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  1. Kellyfamily

    Asclepiad cactus

    I am mainly looking for Stapelia, Orbea or Huernia and Echidnopsis i only have about 17 different types, below are three of them,
  2. Sorry new to the site, are you still collecting Stapelia and do you have any for trade or sale, I have a few but you probably already have them.




    H Kelly

  3. Kellyfamily

    Asclepiads- Huernia, Stapelia

    If anyone is willing to part with their off cuts i would be very appreciative
  4. Kellyfamily

    Stapelia Thread

    Anyone in Western Australia thats willing to sell any of there Stapelia please message me. Thanks H Kelly
  5. Kellyfamily

    Asclepiad cactus

    Hi all, I live in Western Australia and have fallen in love with this species. I am having trouble sourcing them. If anyone can tell me where i can find them and purchase them without a permit it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks