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  1. Chef

    Rumple Foreskin & Chef...

    This will be my last post as Chef for the time I may/may not have left here. My memory is really bad, So If there are any other people besides QF and 2deep that I owe please let me know(RF) asap please, or any beef post here, be as brutal as need be. Cam
  2. Chef

    Rumple Foreskin & Chef...

    Some people were asking questions so just to confirm. I am RF(Cameron) Some people said that they didn't think it was true due to the fact I used to use SH when recieving parcels and the reason I did that was I was normally at work and my partners name is SH and she would recieve the parcels.. Just confirming. Cameron
  3. Chef

    Delosperma cooperi give away!

    Recieved mine today mate thanks heaps! nicely packed too mate Chef
  4. Chef


  5. Chef


    Men In Black
  6. Chef


  7. Chef

    Graft question, idea

    give it a crack mate and keep us updated!
  8. Chef

    Ebay bargain San Pedro

    wtf is a leisure town pachanoi? US clone?
  9. Chef

    trichocereus n others for sale

    you can take it 2deep iv gone over my budget for the next 2 weeks
  10. Chef


  11. Chef

    Ebay bargain San Pedro

    tsk tsk tsk
  12. Chef


    of fire
  13. Chef

    20 K house!!

    Isnt that when someone dies from lack of oxygen