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    Some kind of Panaeolus?

    Found in sheep poop Dodgy photos sry
  2. Pedro99

    Some kind of Panaeolus?

    Thanks for the answers Yeh it's my phone camera, it is extremely difficult to get the focus right.
  3. I gotta move and have nowhere for my collection. I'm gonna take a few with me but the rest I have to let go. Pick up only. Selling for $1cm maybe less if you buy more, things like CLS bridgesii, random bridges, random crosses, seedlings, probably not for the serious collector but if you're relatively new - a good way to start or increase your collection. Please note, the crest and penis in the photo are NOT FOR SALE. Also if someone can direct me to which FB page I could list this on it would be appreciated, thanks.
  4. Pedro99

    (Ended) Sunny Coast 2 day Tricho sale

    Forgot about this post. These are all gone. Ended up giving over half of them away... Lucky ducks
  5. Pedro99

    Cloning setup

    Hi guys, I'd like to get started into cloning very soon and am hoping for suggestions on which method to choose. This will be for cloning a variety of plants like Kat for example, but also some trickier ones. I've seen some DIY aerocloner type things that look pretty nice. I'd have to find a good watertight tub somewhere as all the online builds are using "rubbermaid". The other option is jiffy pellets/pots in a storage tub in the shade outside. (I imagine this will work?) Anyone have fors/againsts/other recommendations? Cheers
  6. Pedro99

    (Ended) Sunny Coast 2 day Tricho sale

    Thanks for the recommendations @Wile E. Peyote think there's approx a thousand people coming round tomorrow Thanks for the kind words @SayN I thought about circling the crest after you said that but that would ruin the fun!
  7. Pedro99

    Martin Ball Controversy

    This is like the guy at the pub who just won't get the idea that you'd like him to be quiet and leave.
  8. Pedro99

    Is this diseased?

    Hey everyone, is this a chop job? This spot seems to have gotten bigger over the past week.
  9. Pedro99

    Is this diseased?

    Is anyone interested in taking the healthy looking part to graft up?
  10. Pedro99

    Campervan conversion ideas?

    Can I please piggy back this thread and ask the pros here opinion of the vw crafter? I'm looking at an 08 model with about 190xxxkm, it's very expensive but it is luxurious inside, already converted. I'd attempt to do it myself with a cheaper van but my life's been turned a little upside down, my lease is ending and I have savings but I can't afford to rent locally anymore. It looks like the van life has chosen me. I have a large dog, hence I need the larger space of a sprinter, transit, crafter high roof size. I don't plan on leaving him in the van alone of course. I guess one of my primary questions is if I put another 50,000km on the clock and sell it when things have calmed down, will it be have depreciated a heap?
  11. Pedro99

    Is this diseased?

    Thanks everyone for the suggestions
  12. Pedro99

    Is this diseased?

    @Glaukus Do you think the whole column is doomed? Varis in my climate are a horror story lol
  13. Pedro99

    Youtube vids

  14. Pedro99

    Mental Health and Suicide Prevention Resources

    Second time I've edited this.. It was a question about struggling with a hyper awareness of my moment to moment existence after many prolonged meditation sessions. wanted to rethink my wording.
  15. Pedro99

    Psilocybin Mushrooms of SE QLD, Australia

    Looks like there might be some good rain this week sunny coast area
  16. Pedro99

    Lets talk metaphysics

    Very interesting stuff @Meditator I like the idea you wrote about Jesus giving the knowledge of good/evil through the serpent. After my deepest and most unsettling meditation that had an air of "simulation" to it, or perhaps it felt more like the depths of the layers of a program, I had the idea/feeling that maybe Jesus was hacked into our lower plane from a much higher one. Say if you or I made a game like lemmings. It would be nigh on impossible for someone on our relative higher level to communicate anything of meaning to the lemmings within. Our best bet would be to program in another lemming that held some of our higher ideas with the hope it could communicate them. All very absurd and silly stuff until you really embrace the paradoxical absurdity of anything existing at all. This is all vague ideas, I don't hold onto anything as absolute. Sorry to hijack your thread with "religion" but I think it's possible that religious texts hold a key, like a needle in a haystack with the rest of the stack being misdirection. This quote from the gospel of Thomas (nag hammadi Gnostic) hits home to me on how unsettling peering inwards has been. Jesus says: (1) “The one who seeks should not cease seeking until he finds. (2) And when he finds, he will be dismayed. (3) And when he is dismayed, he will be astonished. (4) And he will be king over the All.” another translation: 1 And he said, "Whoever discovers the interpretation of these sayings will not taste death." 2 Jesus said, "Those who seek should not stop seeking until they find. When they find, they will be disturbed. When they are disturbed, they will marvel, and will rule over all." The being dismayed/disturbed is interesting. One would think from a glance that if there was any form of salvation that it would be all sunshine and rainbows! Apparently not..
  17. Pedro99

    Lets talk metaphysics

    . Do atheists describe the non existent god as a being taking some familiar form? Take away the physical sensory world and you're left with conscious experience which seems to reside within something else. Even the physical world, you're here, you reside within the physical universe. Whatever the system is that houses your conscious experience, that is your god whether you like it or not. In the physical, the universe is your god, however illusory it may be. You are at its mercy. In deep meditations I've sometimes experienced a feeling that we were in sort of a simulation that was bound to occur, but far beyond what we consider that word to mean of course. However unfortunate and panic inducing it is, if true, I am at the "simulation's" mercy and it is (also unfortunately) my god. This is just an opinion and I'm not here to argue, just curious. Edit: a scenario that could make this untrue is the Gnostic idea of Sophia or her offspring having created the impure material world and that there are layers of consciousness. So the layer we reside in is untrue, and although we are primarily at its mercy, it is not our true god.
  18. I've recently been reading the "Red Book" by Jung. Not the physical version as it's far too expensive, but maybe one day I'll get it. Just in PDF format. It's been a hell of a ride.. just thought I'd share some of the illustrations from the book as they certainly fit with the psychonaut theme. If anyone wants and can't find a copy of the book pm me. There is a version including the pictures, written in german, and also a "readers version" that contains just the translated text.
  19. I need to read more about her but thought I'd ask here first cos I'd love to hear some of your thoughts. So for the past few years I've seen depictions of the Hindu goddess Kali pop up, you know,.on TV, or maybe in online articles. I'm always struck by how familiar her face seems and particularly the face she is pulling. If I Google Image search "Kali" it's like I'm looking at posters that I've always had up on my walls except maybe they've only been 15percent visible. Or say, you can only see them at certain angles. Not literally of course, it just how damn familiar she is.. Her face is much much more familiar to me than my own mothers. Is it just the face shes so often pulling evokes a memory of a common human emotion? Does anyone who's reading this think she looks, like, way too familiar? Seeing the pictures also makes me feel uneasy, like subtle fear, but more like I want to fight her back with my own machete/sword for pulling her stupid mocking face. It almost sounds like I'm locked in a fight of anger... Dude I don't know, I don't really get into these kinds of things, I'm mostly a rationalist with mystic curiosities but I'm just so struck by her image and what it could mean. I asked elsewhere about this and it was suggested that I attempt to communicate with this "Kali" and kill something to appease her. Lol uhh yeh, I don't think I'll be doing that just yet - maybe if she's way hotter than the photos she's been putting up. Edit: in certain altered states I'm sure I've encountered a similar presence. This guy: also pops up on a kali image search, but I don't know him, I'm sure he's cool though..
  20. I don't know any of the backstory here, but for a "trained soprano" that fucking sucked
  21. Howdy I've had this very small piece of 'sharxx blue' for ages now hoping maybe it would root but no luck. I'm pretty over the tricho clone hype that initially bit me but I'd still like to have a nice blue Peru in the garden to admire one day. So my question is, does someone want this piece to cut in half, graft to two PC or whatever and then send me back one of them? Sounds like a bit of a hassle but might be worth it for someone. Cheers and happy new year. Edit: I don't even know if this piece is viable for a graft at this point.
  22. Thanks @sharxx101, I was just being impatient. You're in qld too? Mate I've lost quite a few up here to some nasty fungus recently!
  23. Pedro99

    Watch this space

    Wow, that's pretty big.