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Found 10 results

  1. withdrawl clinic

    ariocarpus degrafts sale

    cleaned up my ario batch, and decided to let some of my de grafts go. only those 3 arios without pots are for sale, they are 70mm in diameter and bigger! reserve 160 aud! bidding for 48 h from now on.
  2. withdrawl clinic


    From the album: withdrawl clinic

    her 1st flowers! :)
  3. withdrawl clinic

    plant sale 4 aa's memorial

    hi! following plants are for sale to the highest bidder, I pay postage. I send out once, the management confirms the money went into the account for Christian. I put an estimate of the value next to the description, to save time, I will not upload pics, but you know, I am a good trader. if I see flaws, I describe them. this is a package deal only, I will not separate. if to exxi, I will halve the parcel, but for my conviniance I hope I don't have to... 1, crested bridge, (the original was purchased here for maybe 120 dollars bare) 7cm wide, fully rooted, will send bare rooted, estimated 100aud. 2, crested bridge 9-10cm wide, same genetics as above, fully rooted, send bare, estimated 130aud. 3, monstrous bridge, same genetics as above, fully rooted, a bit yellow from starvation, one trunk goes into 3 collums, estimated 30aud. 4, loph 43mm diameter, on peres, estimated 35 aud 5, loph 55mm diameter, on peres, estimated 50aud 6, loph 60mm diameter, on peres, estimated 55 aud 6,7,8, three carnegia gigantea, 6 - 6,5 cm wide, they are starting to elongate, for free!! 9, loph caespitose, 40mm diameter, 6 pups, got scales, but they come off, easy. for free! 10,11,12, convolute of leaves for probagation, shipibo 10 big leaves, moon 10 big leaves, common (sorry forgot the name) 10 big leaves, for free, this tme of the year, you need bottom heat. 13, ario 6cm diameter, some scale, but they do come off easy, on peres, ready for degrafting, estimated 60aud. 14, ario 55mm, a bit dehydrated, on peres, ready for degrafting, estimated 40aud. 15, ario 60mm diameter, slight Godzilla trait, estimated 55aud 16, two iboga fruits, maybe 12 or more seeds in total, still on the bush, you need bottom heat, read torts germinating tek, for free.
  4. Hi everyone, I have for sale 2 fully mature and fully grown Ariocarpus. Both are smaller subspecies being Fissuratus and Bravoanus. (SOLD)1. Ariocarpus Fissuratus (hybrid, I can see pectinatus in it). Lovely plant that produces a beautiful crimson flower. The plant has a very short hylocereus stock that may or may not have roots yet, but will very soon. $200 Plus post. Here is an older picture of the great flower. 2. Ariocarpus Bravoanus var HIntonii. This plant is enormous for a Bravoanus they rarely reach the size of the 50c piece at 50 years old !!!!. The plant has a very short hylocereus stock that may or may not have roots yet. $200 Plus post or offer I need to sell this soon please make me an offer.
  5. phytolator

    Ariocarpus chimera

    So I just noticed a strange new growth below the scion, coming from an areole on the pereskiopsis. Looks ariocarpus-esque, the scion is fissuratus. dont know if it's a chimera yet, or the scion pupping below the union (just as strange??) but I'll be keeping an eye on it! *sorry pics are sideways!!! 8-D has anyone seen similar before? Would be very keen to hear of it.
  6. Hello, I'm wanting to trade for or buy the following - - Seedlings and tip cuts of trichocereus. got most of the common ones, looking for the more unusual crosses and clones. - Quantities of trich seedlings,1, 2 and 3 year olds........ Any types, common or not. - Astrophytum, Ariocarpus, Aztekium, seedlings, grafts and plants. Wishing I know - Pereskiopsis and hylocereus cuts. I've lotsa things to trade - Trich seedlings, some rare Button cactus grafts Mushroom prints Seeds Bromeliads Other things and also have juicy cash so please send me a pm and we can work it out.
  7. IBOGA: I got 7 ripe iboga pods for sale (prefer to sell in one lot), which are still on the bush right now. I don't know there exact value, so make me offers, by pm'ing me. on average one pod will contain 11 seeds. PSYCHOTRIA VIRIDIS SHIPIBO: got heaps of seeds, try to sell bulk, was self pollinated. also, I want to reduce my entire collection of plants and cacti. there are two way's, how we can work out the details, either just pm me asking if I have what you are looking for, or you pick from a list, which hopefully, i will post tomorrow.
  8. Hello one and all! i could not find an introduction area so i will jump right into things. I am from the USA and have been avidly collecting cacti for almost 2 years now though i have been growing plants and cacti my whole life i only recently got into the psychedelic ones. last year i joined a different psychedelic plant forum(not sure if i can name names?) myctopia and i really enjoy it there and i here that it is just as good here. My favorite species of plant is Ariocarpus and now to the cactus porn. This is a Peruvian torch(trichocereus peruvanus) which was grown from seed back in 2007 from wild harvested seed from peru. It is one of the more "true" peruvian torches i have seen. It does not show signs of being a hybrid other than what may have happened in the wild. This second picture is of my Aztekium Ritteri scion grafted to a myrtillocactus geometrizans root stock. it was originally a 14 headed cactus but 4 heads went to a friend who grafted them. 2 of the 4 took. one was on a Ming thing(cereus forbesii monstrose) and the other was on a pilosocereus azures. Third picture is of my second aztekium ritteri graft which has over 36 heads, most are small and just starting to form. im working on grafted the larger pups so that i can graft the main head to a new root stock. The old one is brown and almost used up, when i cut it there was still green flesh under the skin so im leaving the aztekium on it till the rootstock dies. i hope to graft the stump of the aztekium ritteri that is left over once i remove the main head. I will take the small aztekium stump still attached to the root stock and graft it upside down to a new root stock to try and pup farm it. second picture is of both aztekium echinocereus rigidissimus ssp. rubispinus or the rainbow hedgehog cactus. this is just a little picture of it. water added for effect Ariocarpus kotschoubeyanus triplet grafted to a stenocereus root stock. this one recently put off new growth not shown in the picture but it is doing quite well. after 2 months of rooting i checked on it to find more roots than i could hope for, glad the stenocereus is working good. Ariocarpus Retusus sub species confusus grafted to pereskiopsis (supposedly) spatulata. the pictures are a minor show of its stages from being grafted. I have had so many people try and tell me the color is sun damage/stress. its not, its from being grafted. the last picture shows the recent growth. its about 2 months old grafted and 9 months old as a seedling. My two lovely Trichocereus Bridgesii Monstrose cacti aka penis plant or penis cactus. I have both clone A and B in this picture with one of them pupping picture is about a month old This is supposedly a san pedro i grew from seed. grafted it a couple months ago and its looking really nice. but its 5-7 spines per areole. even seedling pachanoi dont have that many spines. so im guessing it is a random hybrid like most trichocereus are. I have way way more to show just waiting for someone to comment.
  9. hey guys just thought i'd share these with everyone a few first time grafts for me all seem to have taken perfectly firstly is this A. myriostigma cv. onzuka i wanted to graft this guy so i figured i'd use the bottom half to try my first upside down graft A. Lloydii areole graft and an A. fissuratus seedling to trich graft
  10. Hi all, Just looking for some advise & am hoping there are some members out there that that grow these awesome cacti from seed. I have had a far bit of success germinating cactus seed (so far ), I use a sifted & sterilized seed raising mix placed in chinese containers, I fill the containers 3/4 full with mix & then top with about 5mm of propagation sand & make sure it gets a good soaking. Then I will place the seeds on top or press them in a little depending on the size, These containers are put into a mini green house (38l x 24w x 18h) that is covered with shade cloth that lets 50% light through, I have a 150w MH light 40cms above. This is setup in a cupboard & the 150w light at that distance keeps them warm & I haven't had to worry about any other kind of heating. This method has worked well for other Mexican minis like Turbinicarpus, Epithelantha & others Now I would like to try my hand at Ariocarpus & would appreciate any advise. Will this method be ok? I have a variety of Ario seed ( A.agavoides, A.bravoanus, A.confusus, A.fissuratus, A.furfuraceus, A.kotschoubeyanus, A.lloydii, A.retusus, A.scapharostrus & A.trigonus ) & would like to know if I treat them all the same ( as far as germ goes )? Like I said your help & advise is greatly appreciated. Cheers jox