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Sydney siders any hunting tips?

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Hey guys, 

It's been a while since I last logged in so my knowledge has started to lapse a bit. I was hoping to go on a hunt in the next few weeks and was wondering if I could grab some tips. Is it cool enough to hunt around the parra region yet or should I head further up the mountains? Also, has anyone had any luck around Mt Kuring gai because that area seems to call out to me?

Cheers in advance :) 

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They're literally everywhere. Have seen some at 1,200m this week and 2m altitude last week. Personally I'd say They're peaking at Illawara Escarpment right now but everywhere is an option if wood chip is around. Near some of the train stations can be good. Look for darker soils.


Kuringai area is predominantly sandstone. It's not a nutritious substrate so they are less common (again, except if there's woodchip).



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