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    Cactus Videos!

    Wild Chilensis
  2. HI I am looking for a few mature Bridgesii cuttings if you have Named or otherwise. Very fond of Eileen. Thanks Hendry
  3. Cheers Mates I just got this Trichocereus Just wondering if it's a PC Pachanoi I like the flowers and plan on using the stumps for grafting. Just curious if it's a " PC Pachinot" is that yellow sunburn you guys see any pests?any help is greatly appreciated! cheers Hendry
  4. Hi looking for a TBM clone A
  5. A buddy of mine got CBD isolate looks like a white powder. When he tried to put 1 gram in 30 mililiters of MCT oil and gently warmed it it dissolved then completely fell out of solution when cooled. Not sure what's the go is it a bad isolate or even a synthetic form of fake cbd isolate from China. Any thoughts?
  6. Hendry

    Is this a PC Pachanoi?

    Thanks for the feedback. It's the biggest Trich I have and looks great on the porch. The one time I get a trich not from a trusted source ie the folks on this board SAB n sites in Aus that seem to take pedegree dead serious.Even though I would never use any of them in a non ornamental manner as a collector it's value as a bona fide sacred cacti is important. Thanks again
  7. Hendry

    Is this a PC Pachanoi?

    Is this a PC Pachanoi?
  8. Hendry

    Is this a PC Pachanoi?

    Is this a PC Pachanoi?
  9. Hendry

    Is this a PC Pachanoi?

    Is this a PC Pachanoi?
  10. Trying to revitalize an old rootbound Catha that was given to me. The rootball was dense. I have a patio to grow this on in a container. Not sure of the variety of C edulis. Living in Sydney my potting soil/ soil additives must be purchased at a store. I have searl seedling mix bags few bags of perlite not sure what ratio mix any advice for growing Catha Edulis in pots what soil mixtures to use. Clay pot setup size. Right now it is in 50 Searle seed starting mixture and 50 perlite in a pot the rootball barely fits in looking to get a bigger clay pot and Maybe better soil mixture. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Cheers
  11. Thank you Zelly I with I had access to a back yard. But this or a slightly larger pot on a small windblown patio will have to suffice. Cheers
  12. Hendry

    Amanita muscaria ULTIMATE super-duper thread

    Round 15-18 years ago ( I'm bad with dates lol) when I lived in the states there was a company in Washington state called JLF poisonus non-consumables they don't exist anymore but used to sell all types of entheogens including dried Amanita muscaria and A pantherina mushrooms in various grades and other really cool things. I purchased a few ounces of A+ rated material of both muscaria and pantherina. According to the website they were dried in a special way to convert the bad ibotenic acid? Into the good.. Since it was completley legal to do so in the states I figured why not. Its been so long I really cannot remember the exact dosages I took but I did use internet recommended dosages as a guide that being said honestly I would not recommend people to use Amanita muscaria or Amanita Pantherina as in my experiences the potency is so variable and the effects in my experience can be terrifying for me anyway everyone is different some people cant smoke weed without feeling self conscious others love it , some are happy drunks others get angry etc. These are my experiences First time took 10? grams dried A muscaria nothing happened. Second time took 15 grams? dried Aamanita pantherina with a friend felt drunk was clumsy felt tired and the television looked really small for a few minutes but beside that nothing super enjoyable. Last time forgot exact amounts but wanting to trip harder than the 15 grams? I ate a larger amount of mixed A+ dried amanita and pantherina caps only. I had a bad reaction next thing I know I woke up screaming at my poor friend who naturally was like please chill out everything is ok. I was kind of in a dream state but in a bad way was pretty terrified yelling until I fortunatley settled the fuck down. Had no memory of what I did except seeing the concerned look on my friend's face after I realized what was going on it wasnt good.The day after I was not psychotic so fortunately the bad effects were limited to the hours that it lasted. I have never had a drug induced psychosis.I am not inexperienced with other entheogens that can result in a "bad trip" But I definitely had a bad reaction for the duration of the amanita intoxication and felt really shitty that I freaked out. In my opinion the other types of active mushrooms cubensis etc are more popular than Amanitas for a reason. They are enjoyable and predictable in their potency and effects (long as one is not susceptible to drug induced psychosis). Everyone is different tho if you have found something works for you more power to you I wish they were worked for me.Just my 2 cents
  13. Great friend of mine has inoperable stage 4 colon cancer that has spread to the liver, kidney and lungs ( she didn't even smoke cigarettes). I am looking for advice or ideas to help lessen the anxiety one has when facing a grim diagnosis. I have read great things about psilocybin being used to treat the anxiety of those living with terminal cancer. Does anyone have experience with this and or other psychedelics drugs being used in serious illness. She is on Rick Simpson oil already. Just looking for any ideas Thanks in Advance John
  14. If you folks were in a similar situation would one or teo Cubensis spore strains be worth recommending. So far B+ and Golden teacher have been mentioned is there much variation or would you recommend going with any Cubensis in particular if acess to any strain is not a problem. Fo some look better under the microscope. Thank you
  15. Thank you for offering I would take you up on the recommendation but unfortunately she has to be very careful about MAO inhibitors and anything that might disrupt her system to much. The tea sounds great thank you for the suggestions.
  16. Thank you all for the input. She is in the United States being treated at the University of Pennsylvania. While ideally she could find time to enrol in a University sponsored Psilocybin study or be able to travel to a shaman in the amazon and partake in an ayhuasca ceremony I wouldn't dare to put a timeframe on her "process" but she has lost a significant amount of weight recently and have heard that this can be an indication that "most of the nourishment she is taking now will be captured by the cancer which will continue to grow at the expense of her normal body tissues"this may signal the end. I hope this is not the case regardless I would move mountains to help her and don't give a fuck about bending the law to lessen the pain for my dying friend.since I grew up in the states I have enlisted the help of my friends there to investigate both freshly grown and dried mushrooms. In the event she is unable to keep food down is it possible to make an extract without extensive chemical know how. I have heard of people making a tea as well. She is doing well up and about but the weight loss is scaring the shit out of me. I talk to her on the phone a lot as I realize that when someone has a terminal illness people may find it difficult to ring them up and talk to them. Thank you all for the feedback I really appreciate it. John
  17. WTB Plant Helper hybrid Catha E , Narrow leaf and Red C edulis rooted cuttings would be interested in 6 or more if possible but happy to find any. My urban patio and its powerful winds combined with my well intentioned but ignorant and forgetful attitude has unfortunatley resulted in the untimely deaths of more than a few plants under my care. I am trying to adopt a police of buying multiple copies of plants and cacti of ethnobotanical interest ie many of my aunt' Uncles and cousins have over the years been gifted "Eilein" lophs and Catha. Ma ny have died but Once uncle told me his narrow leaf from 2003 is like a banana tree. I told him don't tell anybody. Not that it' Any news to you guys these plants make great gifts im apretty shithouse a gardener best for me to grow by proxy lol
  18. Hendry

    Shisha ban being enforced in WA

    Nanny state fucktards! There are so many bullshit rules being enacted what will be banned next? (for our saftey of course) Most brands of shisha tobacco aren't available in Australia. The few that are cost 5X's as much due to the govt cunts weighing the molasses and incorrectly taxing it as tobacco. Australia is literally the most expensive country to buy shisha in the world. Most brands you cannot even get here. Buddy o mine tried to get 250grms of an unavailable brand ($15 worth) sent as a gift- customs sent him a bill to pay $120 or was it $140 in tax on $15 dollars worth of shisha. Customs or whomever they are are completley out of control. Little bullshit rules like these are punished mercilessly while actual crime rape,murder,assault with a deadly weapon don't really seem to be punished that much(my perception anyway?). Meanwhile if a P-plater goes 40K over the limit it actually makes the newspaper with assholes commenting about crushing cars and stricter "anti-hoon legislation" lol
  19. http://youtu.be/doTln-HDFQo "Let it shine through"
  20. Sorry your plants were stolen vual. It's interesting how people who weren't even "there" are so willing and eager to classify you as a racist. I guess it's not PC to get robbbed by africans. Next time tell a white lie n blame it on norwegian backpackers.
  21. Hendry

    Youtube vids

    Paradise Lost: The Child Murders at Robin Hood Hills http://youtu.be/TUXTQuNxIqg Paradise Lost 2: Revelations http://watchdocumentary.com/watch/paradise-lost-2-revelations-video_1e87df6b8.html Paradise Lost 3: Purgatory http://youtu.be/5UmzvRywIcs
  22. Hendry

    Roadside Drug Swabs

    Theres an idea! My prescription dexedrine dries out my mouth anyway. While I do not utilize any prohibited chemicals. The reality of these innaccurate tests leaves the innocent man by the roadside, illegally detained, publicly humiliated? while these cuntbags treat him like jack the ripper until proven otherwise. Only the paranoid survive..... I found the following snippet from here http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC1579288/ "Oral fluid production is stimulated by use of agents such as citric acid candy, chewing gum or other agents. This will inevitably change the pH and concentration of drug in the oral fluid. This has been shown to lower concentrations of codeine by about two- to six-fold,12,13 two- to four-fold for methamphetamine,14 and about five-fold for cocaine.15 It is likely that similar changes will occur for other drugs." "A number of drugs are known to affect the secretion of oral fluid.11 Most commonly these are amphetamines, including the designer forms such as ecstasy (MDMA), and cannabis. Other drugs include the sedating antihistamines, antipsychotic drugs, anticholinergic drugs and a number of antidepressants. There are less commonly used drugs that increase flow and these include clonidine, pilocarpine and beta-2 stimulants (salbutamol, terbutaline etc). Consequently, there is significant intra- and inter-subject variation in relation to drug concentrations depending on the technique used, the physiology of the person and the influence of factors affecting drug concentration in oral fluid. Since the collection of oral fluid specimen can be viewed by a second person without infringing privacy it does not suffer from the same issues regarding possible adulteration or substitution as for urine.13 While this can be a distinct advantage, it must be recognised that methods can be employed to potentially affect the collection of oral fluid or the concentration of drugs in oral fluid. The prior administration of drugs and a range of physiological factors covered earlier can affect drug concentration. Foodstuffs, various beverages and various toothpastes did not affect the concentration of drugs of abuse using the Oratect® device 30 min after exposure.16 The use of commercial adulterants or other products capable of acting as adulterants, such as Clear Choice®, Fizzy FlushTM, Spit and Clean®/™ mouth wash and Cool Mint Listerine® also had no substantial effect after 30 min. In an early study using a small number of volunteers, the consumption of beer immediately smoking a marijuana joint appeared to lower concentrations of THC in oral fluid at 1 h post dose.17 It is likely that a short rinsing effect is seen with these agents and others, including water, for a short period after use. Since the oral fluid in the mouth is rapidly turned over, a wait of several minutes should allow re-equilibration of drug in the surrounding tissues.The rinsing effect with drugs is in some way similar to the contamination of breath alcohol by recently consumed alcohol in that a wait of 15–20 min allows any mouth alcohol to be removed by normal physiological processes.18 However, more research is needed to investigate this phenomenon in oral fluid for the various collection techniques"