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  1. planthelper

    More tests on salvinorin extraction

    hi, how can further purifcation be achived? im, not an alchemist yet, so give it in easy terms if able. agitation?,freezdry?binding chemicals? invertions?destillations?ether-graese cutting?syphoning? i,want to learn please privat e-mail me wolfgang
  2. planthelper

    Where to find Diploterys

    hi, rumors say it arrived hidden in a bra! some while ago,southamerican people i think, i remeber. i heard this story of steve,of medicine-garden.com.au i want one to! bye wolf DMT...5-MeO-DMT...and?? bufotenin wau must be better than virids!
  3. planthelper


    hi, all narroleaved qat seeds fresh from QLD are doing it! germinationrates are high even without using bottom heat.sow with wing attached!ONLY FRESH NOW!!! SEND me 5 bucks and i send you seeds, wolf pachner pobox 1220 byron bay 2481 p.s. TORSTEN, i did send you seeds allready. HAPPY GROWING!
  4. planthelper

    Qat seeds fresh from Qld

    hi, all just got narroleaved qat seeds,please tade!havent tryed them myselfe...yet! cu,uuuhh
  5. planthelper

    narroleaved qat

    hi, one 23 cm high narroleaved many branches 9 month old cutting. one 15 cm high narroleaved tiny branch, 5 month old. two white qat (my personal strain swaped torsten this allready)small 7 and 10 cm high. i sell those 4 for 160 dollars. this plants will HAPPYLI produce easy cutting for you! got more -no need grafting narroleaved one torsten cu wolf
  6. planthelper


    hi, CS do you have any perspective? i, dont!i,havent checked my E- mail.ALL I SAY IS I DROPP THE GOODS anywhere(the kratomleaves) i hope i can be SAFELY contacted at times... :cool: [ 03. April 2004, 15:07: Message edited by: planthelper ]
  7. planthelper


    hi,a few leaves of kratom i can give away 4 free! aswell, say 2 small live plants. but those only to skilled plant propagators! swap 4 erytroxylum. oh,yeah this stuff satisfies, but is it realy not addictive? does anybody knowe?
  8. planthelper

    Iboga leaves?

    hi, watch out IBOGA cultivators! the fungus gnats are loving tabernanthe iboga even more than us! who knows how to get rid of this FUSARIUM wilt, without chemicals?