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Found 6 results

  1. Welcome! I greet you in the Love and in the Light of the One Infinite Creator. I am Infinity. Today, I would like to introduce you to my latest project, The Growroom, a spherical herb and vegetable garden made from plywood that you can now build at home thanks to the design files being made Open Source. It's been designed so it can be easily assembled, accessible and affordable for most communities. The Growroom was conceived as a means of encouraging consumption of locally-grown organic food, reducing food miles and the environmental impact involved in shipping food across the globe. The Growroom is the work of SPACE10, a future-living lab that serves as an external innovation hub for IKEA to get inspired, gain fresh perspectives, and discover new talents and ideas to invest in and bring forward. SPACE10 worked with architects Sine Lindholm and Mads-Ulrik Husum to create what they describe as an Urban Farm Pavilion. The Growroom was designed to support well being by creating a small oasis in our high paced societal scenery, and enables people to connect with nature as they smell and taste the abundance of herbs and plants. The pavilion, built as a sphere, can stand freely in any context and points in a direction of expanding contemporary and shared architecture. The overlapping slices ensure that water and light can reach the vegetation on each level, without reaching the visitor within and thereby functions as a growth activator for the vegetation and shelter for the visitor. If you'd like to build your own Growroom, you can download the simple, 17-step instruction manual, right here: https://github.com/space10-community/the-growroom MATERIALS 13 x sheets of plywood: 2440mm x 1220mm x 18mm 4 x sheets of plywood: 2440mm x 1220mm x 4mm 500 x stainless pan head screws: 3.5mm x 30mm MACHINERY CNC machine with a cutter, 8mm in diameter. Alternatively, the pavilion can be cut out on a laser cutter. TOOLS Screwdriver Appropriate bit for the screws Drill, 2mm in diameter 2 x hammers APPROX COST AUD $1,350 If you have any questions, please let me know. That's it for now. Until next time my friends… Infinite Love and Light ∞
  2. Are there any electronics geeks who can tell me why the f*k PAR meters are so expensive? The standard models don't even have a logging function FFS, and start at around AUD $300 PAR ( Photosynthetically Active Radiation ) meters measure light based on that part of the spectrum which is used for photosynthesis by plants. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Photosynthetically_active_radiation Dead handy little buggers those meters. Our human irises open and close to adjust the amount of light they let in, but plants don't have this light-adjusting capacity the same way. So a plant can be getting much less useful light than we realise til we test it. Plants in tissue culture photosynthesise way less than outdoor plants because they use the sugars ( or other carbon sources ) in the media for energy. It's why we get away with using fluro tubes and get good growth. But fluro tubes lose a large proportion of their photosynthetically useful light after 3 months and need replacing- the light at those wavelengths isn't differentiated by our eyeballs, but the plants notice, believe me. I've been told that other indoor lights- metal halides for example- also lose some of their PAR strength after a period of time, but I have no experience with this. And I've seen people swear blind their plants are sick, when after careful checking their plants aren't getting enough light because they're shaded for the parts of the day when there's no-one around. This is more pronounced in winter when the days are shorter and the sun's angle of attack is different I bought plans to make a unit with an Arduino using LEDs, but it's a world of hurt for me and the tek ( to my n00b eye ) seems to be primitive and possibly inaccurate. It'll have to wait until I have some geek mates in-house for a weekend with soldering irons and whisky and those weekends never turn out the way they're planned anyhow :D Fuck it, I want a network of the little buggers with temp and PH, two sensors it's easy to build loggers with. Then I can really see what my plants are up to. Plus it could save me some $$ replacing fluros all year. And maybe save some planty lives if there are dodgy tubes in the rack Anyone know of a cheap chip that's up to the job?
  3. at0m


    I was considering starting a Pintrest board for this sort of thing but figured it may be better here with you enterprising folk. This isn't really for amazing gardens like a lot of you have but more for neat tricks/DIY ideas. I'll get it started with a bunch of stuff I've seen around the web. This one seems a bit dangerous with a shovel about.
  4. hi! i finaly stopped wanking for a while and did some woodwork. it's simple, two saw horses, and one big board, the wood is oz red cedar, collected from fallen trees in homegardens.
  5. ∂an

    watering plants while away

    How do you keep your potted plants watered while your away from home for more than a few days? Would prefer not to use a pump. I have found a few ideas online. A gravity feed from a bucket of water: http://buddygarden.c...ng4-332x500.jpg Water bottle with small holes in lid buried in soil: http://buddygarden.c...118-500x332.jpg Piece of cloth supplying water to dish under pot: Any recommendations? Cheers.
  6. Max Cady

    wheelie bin stereo system

    Hi I have seen a few on the net and I saw one at a protest once and I was wondering has anyone put one together before? I sort of have a basic idea of what I need... car stereo head unit amp 12v car battery speakers a box / wheelie bin But my problem is what do I need to wire it all together? do I need a head unit? or can I run an ipod or similar straight into the amp? will I need to earth it out and how would I do that? there's probably a ton of stuff that I'm not taking into consideration that I probably should so any help would be much appreciated. below link showing them in action