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  2. Slocombe

    Feeling slightly stoned after smoking mopacho

    Nicotine shouldn't be underestimated, but I'd never compare it to being stoned. If I have a cigarette now (especially if I'm pissed) it blows me away. When I did smoke it almost felt like nothing, BUT if I didn't have it the cravings were overwhealming. I reckon the drugs that don't 'feel' like they are doing anything once you've got a habit are the most addictive.
  3. groovedude

    I've lost Sally

    Hmm,sounds interesting!
  4. TheMooseZeus

    Feeling slightly stoned after smoking mopacho

    I'm not a huge fan of cannabis or tobacco but quite enjoy the act of smoking (under very specific circumstances) I've been wondering if mapacho is a viable option? Something to pass around with friends and enter a slightly altered state of consciousness. I understand the negative side effects and have heard many shamans talk about being "punished" so to speak if you abuse the plant and i understand that. Has anyone else been in a similar position?
  5. Another good experiment that requires no artistic ability at all is plant inspired automatic writing. Automatic writing is fascinating to me. See what bubbles up from your subconscious well.
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  7. SaBReT00tH_original

    Melbourne Piracetam doctor

    Thanks guys. A friend has pramiracetam currently but it's several years old and doesnt feel safe taking a very expired amount. As a result I'm still looking for a dr that can prescribe any of the racetams but not sure where to go
  8. An experiment in 'Plant Spirit Art' Do you feel plants have a spirit? If nothing else, they have an personal, often unconscious imprint of how you relate to them which you can seemingly tap into through things like art. Been trying Plant Spirit 'Art', art purely for the process, not the outcome, where I take a moment to sit with the plant and actually connect. Taste a bit, maybe make a tea, smell it, see what feelings and memories it brings etc then quickly as possible without letting my analytical judgement get in the way, paint with the plant and it's 'energies' Some are quite intense energies that inspire a depth of feeling and connection, others are more subtle This is probably the most 'in the moment with the plant' and connected I've let myself be and it's in a way liberating and nourishing, even though super simple For example, tried to create a piece of succ-y art. Wanted to see what would happen if I shut my thinking off and just 'became one with the succulent' - what would happen merging the succulent spirit with paint, in the moment? Painted 100% with succulent, connecting with the spirit of the plant and just totally going with it. It succs but what do you expect? Feel it's an interesting way to explore the space and spirit of a plant, if I actually had artistic ability
  9. waterboy 2.0

    Feeling slightly stoned after smoking mopacho

    Not alone there brother @Glaukus
  10. Haha, no. I always knew they would be a money pit. 12 Years ago I decided to collect all miniature animals. Mini pigs, donkeys, sheep, goats, and alpacas (which is technically a mini llama). The failed business was a shopfront in Byron Bay. Killer rent, long lease, etc. And it wasn't even a business I wanted (I was supposed to be a silent partner). I got stuck with it when our business partner bailed a year into it and then my partner also left me hanging with it for another 5 years. Lessons learnt
  11. Humbolt

    N.rustica seeds giveaway

    Sure @wiigeePM me an address.
  12. Boof

    Psilocybin Mushrooms of SE QLD, Australia

    Hey thanks, its been slack of me to not reply sooner. I saw the messages and thought, I'll get back to that... I think I might just let nature take her course. Great forum by the way, I've learned a lot!
  13. Glaukus

    Feeling slightly stoned after smoking mopacho

    I quit crystal meth easier than ciggies.
  14. Hope things are turning around Torsten, great to see you on the forum again!
  15. waterboy 2.0

    Feeling slightly stoned after smoking mopacho

    Don't take on a nicotine addiction Caster... They are Fuckers of a thing Nicotine is a pretty Damn potent poison with a rapid onset, but there are reasons it's been revered by many cultures... At least before big money entered the scene.
  16. Last week
  17. Alchemica

    Life would succ without you.... free seeds

    Complimentary plant material - PM me. Not intended for therapeutic use or otherwise consumption - if anyone has TLC plates or anything, love to see something like that M. crystallinum (lots) or D. bosseranum (less) aerial parts, dried not fermented.
  18. sorry guys. I kinda lost the plot about a year ago and it took me about 9 months to get my sanity back. The previous couple of years had been tough: my house burnt down, my 23 year relationship ended, one of my businesses failed in a protracted way, andyamine suicided under complicated circumstances, and then just as that wrapped up with the memorial camp my dad died ... I knew I was close to not coping, but I had no inkling of just how badly I was going to crash. It was spectacular, LOL. I've been careful about declaring I am all stable again because I had a few relapses, but it's been 5 months since the last one so i think I'm all good now. Sadly this meant i kept putting this year's camp off by a month here and there which got us to august. Just as I decided october long weekend might be good the sydney crew announced a camp towards the end of the year and infinity announced a camp in Nimbin on the same weekend. I am actually glad, because I really don't want to take on any stress at the moment and this situation kinda made it pointless to organise anything this side of 2020. I do prefer august to november for camps because of our climate. More chance of the paddock being dry ;) So I think I will let it go for this year and point everyone at the camp event in Nimbin in a couple of weeks. Ask infinity for details or find the event post he made. The whole point of the NNSW camps that andyamine organised was for new and old members to meet, regardless of who organises the event. Inifinity was at the last one so knows what it's all about. Please let him know of any interest asap. I will focus on setting a date for the 2020 memorial camp early in the year (for august to november sometime) so everyone has maximum time to plan. It will give me a bit more time to relax. Mind you, I am having a little gathering / camp-out on the 26th of october at my place for a totally different purpose, but lots of plant heads are coming to it anyway. So if this interests you please get in touch (preferably on facebook as that's where I am organising it). Anyone interested in tasting what alpaca meat tastes like please feel free to join us. We'll be cooking it in every way imaginable. There'll be drinks and beats. RSVP absolutely required.
  19. Chemiconaut

    Kratom for Methadone withdrawal

    Congrats on make the choice to get of methadone maybe look into ibogaine treatment for opiate withdrawls if kratom isn't for you, Have you tried smoking kratom it always reminded me of euphorialess cannabis. Buphrenorphine was my go to once i got down low enough. I was on 150mg for 5years before i slowly reduced over 3yrs down to 30mg, jumped over to suboxone having been years ago on subutex without issue. Worst mistake i could make apparently i'm deathly allergic to naloxone musle seizure face and mouth swelled so bad i couldn't talk properly, hospitalised twice in one night almost suffacated the second time two hrs after they discharged me on the front driveway at 1am. Then my clinic which only has a doctor in once aweek suggested i jump back on methadone the following week and to just keep taking the naloxone/bupernorphine till then, as only pregnant women can have subutex. Lucky my g.p gave me enough subutex till i could get back in to the clinic doctor. I told the clinic this they complained to the medical board and they warned him if it happened again he would become a restricted proscriber. This is the same doctor who was the only one to provide a maintence dose for my gram a day oxycodone habit while i waited to get on the program., even after being busted doctor shopping up and down the coast. While other doctors wouldn't even see us after that. I was outraged how my clinic treated my g.p and never went back i just spread a week of 8mg subutex out over two weeks, made sure i had lots of temazapam for the last week and first clean week as well lorpirimide(gastrostop) which is a opiate that doesn't cross the blood-brain barrier. sorry got a bit off topic
  20. Caster

    Feeling slightly stoned after smoking mopacho

    Ill have to give that a go, sounds like an experience haha yea Would be the super high amount of nicotine, Probably good to know it might make me vomit otherwise I might start thinking I’ve done myself in if that ever happens hahaha. I am quite certain it’s not placebo because i went into the experience not expecting anything that strong (relatively) I think it’s really awesome what it can do, I never would have expected it. I should probably be careful too. On a a side note I think I may have sparked up one of my friends addictions by giving him mapacho once. Now he’s chuffing. But I guess that’s his journey and not my burden haha, he told me it was strong but I don’t have much of a gauge for that.
  21. wiigee

    N.rustica seeds giveaway

    would love some if you've still got some!
  22. Alchemica

    Mesembryanthemum crystallinum

    Cheers @Micromegas Pretty confident it's the one that gets used as a green for culinary purposes, game enough to have a taste anyway after checking with a few places. Being not a coastal person, haven't spotted it myself but haven't been looking Interestingly. the Garden of Eden states it contains "large quantities of oxalic acid" as sodium and potassium salts so it's odd it's finding such wide use in culinary circles without much mention of any risks.
  23. Micromegas

    Mesembryanthemum crystallinum

    first one looks like a different kind of mesembryanthemum which you get at nurseries, comes in purple, yellow and orange flowering varieties and though rampant garden plants (esp. purple variety) do no get into the bush much... second one looks about right but i wouldn't want to be guaranteed on for consumption. unlike the other m. the ice plant is a fairly widespread weed in coastal areas, just above tideline/foreshore dune area along many SA (and other Australian) beaches. also grows inland but very easy to find at the coast.
  24. MountainGoat

    New Chacruna and Aya varieties

    Hey tribe, I'm looking to get some more varieties of chacruna and aya. If you've got some different one's please hit me up with a pm. I've got plenty of awesome trades... I'm especially interested in tracking down the "5 leaf" chacruna... I've got cielo, ourinhos, and black aya already, and also plenty of luna chacruna... Anything other varieties and I'm well keen... Cheers, MG
  25. MountainGoat

    wtb TBM long form

    Its a slow grower and they throw very few aeroles (for new pups)... Grafted they throw even less... I've had mine for a few years and i've only managed to propagate it couple of times...
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