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  1. sapito

    4 x grafts up for grabs

    ill have a crack. Too cool gillian
  2. sapito

    Post awesome gifs here

    First time you trip and have visuals
  3. sapito

    free T. pachanoi (PC) x ? seeds

    so it took way longer than it should have buuuut the seeds have been sent out today enjoy and post some pics when they get some size about them
  4. sapito

    Good motherboard for general office use?

    While there are reasonably cheap budget pcs around it will work out a fair bit cheaper when things such as the case, power supply, HDD, operating system are not needed. Ballzac, thanks for that run down, its really helpful. It wont be overclooked. It really is just a simple home office computer. Just needs to run smoothly for basic programs and be a reliable brand as my folks are rural and i am not around to fix issues and computer stores are expensive to get something minor looked at. It all seemed overwhelming with such variation in price and functions but youve made it seem simpler. Time to make some lists. Thanks again
  5. My folks computer is quite old and runs like shit and i was reading about rebuilding it. I can get my head around most of it but the numerous motherboards has me confused as to what is best suited to the various uses of a computer. Can someone recommend a good motherboard that would be suitable for upgrade in the future. It would only be used for general office duties, email, accounting word docs. No real intense video or audio use besides occasional youtube and emailed short vids. Curious if any computer heads can help out. With a mobo sorted i should be able to work out the rest independently cheers
  6. sapito

    Same love

    Im not sure if that was a joke but the film clip for that song has obvious advertising for nike. I hadnt heard of this group before so maybe im missing something Or is that the new thang to do? Fight consumerism by getting paid by huge companies that promote consumerism?
  7. sapito

    Free Cacti - TPM X SS02 Crest - FINISHED

    good on ya HN. would love a chance to grow this
  8. First 5 people with over 20 posts and members for more than 1 year PC pach crossed with either spach or scop. Most likely with spach. I did not hand pollinate trade also welcomed
  9. sapito

    Post a random picture thread

  10. I can understand the desire to want your babies to grow fast and all that but IMO hard grown lophs look the best. IVe seen many that people have tried to grow under lights in winter and they get a distorted shape. Your climate says tropical so I doubt winter would be anything stressful for them. Mine get a few degrees below 0 every year and they are not bothered. Plus you get the joy of seeing them burst back into life as it warms up again. For me thats worth the few months of no growth. Anyway just an idea. Maybe you could keep some to grow 'natural' for that matured tough look
  11. Is it even possible to exclude yourself from culture? We are constantly influenced by those around use and equally influencing them through our own actions so the idea that anyone can be free from culture seems hard to believe for me. Could it not be said that this new age idea of transculturalism is not a culture in itself?
  12. sapito

    Post a random picture thread

  13. sapito

    Youtube vids

  14. sapito

    Rumple Foreskin & Chef...

    Torsten and Evil Genius - Fuck with them at your own risk