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  1. blangschpeer

    Sydney siders any hunting tips?

    Hey guys, It's been a while since I last logged in so my knowledge has started to lapse a bit. I was hoping to go on a hunt in the next few weeks and was wondering if I could grab some tips. Is it cool enough to hunt around the parra region yet or should I head further up the mountains? Also, has anyone had any luck around Mt Kuring gai because that area seems to call out to me? Cheers in advance :)
  2. blangschpeer

    Chasing some peres

    Hey people, just wondering if anyone in the Sydney area has some spare peres at the moment. I'm happy to pickup and pay cash to save messing around with post
  3. blangschpeer

    Moving to Sydney: advice?, goodbye, and Sydney vs. Melbourne poll

    Good luck with the move frank, it's a big upheaval but definitely worth it for the career. I know a place that's not even a 5 minute walk to Sydney uni that's available for $350-400 at Chippendale. It's worth it considering how much you'd spend on public transport, however it is an apartment... I spent a good 8 years in the place, pm me if you want more details. I also know a person who works at a nearby compounding pharmacy so I could put in a good word to try to help you find a job and get settled in. Another plus is that the landsdowne is an excellent pub for live grunge and rock gigs and it's only a 2 minute stumble.
  4. blangschpeer

    confessed drug trafficker walks free

    I think more importantly, how would one go about launching an application to get the evidence returned?
  5. blangschpeer

    my animal neighbours

    If only he called it Microwave
  6. blangschpeer

    Happy Birthday tonic!

    Happy birthday for yesterday dude, hopefully we can catch up in the new year
  7. blangschpeer


    If an epileptic fits, wear them!
  8. blangschpeer

    Ayahuasca vine may prevent alzheimers

    Anyone else find it ironic that the protective chemical is called HARMine? Seriously though, this is really inspiring research. Having seen a few family members go through alzheimers more really should be done to follow this avenue. I just wonder if when we're all old will the ayahuasca vine be the equivalent to the geranium of todays oldies scene?
  9. blangschpeer

    Kava bars in Vanuatu

    So here I am sitting in the hotel room, the shaking and the sweating has finally subsided. A word to the wise, kava given to you by a local in their village at their favorite nakamal is much stronger than the stuff you get at the shopping centre; pay attention though when they say they don't keep their pigs fenced and don't mind the shit everywhere... 3 days I've been confined to the hotel room, fearing to venture any further than a metre from the toilet. Giardia sux pigs balls! Have to say though the people have been great to us, rescheduling tours has been no problem whatsoever and the operators actually seem concerned about my wife and I, not the money. The operator of the turtle feeding safari we were supposed to go on thismorning drove me to the chemist and made sure I could get the meds I needed without any hassles. Of the tours we actually did go on before the sickness hit, The Mele cascades were beautiful and are well worth going back to if we have any spare time towards the end of the trip. Hideaway island was also fun, that included a glass bottom boat trip and a snorkel on the reef. We decided to post a letter in the underwater post office and got so caught up enjoying the waterworld that we missed out on the included lunch and were herded back to the ferry as soon as we emerged from the water. The fish here are pretty feisty too, when I was trying to get a picture of a giant clam we were obviously invading the backyard of some little black fish. They were pissed off at my black camera so they smacked into it repeatedly while making angry clicking sounds. My wife also made the mistake of wearing a black swimsuit... Let's just say I nearly choked from laughing when I heard her underwater scream. The evening cruise on the first night was nice but probably not worth the amount we spent on it, we were hoping for something a little more informative and for the cruise to show more of the island not just the harbor that we could already see from our room. If all goes well, tomorrow I'll be going on a full day game fishing trip so fingers crossed the weather and my stomach hold up.
  10. blangschpeer

    Meaningless precognition

    When I was younger I used to be able to predict what repeat episode of the simpsons was going to be on each night. My sister would ask me while we were walking home from school and I'd tell her, then at 6 the exact one I mentioned would come on without fail. It was a pretty useless thing to be psychic about but a bit of fun each afternoon.
  11. blangschpeer

    Kava bars in Vanuatu

    Thanks for the replies everyone, the more detailed the better! Only a few days to go now and I'm going insane with the anticipation! My wife sat me down to inform me that unfortunately she will be getting caked in mud and wrapped in seaweed whilst scantily clad women walk on her back when I'm off game fishing. No way willl she ever go on a boat for any extended time ever again! For our honeymoon we went on a P&O cruise to Noumea and Vanuatu but struck 2 cyclones, the weather was so bad we spent most of the time trying to not be seasick and we only made it to 2 ports of call out of 5. I'm looking forward to stocking up on kava so hopefully nothing has changed and we can bring back our 2kg each. The last time I had kava was close to 8 years ago when my Fijian uni friend came back from semmester break, that was a messy afternoon... He insisted that we do it the way he did in his village, which was 3 shells then a joint. After 9 shells and 3 smokes I could barely feel anything below my nose but it was happy hour at the uni bar so we all slowly rose to our feet to try to make the (normally) 3 minute walk. As I got to the door there was a loud thud and a splash, I turned around to see that our other friend had faceplanted into the mixing bowl. We all laughed and then my Fijian friend informed us that the traditional punishment for spilling the bowl was to eat a spoonful of the wet kava grit from the stocking. My other friend regretfully obliged as he did say he'd do everything the traditional way. This provided another 10 minutes of pure laughter as my friend chewwed the grit, pulling faces of pure disgust, trying not to vomit and drooling what looked like diahorrea. As soon as he finished we set out for the uni bar. Half way there my Fijian friend suddenly started cracking up and revealed that the grit wasn't a traditional punishment, he just wanted to see if our friend would do it then he told him "If you thought it was hard to walk before, in half an hour you're going to need a wheelchair". Ahh, good times The other tours we'll be doing are: An evening cruise on the first day The Mele cascades on the second day Hideaway island on the third day Kayaking and snorkelling on the fourth day The original plan was to leave a day between the tours but we found out yesterday (when my wife went to ask where our tickets were) that everything was fully booked on the days we wanted. It would have been nice to get an email or a call (hell, even our plane tickets!!!) but they were just a bit too "busy". I'm guessing the travel agents were trying to give us a taste of "island time" lol Apart from that, we're thinking we might hire a car or a 4 wheel bike and check out the less touristy beaches and wet a line. My wife is also determined to see a turtle so we may have to check out the turtle hospital on Tranquility island. Now my only challenge will be to sneak the rod that I bought this morning into the luggage without my wife noticing...
  12. blangschpeer

    Kava bars in Vanuatu

    Hey people, My awesome wife has planned a holiday to Vanuatu as a 30th birthday present so I'm hoping to indulge in some of the locals favorite drink while I'm there. Just wondering if anyone who has been there has any recommendations about their favorite Kava bar or just general experiences. I'll be heading off on the 4th of July for 10 days and I can't wait! We'll be spending the entire time on the main island Efate. Also looking to do a bit of game fishing too, back at the start of the year my wife chartered a game fishing trip for me as my 30th present but it was a bit of a disaster... She was sick for 11hrs straight, my sister was screaming having a nervous breakdown the entire trip and the only marlin we saw was hooked for a total of 30 seconds before throwing the hook. No other fish were seen
  13. blangschpeer

    Drug test at mining expo.

    I'm guessing that those are mentioned as a sort of psychological test e.g. person being tested looks nervous but passes the quick test, because they were nervous the company then orders them to do a more specific blood test "just to be safe"
  14. blangschpeer

    the Bad Day thread

    Don't get me started about work! I'm sorry you were put in that situation, even worse is you considered the guy a friend. Like Psylo Dread said tell him to get F'ed and your life should be a fair bit easier, the only problem is the rumor has already done a fair bit of damage to your reputation with the powers that be and it could be a fair while before they fully trust you again. I made the mistake of getting the flu and taking yesterday off... Today my teamleader came up to my desk to tell me that our general manager is sick of part-timers taking so many sick days that from next week, any part-timer that takes a sick day will have their employment "reassessed" (I've had 7 sick days in the past 11 months so that's totally justified). As an added kick in the teeth the general manager "forgot" to put in my sick pay for yesterday even though I called her directly to let her know I wasn't going to be in, so I'm down nearly $200 until it's fixed "at some point next week"... As I was leaving though I gave her a kiss on the cheek and wished her well for the weekend then coughed into my hand and bludged a cigarette from her pack making sure to touch every single one of them. I look forward to not seeing her on Monday
  15. blangschpeer

    boy sells kidney for iphone..craziness!

    No. The liver you are trading for will be used, but thankfully it will only have one previous owner