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  1. Hello-YT-, thanks for the info. I'll try my luck and see who's there. February would be as well nice to get something going. Count me in. Can you please send me a PM with the meeting spot in the garden. Thanks and have a great Sunday ahead. TPM
  2. TPM

    Acacia seed giveaway

    PM'd you. Hope that I am not to late...
  3. Hello, is there a gathering/meeting planned for this month? I'd be interested. TPM
  4. I just opened a bottle wine, sitting in the garden and enjoying the sunset. From SA all the best for 2016.
  5. TPM

    Another alleged Ayahuasca death

    Another article to mislead the public. I most probably will never be able to read an article like this: "Jungle vine cures thousands of cases of arthritis worldwide without psychotropic effects, doctors baffled". Unfortunately!
  6. I am using for my entire internet traffic a VPN service. Currently I am using AirVPN. I am happy with the performance and can recommend it. You can connect 3 devices at the same time. Before I used https://www.privateinternetaccess.com. The performance was excellent. But due to the fact that it is a American based provider I refrain from using there VPN anymore.
  7. Hi King Bolete, thanks for the welcome and the feedback. It seems the plants do well since I moved in, they grew already 10cm. SA seem to be the correct climate for them.
  8. Hello, when I moved into my home, I got two cactus specimen as a present. I was told it is a Peruvian torch. Can anybody tell me the botanical name of the cactus; or confirm that it is a Peruvian torch? Thanks and Regards U
  9. Hello, first of all i like to say, that you should be very sceptical about whatever you are coming across on the internet regarding Ayahuasca and Ibogaine. I believe it is of utmost importance to read about the origins of Ayahuasca and Ibogaine, to understand where it comes from and what it does. I like to refer to the Authors like: Richard Evans Schultes, Albert Hofmann, Christian Rätsch (Plants of the Gods, Jeremy Narby (The Cosmic Serpent: DNA and the Origins of Knowledge), James Fadiman (The Psychedelic Explorer's Guide), Rick Strassman (The Spirit Molecule) and Carlos Castaneda (Teachings of Juan) Theses Authors wrote incredible books about “psychedelics”. Read as well what the critics have to say about each of the individual authors. Keep an open mind and have your thoughts, build your own opinion around the topic. There are many other publishings out there to use as reference. I also like to point out, that psychedelics (Ayahuasca and Ibogaine) do not work like school medicine, like you get diagnosed then take the prescribed medicine and the problem/ disease is gone, on the contrary, it's the start of a journey. Ayahuasca and Ibogaine both have incredible healing power. Ayahuasca is a very wise teacher. Ayahuasca is female spirit. I experienced her as the universal wisdom, as mother nature. When I went for my first encounter with Ayahuasca, I had the impression that I go to Peru, do my 15 ceremonies in 30 days, then my therapy is over and I am healed. It was far from that. When I returned from Peru, I just had gained an insight about the divine Ayahuasca. Healing takes time, personal change and (thats my own opinion) you have to return back to peace contemplation and consciousness. My first ceremonies have been rather unspectacular then accompanied with visions and insights. The Shaman who did the ceremonies was of great help and guided me through the ceremony. Every ceremony was different and brought personal issues into the light which I never had expected. I grew and experienced healing, which is still an ongoing phenomena. Many people argue about if Ayahuasca or Ibogaine is the most potent psychedelic. This is not up to me to judge, but I know one thing for sure. Both are the most potent psychedelics known to men. I have deepest respect for both of them. Ayahuasca doesn’t kill you and you can't overdose on it. Which I can't say for Ibogaine. Ibogaine can be a killer. In Europe Ibogaine is given, to people in a hospital like and very controlled setting because it can harm and kill you. Trust is the utmost importance when it comes to Ibogaine. My shaman lives in Contamana in Peru and she is taught by shaman from the Shipibo people. Contamana is approximately 2 hours flight time from Lima and one hour away from Iquitos. In the greater area around Iquitos, Ayahuasca is very commercialised. Cheers U