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  2. ENtiTY

    On the rebuild

    Heya peeps! Been a while, maybe even 2. I see some familiar names, more than I expected actually, a pleasant surprise. A tonne of new ones as well which is also good to see. Used to live on SAB, Harry was my name back then. Life abducted me and took me on a detoir, a couple actually, one after another. A chance encounter and some soul searching has lead me back. Circumstances seperated me from my companions and i was never to see them again. I hope some one recognised them for what they were and saved them from the horrors of the dump. At least i was able to save my cute little buttons. My current circumstances don't allow me to indulge in a collection like my last but I have room for 3 or 4 companions. As such, if possible, i would like some proven strong genetic conpanions. Nothing too angry in the spine department to keep the landlords panties the happy side of twisted. A proven pach and peru maybe. I love bridge but i just know the land lord wont see past her daggers. Money is a crude trade for the friends i seek but it is all i have to offer for now. Its good to be back.
  3. Aired out their nethers for repotting. batch 1 batch 2 Only 4 more batches to go. Leaning tower of lophipop. Shall un-lean it tomoz.
  4. Hopefully have a Sharxx Blue coming soon Still looking for any cool cuts, even small pieces! Love any blue sacred cactus, bridge or pach clones. I have some Datura plants and seeds available at the mo.
  5. Xperiment

    Poppin poppies

    Thanks Glaukus, just the information I was after. Just to be clear, these are being grown for flowers (mixed colour seed from big W) Cheers
  6. Glaukus

    Poppin poppies

    This is all theoretical advice. Not an encouragement. But the information is out there already anyway... Sow your poppy seeds when ambient temperature hovers around 15°C. Sprinkle very lightly on top of raked soil, don't cover. Rows are easy to manage. You want to aim for at least 30cm spacing of plants. If more pop up and they get too crowded, thin out before they get too large. They are weeds. They will grow in the poorest soil imaginable, however nitrogen in the cabbage stage will make for bigger plants, and potassium at flowering encourages blooms. Sowing in autumn will result in bigger healthier plants and faster flowers in spring. Wet weather once petals fall will dilute alkaloids. Sooty mildew and poppies go hand in hand so be prepared. Once poppies have set seed, they will come up everywhere for ever and ever, the seeds spread far and wide. Seriously this plant is a weed, and the phrase "treat em mean" comes to mind. Now for a lecture. Please be careful. I would hate for anyone to fall onto a slippery slope that can end in misery and tragedy before you realise you're even heading down. Not to mention this is a prohibited plant to begin with. It ain't no joke.
  7. A buddy of mine got CBD isolate looks like a white powder. When he tried to put 1 gram in 30 mililiters of MCT oil and gently warmed it it dissolved then completely fell out of solution when cooled. Not sure what's the go is it a bad isolate or even a synthetic form of fake cbd isolate from China. Any thoughts?
  8. Roflcopter

    Large cacti for sale Melbourne

    2 x TBM sold
  9. ph7

    Psilocybin Mushrooms of SE QLD, Australia

    I went out today looking for a good spot. Found a few horse paddocks and what looked like Pan cyans a few metres away - wasn't game to jump the fence though, too conspicuous!
  10. Halcyon Daze

    Post your track of the day

  11. Flux

    The Shaman & The Scientist - Sydney

    Bumping- - - Next Saturday everyone
  12. Xperiment

    Poppin poppies

    Hello! Thinking about my winter garden and I want to get my poppies jumping this year. Previous attempts have had mediocre results with only a couple of plants making it through to flowering. Everything else is growing ok. So, here's what I (think I) know, correct me if I'm wrong: It's about time to sow seeds now. They don't like being transplanted. They seem a bit slow to get going. Plants sort of lay around on the ground abit until they're halfway grown Also after any tips on soil type, ferts, watering etc that you've had success with. I'm on the mid-north coast NSW, growing on basically beach sand amended with some compost. All tips welcome, this will be my third year trying and want to get it right this time. Thanks
  13. Hello fellow plant heads. Due to moving house (it ran away! *badum-tiss*) I am drastically reducing my Trichocereus collection, starting with all of the Psycho0 cuttings. Listed here on eBay you'll find many of my delicious Psycho0 cuttings up for grabs at $50 per 60cm cutting (tip). They've copped a bit of scarring but other than that they're tip-top - see the item description for more details. Here are some of the photos from the listing. If you have further questions PM me here or via eBay, I'll be checking in on both regularly. ALSO, keep an eye on this space (i.e. sales subforum) for my once-in-a-lifetime-everything-must-go-tricho-bonanza moving house sale, where I'll have a variety of big, beautiful, interesting Trichos for sale. There's quite a bit to get rid of, and if you live in Melbourne and can teleport your good self to my place then we can even cut a pickup/in-person deal
  14. bardo

    The Great Global Warming/Cooling Thread Part 2

    If we together or as an individual try solve the problem peacefully and succeed then we can be proud and positive of that achievement, if we/I/you try solve it peacefully and fail we/I/you can die with some dignity and integrity. If we mass murder billions what do we live and die with ?
  15. Glaukus

    The Great Global Warming/Cooling Thread Part 2

    I think nothinghead has already said what needs to be said. We could have a global population of one million people total and they could still cause global warming.
  16. waterboy 2.0

    The Great Global Warming/Cooling Thread Part 2

    LOL "we".... "us" You bro, you... Fuck you rant on
  17. Ethnoob

    The Great Global Warming/Cooling Thread Part 2

    I am a psychopath in that I can look at things objectively without involving emotion bu that doesn't mean I'm wrong. Every species can live in harmony with the surrounding environment provided it's numbers are kept in balance and it's obvious our species is out of balance due to the global effects we're having. As such logically the cure is a reduction in our numbers to bring us back into line. Now that said I know it's morally objectionable to kill even pedophiles so it's not like the idea of murdering billions of innocents sits well with me. My only point was that since there's not going to be some technological miracle cure that allows us to make all 7.5 billion people live the 1% lifestyle without causing the entire world to get fucked over a forced reduction in the human population is in the interest of everything. Now if we can admit that to ourselves and consider ourselves guardians of the planet is it then not our duty to lessen the suffering of that decision being made? To me though this is where the real moral implications come into play though because by which criteria do you judge? Let's say you wanted Africa for Africans, Japan for the Japanese, etc. to preserve all the races in a distinct place of their own then places like Australia that have been taken over by whites would either be forced to take measures like saying Australia is for the Aboriginals or that the nation was founded in 1901 and if you can't trace your family history to then you've gotta go. Choosing the sick, the elderly, druggos on welfare, fresh off the boat immigrants, etc. seems easy enough but it can get real complicated, real fast and it's going to be a shit show either way. What I do know is that people would be absolutely butt hurt for all of eternity over it no matter how much better off they and the rest of the world has it. Another thing I know is that if humanity was to go down that path then there needs to be an all powerful global force that can land a nuke anywhere. They need to hold the world hostage and say either you stick to your breeding plan so your numbers stay within their limits or you get hit with a nuke and lose an even greater number of people. If the punishment isn't worse like that people simply won't care and we'll end right back where we are today. I know, I know, psychopath, but explain how I'm wrong with cold logic and change my mind.... The earth tries to live in harmony like two sides of an equation trying to even each other out. There's a certain number of people that can live on this earth but it depends on the lifestyles that we have. We can have more vegans living in mud huts for example than we can westerners that eat meat. My point was that people are never going to forget the western life, our sciences, the technology, etc. which means they absolutely will strive for it again and that as a result we have to pick lower numbers of people with a greater impact over more people with less impact. As for addressing the population to make sure it doesn't jump again hold the world hostage with nukes. Leftists are mostly retarded. They always put feels before reals and put all their faith in future technologies that are either unproven, unworkable or as in most cases simply don't exist. More than that they don't think about the ramifications of their plans because they live in an imaginary world. Take multiculturalism for example. It's meant to make us less racist, be our strength and all that shit right? Instead it destroys both cultures by forcing them to change, it forces the races to inevitably blend destroying the ethnic differences we once had and until that happens it fosters hatred and self segregation. Don't believe me? Why is there a China town in every major city in the world? Why do muslims hang around one another more than they do us? Why is white flight a thing? Deep down we know these things to be true but it feels bad thinking that way so a leftist ignores reality to absolve them of their wrongthink crime which they also do to everything else in life such as renewable energy sources like solar saying it's energy from the sun while completely ignoring the absolutely horrendous impact the panels construction has done before ending up on their roof. It's always feels before reals so I'll never buy into their philosophy or politics. Don't get me wrong, the hardcore right are retarded too, just leftists more so. Now obviously it's about how we live as a species that impacts the environment as I described in the first paragraph of my reply to you but if you think for a moment dealing with inequality will help you're assuming that the 3rd world will start breeding at 1st world rates. The 3rd world will forever breed like the 3rd world and by giving them greater access to resources like food and medicine it just means more will survive and make the overpopulation problem worse. Look at Africa. We've fed them for over 100 years and they're still popping out like 8 kids knowing they're going to starve too. More than that their now western lifestyles are going to devastate the planet in real short order. It's psychopathic again on my behalf, probably racist too, but logically if you want to address the overpopulation issue you absolutely must start with the ones doing the majority of the breeding and prevent them from wanting to emulate our lifestyles too. If you don't you're literally just adding fuel to the fire.
  18. Yesterday
  19. ENtiTY

    Acacia burkittii germination

    Pathogens perhaps. If using boiling water treatment try sowing in an inert medium like coarse sharp sand that has been nuked and let cool to room temp. Otherwise once the seeds are soft after treatment you can pull one apart carefully to see if it is healthy or a shrivelled soggy mush inside. If its mush your seeds are junk. If healthy then its probably a pathogen in your soil mix.
  20. Glaukus

    How-to: Slab Grafting

    No, I tend to kill variegates!
  21. nothinghead

    The Great Global Warming/Cooling Thread Part 2

    If you read the book he gives one of the most straightforward explanations of why our global ecosystem is in the precarious state that it is in, and describes the existing and potential technologies that have the best chance of stabilising it. I'd say that advocating a population reduction ultimately fails to address the underlying cause of global environmental degradation. Why would a reduced population not simply breed back to the point we're at today? Most of the ecological damage we've inflicted as a species has happened within roughly the last couple of centuries, the same time period for the rapid growth of human population. Leave in place the societal structures, national and international systems of governance that have gotten us here, largely defined by industrial capitalism, international competition, and religion-based morality, and reduce the number of people and you're probably just deferring the problem without addressing its underlying cause. Tim Flannery talks about the practical steps we can take towards curbing ecological degradation. Leftist/anarchist philosophers from Leopold Kohr to Murray Bookchin have described ways of organising society that reduces our propensity for violence and destruction and would allow us to live with a more harmonious relationship to each other, other species' and our environment. There may be too many people living in some parts of the world for that ecosystem to support them, but ultimately climate change and other large scale environmental problems are about how we live. We know that economic affluence is a large factor in determining birth-rate, and we know that affluence is, demographically, causative of a large carbon footprint. We need to address the material issues of inequality and the systems that cause it, the cultural practices that support selfish and ecologically destructive behaviours, and of course the actual problems like ocean acidification, glacial melt, and reduction of biodiversity.
  22. infin

    Acacia burkittii germination

    I germinated many acacias but burkitti doesn't germinate so far. From about 10 seeds nothing happend. Treatment with boiling water and swelling worked before with all other Acacias but the burkitti seeds seem to need something different or I have bad or old seeds.
  23. Halcyon Daze

    Live grafting show! Tonight only, other night as well.

    That was really cool. Thanks for doing that!
  24. ph7

    Salvia recognita in bloom

    Nice one mate, awesome flower I love my scarlet splendens, gotta get more salvia's now!
  25. ENtiTY

    Acacia burkittii germination

    Not tried burkittii but I have grown many other acacia. Personally I prefer to sand some of the seed coat away before hot water treatment. Not to much, you only need to break the very outer gloss coating, so you can see a bit of a flat spot. Seeds will swell if the process is successful. Much more reliable than just a hot water soak.
  26. MountainGoat

    How-to: Slab Grafting

    nice idea, i hadn't thought of that.... have you done any vari wedges G.?
  27. ENtiTY

    Looking to buy ephedra

    From my experience years ago, Ephedra are not really that difficult to germinate. I germinated and grew 5 species form memory. Like all plants they requires certain conditions to germinate, all you need to do is provide those conditions and the little tackers do the rest. The reason Ephedra has a reputation for being tricky is due to the seeds viability dropping off over time. To get good results you need fresh seed, or at least not old seed.
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