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  1. frozenthunderbolt

    NZ Seed and plant trades - not buy and sell

    Heya PH, I'm now in Whangarei, I've got various cacti that you could come rescue and I'd be interested in Khat, have got heaps of Hemia growing, still not used it yet though, have you?
  2. frozenthunderbolt

    Wanted: Black henbane seed in NZ

    Title says it all really. Would also be happy to get other Hyoscyamus seed. Strongly prefer from within NZ already. Happy to pay for it by bank deposit.
  3. frozenthunderbolt

    Mandrake - Mandragora autumnalis seeds

    Yes please Magus, I'll PM you my addy.
  4. frozenthunderbolt

    Home wart removal

    I used to get little micro-fuckers on my knuckles and the tips of my fingers sometimes (almost never now though) and would burn them out with a lit incense stick or a soldering iron. Sounds a bit horrific, but if it is good and hot you can kill the nerve endings pretty fast and get fairly deep without too much discomfort.
  5. frozenthunderbolt

    NZ members?

    Hey @bogfrog I'm on a bit at the moment, what are you after? I haven't got much cacti seed but a fair few other things. Not after anymore cacti seed ATM, would love fresh datura if you had it, mine are a bit old.
  6. frozenthunderbolt

    New Zealand seed trade

    The P. Alba is 3-4 years+ I think. I believe I got it in a trade here, and this last few days is my first time back in 2-3 years! It got neglected when we moved and moved and moved and then wind blasted, then dried out. It's a resilient little bugger! I've got a bunch of leaf clones planted out next to it - hope to make a nice clipper hedge eventually. Do you know if the Silene Coronaria works in a similar way at all? I.e. Increased lucid dreaming from tea or such even though there is no foam to be made and eaten. If your seed grows and sets seed it's self I'd love the opportunity to buy or trade some with you :-)
  7. frozenthunderbolt

    Giveaway competition

    Some kind of passion fruit?
  8. frozenthunderbolt

    Calluna vulgaris (Heather) in Australia?

    Fogg is what has the effect. Can't say if it exists in nz or auz. (According [from memory] to "Sacred and healing herbal beers")
  9. frozenthunderbolt

    New Zealand seed trade

    This (bold) is interesting, as it is also different to the Silene that I have (see attached pic). I look forward to seeing what yours grows out like. I've also added a pic of my (recovering) P. Alba that fruited for the first time this year.
  10. frozenthunderbolt

    NZ Salvia giveaway

    Concrete tek here for anyone who stumbles across this thread
  11. frozenthunderbolt

    New Zealand seed trade

    Hi Acu, I have P. Alba/P. carthagenensis (apparently they are the same thing) plants growing. and could send rooted leaves later in the year. @inwould Do you know what kind of Psych. you have? @Acu do you have a pic of your Silene Capensis growing - I bought 2 lots of seed some time ago and neither matched the pictures online of it.
  12. frozenthunderbolt

    NZ Salvia giveaway

    What's the concrete tek Nail?
  13. frozenthunderbolt

    Wanted passiflora incarnata seed NZ

    Tried once before but seed has never reached me. Might exist in NZ - I knew a grower 25 years ago but he lost it. Please PM me if you can help, pref local rather than international.
  14. frozenthunderbolt

    Ebola. Latest developments thread.

    Can't remember if I've posted this link here yet or not - so here you go: http://www.flutrackers.com/forum/index.php Some solid info here, and about the most timely info updates that I've come across to date.
  15. Right now I am stuck with an annoying tenacious cough and I would love to vape some kind of expectorant to help me get it up.Ive got some coltsfoot and lobelia inflata so maybe ill give that a shot - but its not an oil... any thoughts on good oils to try? Grow some Horehound (black or white) and make a tea from it. Elecampane root decoctation would also work