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  1. danshaman

    Lifestyle Choice

    it is an excellent day alice. I don't have to work 9-5 atm as i live at home and very basic i keep the cash flow up and make sure im always putting work into the house so we can sell it in the coming years and move a bit more rural. i do have to work just not in that sense my life is very full and productive atm I am very lucky to be in the position i am in. and am very thankful for how things are
  2. danshaman

    What is SHAMANISM?

    shamans all work with the same 'realm' they all just have different ways to acheive this higher understanding of life. they understand the non physical side of our existence and how they all resinate with each other, after all we are spiritual beings inhabiting a physical body aren't we? and if our body can be mapped out through energy pahways then changing the frequency to the dimension where our spiritual body 'exists' in the whole physical body can be reconfigured through this you make some good point vual but it seems you fail to recognise complexity and infite possiblities of the the spiritual and how highly evolved us 'humans' are the fact you are comparing shamans to western practice is unsettling shamans are far beyond what western science can perceive even trying to explain how they operate is silly in this language lol they don't have enough credit i believe the shaman is part of the gang when it comes to the spiritual all these plants that heal would exist in differents frequencies as 'entities' same with the elements, the weather the sun and the moon the shamans communicates through this and can literally do anything. we all have the power to be a shaman in western civilization. heres a scenario there is a group of teenagers taking alot of drugs and abusing there bodies as time goes past things just go down hill one of these teenagers disapears for a lil while and finds the his inner light and gains a better understand of life through himself he rejoins this group to share his new findings most of them are intrigued and start to follow the same path as the years go by and more and more 'lost souls' find out about him and want to know more about this amazing new thing called life this young man is now in his 30's and has spoken to numerous spiritual healers, natrupaths, and shamans incorperating all his knowledge into practice, a hole community may now see him as a shaman now he might not have the generations of knowledge given to him through his ancestors directly but has successfully tapped into the higher realms where anything and everything exists in the language of life now im only a drug fucked teenager who has found hapiness within myself and come to many concepts i cant even perceive at this point in time but i am only learning more and more each day im always helping others and spread love and hapiness as much as i can where ever i go we are all shamans in a sense that the people who frequent these forums have a better undertsanding of life then the average joe we have power to set off a massive love bomb and flood the world with this way of looking at things thats the best i can do with what i understand lets do this
  3. danshaman

    Lifestyle Choice

    wake up around usually around 8 depending on when i sleep drink vital greens go for a light jog smile at as many people i can toast and fruit for breakfast with a tulsi tea tend to the garden make sure the house is in check meditate salad for lunch mostly consisting of beans,advacado, mushroom,olive,pine nuts, spinach, onion, tomato, chia seeds, garlic and chilli slight variations sometimes with tulsi relax for a lil bit do something creative guitar or drawing daily carrot apple and ginger juice light weight excercises vape a lil bit (not every day) have dinner then wind down to sleep inbetween all this i try to converse with other people as much as i can and just focus on the simple pleasures of life it has taken me ages to cut junk food, smoking, alcohol, party supplements almost completely out i had 3 rums on the weekend i can feel my body balancing out as i go it is quite rad i just listen to the "all knowing" side of myself the part that i ignored for years on a mass ego trip and only make decisions that are completely justifiable well i do slip up here and there but these slip ups happen less and less my actions are slowly catching up to my words :D
  4. danshaman

    Vaping vs Smoking?

    vaporzing any herbs is much better as far as your health goes i used to smoke various legal herbs since buying a vaporizing I have noticed massive changes in my fitness levels and i dont use as much herb because i have to set it up then wait for it to heat up rather then rolling or packing a bowl several times a day and sometimes it just site away for days.... and yes you save up what you vape and it's awesome for tinctures so as far as being a soft cock for vaping goes its obviously the smarter choice if you so its up to you]
  5. danshaman

    Youtube vids

  6. danshaman

    Youtube vids

  7. i think its time to hug and make up
  8. danshaman

    lightbox for ur seedlings and grafts

    good shit cheers for posting naja what kind of lights are they?
  9. danshaman

    loph seeds 100 packs x6

    count me in!
  10. danshaman

    Youtube vids

  11. danshaman

    a request from any ACT member.

    online is the way to go many friends of mine have successfully orderered many a billy from various sites i think onlinesmoke was the preffered site
  12. danshaman


    thanks for clearing that up shruman I thought I'd read enough on kava obviously not i was under the impression because you can freely bring it back into the country there was no law against using/possessing in any way these laws there doin ma head in lol
  13. danshaman


    you just need to go to fiji then you can bring back 2kg if your over 18 i don't think its scheduled only prohibited import and sale i dont think you can get done for possession unless they see intent to sell
  14. danshaman

    Guitar track

    I like it thanks for sharing man
  15. danshaman

    Books for sale

    could i please have -Happy high herbs - Ray Thorpe ($5) -Yerba mate Bombilla and gourd - unused ($10 -The Conquest of pain - Peter Fairley ($5) dang got in a lil too late all the good stuffs gone