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2 minutes ago, frozenthunderbolt said:

Heya PH,  I'm now in Whangarei, I've got various cacti that you could come rescue and I'd be interested in Khat, have got heaps of Hemia growing, still not used it yet though, have you?

Heya FTB, Ahh cool, I'm a little further up at Peria near Taipa which is a suburb of Kaitaia, the hotel california of New Zealand! I've been here since late 2015 and still trying to leave the place..:scratchhead:

Your welcome to some red leaf Khat. I just have the two varieties now. Nice plants though. There are some that  have been growing in the ground and a few backups in pots. I'll pass you one of each. And I'll throw in a Sally D cutting in too.:P

Thanks heaps, I'm curious about your cactus collection..

I remember seeing those amazing specimens at the quarry gardens down there. Hopefully the cactus garden is still there after that awful flooding.

So far I've been a bit wary of trying out the Hemia after reading that some people have had some painful side affects such as aching muscles. It's possible that their dosage was too high perhaps. I may try a small dose and see what happens. Or maybe not lol.

The plants are very attractive as you will know. A couple have reached well over a meter and still growing. They have been hammered by the chickens, dog and our 2 year old son and still producing loads of seeds!

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Anyone have spores available for sale for research in nz?

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