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  1. Minmin

    Meet up: Ipswich

    Sounds awesome, see yas there!
  2. Minmin


    Far out what a specimen haha, beautiful bro!
  3. Minmin

    Prints for microscopy :)

    Hey guys, Interested in purchasing/trading for some mycelium prints. I have many varieties of cacti I could trade, or straight up cash. Hope to hear from you lovely souls Warm Regards. Minmin
  4. Minmin

    Seedling/Plant Sale/Validus auction

    WOW Visceral!! Thank you so incredibly much for the pack and tbm segment. I was not expected so many!! There is so many i ran out of pots, off to bunnings today mate haha! No but seriously, thanks for your generosity. These little guys are beautiful, and I'm already in love with the crests. Awesome man, just straight up awesome. So happy. Minmin
  5. Wow! Those are some stunning cacti you've got there sagi! How old were they when you got them? How shallow are you planning on going pot-wise for the caespitosas? Ive recently potted a newly bought caespitosa myself and am wondering if perhaps the pot may be too large as they dont have the same tap root structure. Min
  6. Hello, Im seeking some loph. williamsii seeds, And also Loph. williamsii var. Caespitosa Please let me know cost, im happy to pay for good seeds Thanks, Caespitosa