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  1. Daemonsol


    Would you consider a seed swap? Have a bunch or trichocereus Sierra blue X ss02 if ur interested :-)
  2. Daemonsol

    Melbourne Cacti Clearout! Potted and Cuttings

    Wow I'll go the yowie X Psycho if it's still available can pay extra for postage :-)
  3. I was hoping to get some opinions - I am getting some brassinolde and triacontanol sent to me in the mail (thought I'd give em a go) was thinking about applying some of each to a couple of batches of 2-3 month old trichocereus seedlings I have in some take-away containers out back. I was hoping it would help them develop their root systems so they can start growing in earnest. Do you think this will be beneficial or am I gonna kill my babies?
  4. Daemonsol

    Weird loph graft

    "PC pups can look like that when they are small" but Micoz from what I can tell by the one I left ungrafted, these abnormal pups don't seem to grow 'big' - the ungrafted pup didn't continue to grow outward like normal and lose it's strange TBMish appearance instead it grew a normal growing pup on top that is now many times bigger than the original offshoot. Or did you mean that this kind of segmented growth is common with PC pups?
  5. Daemonsol

    Weird loph graft

    Howdy again folks! A while back I grafted a loph sp onto one of two weird monstroseish pups one of my Pedros pushed out. The one I grafted the loph to seems to be developing these strange almost lophish markings on it whereas the other pup pupped a normal pup and seems to be keeping the same 'inside out' appearance... Anyone have any idea what's going on here? Here's a pic of both!
  6. Daemonsol

    Crazy cacti - so many offshoots!

    Thanks Zelly!
  7. Daemonsol

    Crazy cacti - so many offshoots!

    Might have overwatered the plants with a new fert I found "gogo juice" ;-)
  8. Howdy everybody (and free floating consciousnesses)! Check this out! These two cacti started putting out all these offshoots not long before my mongrel dog knocked them off there mother plant - I let them callous and potted them about a month back. The offshoots have kept growing even though I'm not sure the main plants have rooted very well as they're starting to look pretty thirsty, drawing on the main columns reserves. I cut the etiolated main tips off both to try and encourage root growth, however I'm starting to get a little worried about them cause despite frequent watering (I have a REALLY well draining soil mix) and occasional night misting these babies aren't plumping up... Do I have to cut off the offshoots to save these? Some of them look like cool little mutants so I was really hoping to grow them to a decent size before cutting them off and rooting them...
  9. Howdy everyone, complete mycology noobie and fairly new member here! Was hoping there might be someone experienced around cairns qld who would be willing to teach a complete amature for karmic brownie points! :-) Am keen to network with any local members make friends and talk shop!
  10. I have around 200-250 Sierra blue x SS02 seed here to swap for similar amount of tricho or lesser amount of loph seed... Prefer to swap with some other auzzie enthusiasts particularly in the tropics to make some peer connections :-)
  11. Does this mean mid cuts can actually root from the 'top' end? And the pups will turn grow towards the sun? Or am I misunderstanding?
  12. That's a good idea! Thanks Michael ur an (arch)Angel :-P
  13. Thanks heaps Evil Genius! I figured out how to post pics lol I had to go to the full version not the mobile one however when I tried to attach it I got told the pic was too big :-/ I think is ok tho, after thinking it thru more scientifically I believe I got it the right way up - those little 'v' shaped markings/indentations go above the spines/aerioles yes?
  14. Howdy folks! Driving myself nuts! One of my Peruvians fell over n broke into three... I stupidly forgot to mark which end was which on the middle cut :-/ I potted them the other day to root and went on the assumption that the fatter end was the rooting end but now I'm plagued with doubt. I have pictures of the segment in question and the tip cut was hoping someone could tell by the spines if I got it right/wrong, however I can't figure out how to post them lol so maybe someone could give me some ideas?