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Found 9 results

  1. Joshwaa

    Olivetol group buy

    Organising a group buy of olivetol for australia 10g = $60 Cost is less than a tenth of local supplier I am doing this to help local growers and am not turning a profit Pm if you want in I hope this appropriate for this forurm, happy to move it if not (Not my picture)
  2. Ngati Wikitoria

    Peganum root division?

    I have 3 Peganum plants in pots that (by some miracle) I've managed to not kill off for the last 10 years, but it's too cold in Auckland for them to set seed, so I've never managed to get any seed from them to increase the numbers. As a noxious weed, it' not possible to buy or import viable seed. Has anyone managed to successfully carry out root division as a means of increasing plant numbers? I'm guessing that Winter is the preferred time, as there is no aerial growth and I figure that it will be best to have them all ready to go once they recommence growth in the Spring. I'd prefer not to leave it until they start regrowing in the Spring because they usually take me by surprise, and by the time I've noticed them growing they've put put 1cm + shoots, which are east to knock off.. As to why I'm growing them when I don't get any seed from them, I will say that I've been successful in isolating harmine from roots harvested when repotting them, but now is the time to increase the number of plants so that I can increase yields. Then by the time my Acacias come online (touch wood!!!) I'll have a matching amount of harmine to play with. If I don't get any responses then I'll just divide one of them in August and leave the others until Spring - and let you know the outcome.
  3. Hi, i was just wondering if anyone has had a high success rate of rooting acacia cuttings? Do you use soil or water? And with what rooting hormone? -Enjoy your weekend!
  4. Incarvillea sinensis is a small shrubby plant endemic to Mongolia, occurring in dry steppe regions where the soil is mainly sandy loam. There, the plant likes total exposure and dry climate where it easily propagates by seed (of which there is no dormancy period). This species has a sensitive stigma, and its two open stigmatic lobes close soon after being touched by a pollinator, but always reopen if no or only little pollen was deposited. Some sources say flowers take some 1-2 years to come about but I've personally witnessed it happen within less than 5 months. It contains a potent analgesic monoterpene alkaloid, incarvillateine, many times more potent in its antinociceptive properties than morphine. I thought I'd have a crack at growing this plant because being in pain-free is pretty fun, right? There doesn't appear to be many people growing this plant and there is skant info in that regard. One good source is this SAB thread (thanks mindperformer!) where you'll find links to some papers, etc, and some good closeup shots of mindperformers home-grown plants. You can find some decent info here as well but no personal writeups of growing the plant. If you'd like to have a crack at growing them then you can definitely get seed here and here (in the UK). There are a few other species of Incarvillea growing in the bot gardens in Melbourne so they mustn't do too badly down here. I've heard that the seed responds well to the cold in order to wake it up, improving germination rates so I've put a few seeds in a take-away container in some moist (but not wet) standard potting mix and put them in the fridge. In two weeks I'll take them out of the fridge and into a shaded area where they won't dry out. You might not be able to tell from the photo but the seed is pretty tiny, about half the size of a chilli seed, and they look exactly alike. Fingers crossed I get some seedlings out of this!
  5. I recently acquired some FRESH Phaleria clerodendron fruit, while removing the seeds from the fruit I noticed the seeds are pretty much hollow/empty. Is this normal for them or possibly not viable? I have also read that the all parts of the plant are poisonous. Anyone know how poisonous? Should I be wearing gloves while handling the fleshy fruit? Also any tips or advice on propagating if any one has any experience. Cheers
  6. Anyone have this one lying round? Specifically interested in Passifloraceae this week No, I won't be using the colchicine. Too toxic for safe use even here Plant Cell, Tissue and Organ Culture (PCTOC) December 2011, Volume 107, Issue 3, pp 451-459 Date: 01 Jul 2011 In vitro induction of autotetraploids from diploid yellow passion fruit mediated by colchicine and oryzalinM. M. Rêgo, E. R. Rêgo, C. H. Bruckner, F. L. Finger, W. C. Otoni
  7. I have some caapi hardwood cuttings I took just before Spring started, they're in sphagnum They haven't moved at all, though there seems to be swelling and water movement in parts of the stem relative to how damp the sphagnum is. Maybe they're waiting for some warmer weather But the sphagnum is starting to send threads into some of the cuttings, and attach itself to the outer bark Is this normal? Does it mean that the cutting is dead? Should I let the sphagnum threads penetrate the cuttings? Will that help? I don't have a lot of experience with sphagnum, and google wasn't any help that I can see thanks
  8. Hi All - First main post for me to meet 'n' greet and let you know what I'm up to. I've found the Corroboree to be an absolute weath of information and humour and would love to share my thoughts with you all for both flaming and fair share. My interests: Chemistry, electronics, robotics, computing, plants, people, parties, psychonautism and generally LTUAE (Life the universe and everything...) Being fairly new to gardening in general, I'm learning very quickly the meaning of 'patience is a virtue'... Especially with L.W which should be the new saying 'Yeah mate, its like watching peyote grow...' With that in mind, I've decided to combine a few interests to come up with a digitally controlled (cactus) propagation environment that meets the following goals: Cheap, low maintenance, eco friendly & efficient, fully automatic. Below is the list of things I have already and a brief explanation (and some pics if i can get them in here): 2 x Shelves (bunnings $15 each on special combined into one) = $30 1 x 12v 80psi water pump = $50 7 x Dan fogger jets 7 lph = $15 1 x AM2302 Temperature + Humidity sensor = $6 1 x Computer fan (free - recycled, have a few) 1 x 4 Bank 5v controlled solid state relay bank (rated 240v 10A or 30VDC 10A) = $6 2 x Arduino uno 328's (a Dev board and a mini Pro board) = $20 5m x LED Strip (3014, 180LEDS/m, Lum 2070, 21.6W/m - Approx 90Lm/w, 5000k) = $80 Some plastic, clips, prop trays and little seedling thingo's Still to come: 1 x Water vapour mister thingo like you see in those foggy fountains 1 x Digital soil temp probe and maybe a digital PH probe Lots of x Time to whang it all together and write the control software Eventually all this digital stuff will go into a fully fledged greenhouse, but at the moment, I have neither the funds to purchase one or the space... I think thats enough of an intro, I'll whang in some pics and would love to hear any comments - I'll also be chasing some cactus seed eventually, and have some items to trade such as Entada Rheedi seed, P. Harmala sproutlings, etc... But thats a little ways off. p.s. Wasn't sure where this sort of post belongs...
  9. Paisano

    Mid Section Cut Rooting

    Hi everyone. Ive been given advice to leave mid section cuttings in a box on newspaper for the winter months while applying rooting hormone on the half of the cutting that rests on the newspaper. That this will result in roots growing from many different points on the "log" cutting. Then when spring rolls around cut the "log" into sections (5) making sure each cut section has its own roots and let these newly cut sections heal and plant them in dry medium. Wait about 6 weeks and start watering a likkle bit. So if propagated in this manner you should get at least 5 new plants for every log you root this way..... Does anyone have experience doing this? It sounds like a good propagation method but ive never seen this done. Most people just root the log section standing vertical or lay it down in soil horizontal and get a pup or maybe two. Any advice on rooting mid section cuts would be appreciated. How do you do it. Whats your success rate? Do you like the method i described above? What risks if any does this method pose? Thanks .......