is significant in getting there like we all play a piece, I feel those who do not speak from fear of condemnation or ridicule may possibly be doing an injustice of sorts for the rest of us in yet unseen ways, you know like siks3 might be preparing us in ways he does not yet fully understand, it may or may not have truth in his statements but doesn't mean it is not very important or significant thing to share, actually I feel because I have read it it is very important for me and the reality I find myself in atm involves all stimuli received, I don't know of course but the thing is either does anyone else, its all made up, like I was making up a theory the other day to do with consciousness and reality, I said there is two main forms of thought, one is thought manifestations and the other conscious manifestations, I went into great depth to distinguish the two and how utilising this info ypu can change the past through perspective and inturn change now, I went on and on coining terms and make it up on the fly, it was well accepted by one person who is a counsellor and was asking lots of questions thinking holey shit this guy is onto some real stuff, was listened to intently, at the end of the lecture I was urged to write a theisis paper, I was like no that was just all made up and said this is what it is, make it sound good and sound, use some big words and someone will believe, I urged for her to be brave and come up with some theories for yourself but ity appears not all can do this, so I wonder those smarter than me again what there trying to pull on me lol, it was a little scary cause I realized how some folks can be manipulated and tricked so easy, yeh makes me wonder how I am being minuplated, like is it even my will to write this now or is clever forms of manipulation through out my life basically writing this? what picture would I draw if I didn't do art at school? you know what I mean? Shit man maybe weirdo's like me are the majority, just to many hesitate to talk about it for reasons stated above. How would we know how the many think feel when we are exposed to so much conditioning and programming, how would we no we are a programmed version of our true selfs or just been swindle out of it? Ok I am doing it again, talking to much shit that surely impacts negatively from a social view, somewhat digressing at the same time, ravings of a mad man I tells ya : )
  19. I'll have to send you a jar of my loph fruit jam........
  20. Just in general ive been looking for someone that grows dragon fruit somewhat locally to see if they taste any different nah I have only tried the monstrose fruits, next time I head out that way I'd be happy to pick a couple and send them your way if you like ?
  21. I have been seeing the micro chip work its way into near every wallet and I guess it is only a matter of time till they put it in humans, like vaccinations if you don't do it they make life harder and harder for you until you crack or become a poor outcast, prob start by saying how convenient and awesome it is but not mandatory, then start saying things like if you don't have a chip by 23/9/2019 you will pay extra on tax and wont be eligible for health care or some shit, then they will say by 20/20 if you don't have one you can not earn or buy things (the dates are just made up) then maybe there will be permitted zones and non permitted zones and when you leave you permitted zone a sensor goes off and a robot will come to assist you : ) if you refuse the robots request then you will have points/credit automatically deducted from your account etc. Like 1984 type vibes with modern tech and ai. You now there is a system and they try fit us all in it, that is non human to me and feels like perhaps we are already slaves to tech or ai, wouldn't a human make a system fit them not the other way round? I don't believe in elites, they are just people who for some reason I can not figure out have been granted power and are still given power from the majority, many pay large amounts of there lifes (money) to these people, hey we aren't even people we humans, we are not a name or piece of paper, we are human and that fact seems to be largely unknown to many, seems many believe they are that title and give all there power away, they belong and slave for a CORPSoration, its like if you belong to a corporation you are viewed as a corpse, the walking dead who have forgotten there inherent rights and abilities and can be used how they (the living) see fit, they just gotta offer the right amounts of paper, like Charles manson said about the prison gaurds "you can pay them to walk backwards". If majority sleepwalk through life spineless and broken then basically the future will be what ever the ones we give it all to decide. I fucking hate the current system and hierarchies, the queen with her crown, jewls and sceptre, its a big fucking joke and they must think majority are truly nuts and lost for giving so much attention to them. School was a prison camp of bullshit to me (I did learn valuable things during my time there but hated the place, its values, and its punish reward system), they don't teach a single thing about living/surviving here in this realm they only teach how to survive within the system (the shit we created), bloody crazy shit, I wonder how many no what to eat or not and what is medicinal or not and how to prepare or process these things? most I know would surely perish within 3 months of no more system. I used to be pissed off with people (near everyone) being co creators of such rotten things, whilst neglecting the fact they can choose what the provide energy to and can create also, like all my life I am confused on why people do what they do and why they spend so much time contributing and spending on things they complain about ? I realized real young near everyone is in some kind of fear induced hypnosis, really I still don't get why so many people invest so much into the evil doers and "authorities" yet scoff at the ones talking freedom, and regaining there sovereignty. I feel we humans have proven we are capable of great things yet are more comfortable in a control system. like someone puts on a badge and they getted treated different,, many become subservient and sometimes fearful or anxious around them, so confusing cause to me its just a dude making choices in his life and his/her choice inevitably goes against common law and human instinct, that by doing that job means breaking common law as a requirement etc. you know how they literally kidnap people who have done 0 wrong not a thing, you know if your a human who does not create harm or loss, 0 victims, not one victim and they come bust the doors down and grab you and put you in a cell against your will (which they do often by choice and choice alone, they choice to do this to people) then I would think people would not accept this but it seems it is very well accepted by a great many, poor fools don't realise just cause they aren't breaking any currents statuary laws that one might be written tonight and they wake up a "criminal" its all laughable and yet tragic at the same time. I feel I was born into a world of insanity filled with broken/hurt souls, tho I only have my ideals to reference this to, so technically the world is what its supposed to be and I am the unwell one lol really I truly believe in so many possibilities, when I talk to some people they seem to get some of what I am saying but cant believe it and that's cool cause I may be insane or unwell and its about being able to generate your own views and ideas not blindly adopting them, that's my main message really, like come on lets all play in this realm not be slaves to it (that's what the so called elites are doing I guess). Sometimes its like just everyone do some good doses of d m t so we can get back on page so to speak, you know like care for the realm or forum we find ourselves in for this time, like just out the back here there clearing land and its like you fucking idiot, that is destroying the thing that allows you to be, guessing they are developing for porofit$ what a wasteful, selfish and stupid pursuit, I would love to see things have there value we give them taken away so it just becomes what it is not this deluded version of reality where everything is given dollar worth and seems this way/mentality is destroying the very forum/place that allows us to have a 3d experience. It makes no sense to me at all. I did imagine if someone offered a million bucks for this patch to develop and without really having that offer I will never know if I am just the same as those who's actions I despise. I would like to imagine I would have 0 problem saying get stuffed because when I truly imagine having lots of money I can not see it changing me for the better and can not see how it would or could actually improve my life or give a feeling of happiness, I could just imagine it would allow me to die with more things that's about it, I had a business that was in triple figures but gave it up cause seriously I felt I was sacrificing or loosing my soul to this imaginary game of value and status, I liked it for a bit but started drinking everyday, felt like a dick driving around in my supped up ford, you know mags, exhaust, black bonnet etc. saw myself in a big shop window and thought you look like wanker lol I am fairly poor money wise, enough to get by and by a book or some seeds here there, I don't drink anymore either, from everyday than after leaving the business moving state and getting a patch of land I honestly dislike the thought of drinking now. Slowly doing up the old shack with mainly recycled materials, build heaps of shit from pallets etc. I can see where it seems to be going and I hate the look of it, I see where It could go with certain individual changes and some of the views I see seem pretty nice, I think real positive change will come individually then that individual/internal change will form/create or at least most defo be apart or influence on what we live in and what we call consensus reality. There is no not interacting, impossible to no interact with it, we all got our hand in the band, how we interact is a big shaper of things to come, basically what we do or do not like we have had our hand in creating what is within the moment and within that moment co creating the next. Shit I have written a lot here and gone of a little, basically I believe the direction of many thing is largely in the hands of the individual, how they interact or react etc. (I believe what stimuli you take in has a massive effect also) Seems its the individuals not believing this that largely allows evils to go on "they " will to an extant only do what we allow them to and we are largely allowing them to do whatever they want it seems. Anyhow I have faith no matter how removed from human being or how cut of we may allow ourselves to become from the mostly unmodulated natural world, it will only be a matter of time till we start to hear our true heart song singing to us again : ) P.s there is a lot of speculation in here I will admit, anyhow if the sun is what many believe it to be than it will likely extinguish one day, if we aren't hopping to a new place before then,then that time should be interesting indeed, that is if anyone/thing is here to witness it, if we all go out in some global or flat event (joke) than that will be interesting also, like what happens when our energy can no longer go into this 3d existence ? Shit man stop writing lol, I am interested to see others views also, cool post/topic Zedo : )
  22. If the pads go well blended to a drink with berries than maybe could use the opuntia fruits with it ? I have been wanting to try a pad but not sure if the velvet type that grows wild here are ok for this, was thinking skinning than frying on the griddle, maybe try make a sauce or chutney type thing with the fruits to go with it. Are you talking about opuntia pads in general or just a certain type? I really like dragon fruit, I have mainly eaten fruits from the Caboolture markets when I lived close to there, always really liked them, tried a yellow one not that long ago and it was a little smaller but the taste to me was awesome. Have you tried fruit from a non monstrose cereus peruvianus? cause they also taste awesome to me and I really like the texture of it, very much like dragon fruit, makes me wonder if the monstrose form taste different to the normal form. Maybe weather/climate effects the taste also.
  23. I'm interested to know other people's view of the state of the world we exist in and where it's headed. Your view is your view. Your more than welcome to share why you hold such view or cite info (or disinfo) to support your view too. I haven't kept up with the news all year (was sorta a goal of mine to not use FB or see any MSM news which has been great imo) so those who are in the know a bit more, I'd love to perceive your view out of interest. So what 'I'm' getting at here is the global conspiracy in a way. The NWO, agenda 21, spying etc to whatever end. Your view may not contain any of that and I welcome your view too. My main question to kick things off is: every country in on the goal of the elite? Or do you reckon there are any that stand opposed while siding with the elite, waiting for the right time to strike back. How about whistle blowers like Snowden? Surely he's not the only one who opposed the survaliance state. So you think others remain hidden within the establishment ready to act from the inside out? Or is the elite just playing both sides of the coin and we're doomed either way? Is the NWO a necessary evil to 'unite' the world, even under a false guise, to them one day open the flood gates of truth to all of humanity? I personally hold a 'hope', that there are those working for the elite to maintain a foothold in the system, waiting for the time to stand up and attack from the inside out while others attack from the outside in. But it's a hope. Over to you. No matter how crazy you want to get lol. Even if it is in 3 days we'll be blown up lol. Peace
  24. Opuntia pads go well blended with berries and ice into a smooth drink sadly every dragon fruit I've tried has been bland - supermarket fruit for you anyway.. theres a huge monstrose cereus peruvianus on a family members property, has fruit on it almost all year round, the fruits are nice but definitely an acquired taste
  25. that place that has the spineless looking optunias look pretty much like this pic so i am guessing they are ficus indica, has anyone tried the pads from optunia plants? i wonder if all optunia pads are edible or only ficus indica ?
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