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Found 3 results

  1. hey guys, just playing around with some cymatics experiments at home to show my kid thought some might dig it using a synth through an amp, with sand on drum skin sorry for the terrible video quality, I think the iphone kept trying to refocus as it moved
  2. I have recently switched over to 432 hertz and I'm never going back. The harmonies and the overtones that it creates is just amazing. I highly recommend anyone interested in making healing music check this out. http://humansarefree.com/2011/05/432-hz-vs-440-hz-documentary.html http://www.omega432.com/music.html http://soulsounds.com.au/432-hz-the-physics-of-sound/ Soul Sounds: 432 Hz – Perfect Harmonic of Light The discovery of 432 Hz frequency remains one the most important factors in Sound Healing and therefore worth the introduction. Everything in the Universe is Sound therefore becoming attuned to this intelligent system by embracing what is our most natural state of being may determine the difference between living a harmounious existence or not. To do so we have to realign to the correct resonance of our true nature. Early in the 19th Century our music was tuned to 440 Hz which added an extra 8 Hz thus creating a slight distortion from what is otherwise known to be the perfect frequency which is 432Hz. This frequency is known to carry the PHI ratio of Fibbonacci which is the Golden Mean principle. The Golden Mean is found in everything from the distant solar systems and galaxies all the way to our cellular molecular structure and DNA. So when music is tuned to 432Hz instead of 440Hz it has a profound effect on our bodies, mind, emotions and spirit. Thus sound produced through any instrument tuned to 432Hz carries with itself the perfect harmonic of Light. To be more precise what this means is that the Golden Mean PHI uni?es the properties of light, time, space, matter, gravity and magnetism with biology and the DNA code and consciousness. What is Sound? Sound is vibrational energy. It is a form of energy which is caused by vibration. Sound takes the form of waves. Waves are measured in Hertz which means the cycle per seconds at which something vibrates. For example a tuning fork if played it vibrates backwards and forwards about 100 times per second so that means it would have a frequency of 100Hz. Frequency is a scienti?c term to what we would otherwise call ‘pitch’. The human audible range can vary between 16 and 20000 cycles per second. Therefore the slower moving the sound, the longer and deeper will be the sound wave. The faster is the sound and the shorter and higher will be the wave by which it travels. For example a piano note that is 27.5 Hz is the lowers note you can play, and the highest will resonate at 4,186Hz. Any sound that is above 20000 or below 16 Hz are beyond the human hearing faculty and are called ultrasonic. Nature has got much higher sound frequency as high as 40000 Hz has been recorded which is the sound made by crickets and also the dolphins and wales can perceive sound up to 180000 Hz, this is almost 10 times our hearing range. Nada Brahma ‘The Wold is Sound” is in the Hindu Sacred scriptures, and now we know this to be so. From the electrons moving around a nucleus of an atom to planets revolving around stars in distant galaxies, everything is ‘vibration’ hence everything that is movement is creating a ‘Sound’ whether we can hear it or not. How sound effects the human energy ?eld: Resonance: Resonance is one of the basic principles by which Sound Healing works. Resonance is the ‘frequency or the vibration at which an object vibrates. Everything solid has a vibration, the chair, the desk, a tree and of course all the organs in the body including the bones that appear so solid have a frequency. Every part of the body has its own vibration and together they have a composite of frequency which is the individual ‘resonance’. So in this instance the human body can be described as a Human Orchestra, as all of these body parts are constantly and consistently working together to be in ‘tune’ or harmony. We can begin to understand now, how what we call disease can occur in the body. If we consider that these organs are supposed to harmoniously cooperate, if one begins to go out of tune the entire melody becomes distorted, as it would in an orchestra if one of the instruments would start playing the same piece but in the wrong key. To this effect scientist Itzhak Bentov in his Book Stalking the Wild Pendulum explains well the concept of resonance. In his view, when the body is diseased, it becomes out of tune. If it were possible to project the proper resonance sound frequency to the organ which was effected it may be possible to restore harmony and realign it back to its natural state of health. Entrainment: Another important factor of vibration is Entrainment. Entrainment is the phenomenon of sound in which a powerful vibration of an object is able to change the vibrations of another object, causing it to become synchronized with itself. To explain this phenomenon better we can relate to the experience of Dutch Physicist Christian Huygens, a contemporary of Isaac Newton, who discovered entrainment in the 17th Century. When he placed many grandfather clocks in the same room and upon his return he discovered that all the clocks pendulums where synchronized or entrained to the larger clock. Entrainment is also found in nature, when we observe ?re?ies blinking on and off eventually entrain each other. So do women when they spend periods of time in the same rooms often become entrained in their menstrual cycles. Rhythm: Sound can change our internal rhythm. One way of doing this of course is through rhythm. If we play a piece of music with a slow tempo, most likely we will feel relaxed. And our internal rhythm will change. The heart rate will slow down etc., whilst a faster rhythm will create a different internal rhythm perhaps making us want to move faster or dance. You can easily change your entire library over to 432hz using the free program Audacity. Roop
  3. Max Cady

    wheelie bin stereo system

    Hi I have seen a few on the net and I saw one at a protest once and I was wondering has anyone put one together before? I sort of have a basic idea of what I need... car stereo head unit amp 12v car battery speakers a box / wheelie bin But my problem is what do I need to wire it all together? do I need a head unit? or can I run an ipod or similar straight into the amp? will I need to earth it out and how would I do that? there's probably a ton of stuff that I'm not taking into consideration that I probably should so any help would be much appreciated. below link showing them in action