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  1. Amazonian

    Meet up: Melbourne

    Soup.?! Draw card for sure :) Forecast is cloudy but no rain. See you all tomorrow.
  2. Amazonian

    Meet up: Melbourne

    Ok so 9th?!
  3. Amazonian

    Donating for SAB costs

    It’s great we have a head start ( left overs from last years donations ( thank you to awesome fundraisers) ), but we’re slmost half way through the year. What rabbits can we pull out of our hat?!
  4. Amazonian

    Meet up: Melbourne

    The 2nd ?! . I’m flexible. Will wait for others to chime in
  5. Amazonian

    Meet up: Melbourne

    Anyone up for an Autumn meet? I can bring a gas cooker and stuff for coffee/tea. A camp heater would be good?! Wonder if there’s any kerosine heaters around, remember them? Let’s throw some dates around.
  6. Amazonian

    Plant Swap Melbourne EGA

    I must say I was surprised at the turn out of the Plant Swap. Since there wasn’t much response in this thread I was unsure of how it would go, but it was a success ! . Lots of people and lots of plants, impressive plants too!. Thank you to all those who participated in this and made it what it was There was expressions of interest in the Melbourne plant meets we have so I’ll make a post in that thread and see if we can get a date together .
  7. We’ll here’s to another great EGA. The day went splendidly . Very well organised . Thanks for a great day EGA team.
  8. Amazonian

    Drying and curing N.rustica

    Pat Uri has a few posts about tobacco curing ,interesting read. (He was/is a very amusing character, missing his presence ) He’s also made posts in this thread... I think there’s more but my device and time restraints limits my search.
  9. Amazonian

    Plant Swap Melbourne EGA

    Getting closer! I’m all geared up for this event. I hope to see some new faces ( and familiar faces) at EGA this year
  10. Amazonian

    Meet up: Melbourne

    Well that was a pretty good day! . Thanks crew
  11. Loved this ^ . So many things I don’t know , always something to learn when it comes to nature.
  12. Amazonian

    Plant Swap Melbourne EGA

    I should also mention that the plant swap area is located near the main car park for easy access and storage.
  13. Amazonian

    Hyllus gigantea male.jpg

    I wasn’t sure if it was a tattoo or an actual spider
  14. Amazonian

    Meet up: Melbourne

    Yep, good to go.
  15. Amazonian

    Meet up: Melbourne

    A few of us can’t make that ^ day, but if it suits everyone else, so be it . What about the next weekend? .. Etherealdrifter , are you in ?
  16. Amazonian

    Just out of curiosity, would you rather?

    They say ignorance is bliss. Lol. I think I still prefer to live with the truth, as shit as it is.
  17. Amazonian

    Does someone legally have to have an identity?

    I feel that your owned by the government as soon as you have a birth certificate. Your in the matrix, lol. I hate being part of the system and would love to just drop out. I saw a video on Facebook the other day where a guy was pulled over by the police, he refused to blow into the breathalyser, he admited he didn’t have a drivers licence and the car wasn’t registered. He seemed to know his rights and had a spiel . The things he said....I couldn’t believe he was getting away with it. It looked like it was in a country town and the police seemed to be familiar with this man and his spouse. The police just let him go! . If it was in suburbia and the event wasn’t being filmed, they probably would have pulled him from the car and gave him what for.
  18. Amazonian

    Meet up: Melbourne

    Ah shit, is it this weekend , I have double booked myself. I’ve got my niece over from WA visiting me tomorrow and a tree lopper coming Sunday. Sorry guys I hate to say it but I’m out :|
  19. Amazonian

    Phidippus regius #4 female

    You have all the great pets over there. I’m putting dibs on the first litter, lol.
  20. Amazonian

    Meet up: Melbourne

    ^^^ ditto. I’m not overly fussed about dates, just need a bit of notice.
  21. I sense  Chinese food being eaten, sitting by a fire whilst watching footy with your dog. Lol. Happy Birthday mr b cappi. :) 

  22. Amazonian

    Meet up: Melbourne

    Well that was one very cold meet! Still a good arvo though
  23. Amazonian

    Meet up: Melbourne

    Yeah I’m still heading in. It will probably be raincoat weather.