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  2. Mate it looks good to go, if your using the top of the coke bottle, take the lid off for a few days, to slowly change humidity.
  3. The other day I was out surfing, and while I was sitting in the water, a golden cicada crash landed near me. I scooped him out of the sea and put him on my shoulder. We sat there for a minute or two and when he was ready, he flew away.
  4. Didn't get around to starting this last month. Changed which poison pea I am using also. 4/1/18 - 6 month old Acacia acuminata narrow phyllode seedling went in the pot 14/1/18 - 2 month old Gastrolobium parviflorum went into the pot Still waiting for the Quandong to germinate.
  5. Funky pach. Bidding starts at $200 Vienna White x Narrow cutting I dipped in clonex purple and then a coke bottle humidity dome. Dropped all its leaves and then grew these new ones Should I remove the coke bottle or leave it on? First time trying to strike from a cutting (did it 17/12/17) Pup on Validus x Lumberjack Scop x Super Pedro BAP pup out the front Scop x Super Pedro natural pup out the back
  6. 16/12/17 - planted 24x cracked nuts into 50mm seedling planter pots 16/1/18 - scraped away the soil from 4 random pots and all are germinating 4/10/17 sown. Will see how long it lives by itself Planted together with a jam seedling to see how they grow together
  7. You could have a crack at it yourself Stu, depends how much detail you are thinking of. I have faith in you. . Out of curiosity, is it a comby van?
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  9. *stuffs 3 hamsters into an over-sized blow pipe and darts a carp in wishing water* I wish for a successful install of grey woodlice in the Alvarium this time round
  10. Straya; melbournites:
  11. @ Crop LOL x] glad to make some giggles for ya and seemed the forum needed a defib a fair while back from some of the comments flying around so figured I'd share some spice of life eh? and glad to have flown the flag some way toward smiles n laughs .. mmm vagenvy
  12. I stab hole. Rarely...
  13. Id've bitched about womens rights too if there were a need detected - and did when under their blag ... which is a whole world of hurt.. and very much overpowered by the undeniable truth of the other side .. I love men ... and women ... just ... I trust one much more wholly in general due to experience .. and needed to take a chill from female friendships until recently cuz the untrusties make ya wanna cave all skull and suspect the innocent (anything but them eh?) I've "batted" for 'my team' since being a youngun.. I just decided to run honesty 3.0 now my local world took its 1st breath of growing up instead of tryna kill my "team".
  14. Looking identical to mine Pedro
  15. Bit of an update they seem to melt the terminate
  16. Found this badass cactophilliac porno.
  17. Hey. Sorry to say most of them are dead. maybe next time try using tree sleeves for the young plants.
  18. Noticed these light green blotches appearing on some of my smaller cacti, does anyone know what it is?
  19. We're only restricted by the obstacles we place in front of ourselves Amazonian, oh and our doofus noses.
  20. I stab kittens.
  21. I'm off topic here, but I'd just like to say it's a little confusing having two Thunders. Since ThunderIdeal has been a member here longer, I see him as the one and only Thunder. Even though ThunderIdeal is often called TI , when I see the name 'Thunder', I automatically think ThunderIdeal. Thunderhorse has been referred to as 'horse man' , but since recently evolving, he has said that doesn't suit him ( not his exact words, but anyway) , so what about Horsette? You know, like 'smurfette'. Lol. Not having a go at anyone for calling Thunderhorse 'Thunder' , just sharing my thoughts. Lol. So I am not being totally off topic, I guess I'll make a wish while I'm here.... "I wish I was rich enough not to have to go to work 5 days a week. I want to stay home and be productive in my garden and home" . Yes it's a selfish wish, I could wish for world peace, but I think it's too late for that
  22. Got 'em yesterday - Many thanks Gimli, will try and remember to post some photos when they grow up
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