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  1. qualia

    youtube movies

    i need some visual stimuli in my tv-less lair, so a thread for specifically utube (or vimeo or whatever) movies, 1hr+ in length, any and all things acceptable, post them hear cos i have none
  2. qualia

    Made me chuckle....

    well abbott's said he'll bring a gst increase to the next election, will australians vote for a regressive tax on literally everything? probably, they voted for the gst first time around
  3. qualia

    tony abbott is our new PM!!

    i see abbott's pulling the ol' "do as i say not as i do" trick well mr abbott fuck you with a barge pole sideways......
  4. qualia

    tony abbott is our new PM!!

    no it wasn't, kevin rudd and joel fitzgibbon being true cunts was what bought the labor party down look at the polls, the carbon tax rates quite low on the care-o-meter of most australians, labor even got a resurgence in popularity mid term,
  5. qualia

    tony abbott is our new PM!!

    maybe he's just gently stroking tony's hand with his thumb,
  6. qualia

    tony abbott is our new PM!!

    looks like a normal handshake to me, with obama the power player
  7. just a thought bubble, is there some generally accepted trichocereus (or even any cacti) lineage, or a common ancestor? i.e. like we can trace human evolution through homo erectus through to h. sapiens etc. is there a generally accepted ancestor of modern trichos like we see? or is this more or less impossible?
  8. qualia

    don't cha hate it when..

    doncha hate it when....... when..... actually nah, there's nothing to hate, because you've made your decisions, and you're destined to live with them it's going to take some time, but there's some badness down the line, not now , but when, when.......
  9. qualia

    tony abbott is our new PM!!

    but yeah the senate will be interesting,
  10. qualia

    tony abbott is our new PM!!

    while i don't discount the effect of the murdoch press campaign in favour of the coalition, labor was a pretty fucking shit government. even now their all standing around sniffing their own arses, if they'd stop being a bunch of self absorbed wankers i'm sure they'd do pretty well, they did well enough to basically force the lnp to adopt most of their socially beneficial policies and fuck kevin rudd too.
  11. qualia

    several questions

    some of my bridgesii are faster than all the others, but then again same clones have markedly different growth rates (i.e. ~30/40 cm compared to an inch or so, so go figure) i've marked them this year so i get to see which ones grow the most
  12. qualia

    Seasol question...

    i'm giving gogo juice a go for the first time this year, gave a half strength a few weeks ago to help them wake up but we'll see. last year had ~fortnightly rotations of seaweed fert/nitrosol and got reasonable results
  13. qualia

    tony abbott is our new PM!!

    ermahgerd it's terny erbet!
  14. fucking hell what a joke http://www.zdnet.com/au/australian-opposition-vows-to-implement-internet-filter-by-default-7000020270/
  15. qualia

    don't cha hate it when..

    don't cha hate it when you go all the way into the city and don't even get one of the main items you went in there for
  16. qualia

    syria gas attack, who u think it was?

    syrian rebels have captured numerous government munitions, tanks, and took hold of a government airbase. they also took hold of a government chemical weapons plant http://www.washingtonsblog.com/2013/09/yes-the-syrian-rebels-do-have-access-to-chemical-weapons.html
  17. qualia

    syria gas attack, who u think it was?

    will there be another false flag to "assist" congress if the vote doesn't go through? or will obama go it alone, an illegal war without congressional backing?
  18. qualia

    coalition to implement opt-out porn filter

    never forget this is all rudds fault
  19. qualia

    Youtube vids