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  1. Hey all, I have decided to downsize my Trichocereus collection by stripping out a few varieties I can live without. Smallish but handsome, healthy clones, all on established roots. Expect the odd blemish. If you've been looking for any of the above, PM for details and we can probably sort something out.
  2. fyzygy

    Wanted: Kava plants

    Me too, as the one I was promised by another forum member (their part of an exchange) failed to materialise.
  3. Periodic rotation of the pots is a good idea for container-grown cactus, and that's where the fabric is liable to fail, i.e. movement of the container. Expanded clay would hardly provide enough ballast for a 2.5m+ cactus. Cactus are a lot heavier than e.g. cannabis plants. A plastic pot doesn't weigh much on its own, but is much stronger to hold soil, stones, bricks, what have you, for ballast. Cactus love being in-ground. As long as the red soil isn't clay, they should thrive. All but the largest containers will restrict growth, to some extent.
  4. fyzygy

    wanting Yowie and Eileen

    I have small pups to spare, of both.
  5. fyzygy

    Psychotria leaf propagation

    ^ Looking good! What variety are they? And how long potted up until they kick off? Stuff I've rooted in water seems to root well in sphagnum moss as well, only the roots seem tougher and better adapted for soil than do water-roots. Any reason why laying the leaf segment flat on potted media (e.g. soil) wouldn't also work? That's a traditional method of cloning from a single leaf. Actually, I think you can get 2 plants from a single leaf that way. Depends on the species I think. Cloning from a single leaf doesn't work for all plants -- e.g. a certain Salvia, which grows roots but nothing further, in my experience.
  6. https://clinicaltrials.gov/ct2/show/NCT03336398 A ketamine trial for tinnitus? Where do I sign?
  7. Nangs in the news: https://www.abc.net.au/news/2023-02-21/calls-to-regulate-nitrous-oxide-nang-sales-after-death/101997190 Are those miniature dispensers any good? Maybe you're supposed to buy a pack of condoms at the same time, to hold the gas.
  8. The more freely available the medicine is, the less viable their monopolistic business model will be. Legalisation would be the end of it, or would at least put an end to extortionate price-gouging. If only there were another aggressive, well-heeled lobby group like MMA ... but a lot more democratic.
  9. fyzygy

    Guerilla mycology

  10. From about the 50-minute mark, investigative report into TGA approval process, discussion of who benefits, etc. https://www.abc.net.au/radionational/programs/sundayextra/sunday-extra/102057916
  11. fyzygy

    Massive clearance of small cactus

    Tried sharing link but apparently it's not working? I don't have FB myself.
  12. Someone sent me this link (below), I'm not related to this retailer nor even a customer of theirs. Some nice varieties on offer (browse by price> lowest to highest). But only a generic photo of each, it seems. Hey , Just letting you know... The store is packed a load of 'Ugly Ducklings' in need of new homes, and Hundreds of Trichocereus Australia hybrids, at a smooth $5ea, or $4ea when you pick 10+! Use code 'TRICHO20' in checkout. thecactiguys.com.au/our-store
  13. fyzygy

    T. peruvianus "Matucana spineless"

    I would have thought that "landrace genetics" (in my case) if it meant anything at all, would have meant: hand-pollinated. But on second thought, how does any of this sit with self-sterility? I'm starting to think that "landrace" is not applicable at all to Trichocereus spp. (just marketing hype?). Surely in some traditional locale with a favoured variety, the custodians would simply clone the thing vegetatively? If it set seed, it probably would have been "open pollinated" (i.e. productive of hybrid form)? Yours looks similar to mine, I'm still hoping it will show spineless characteristics on maturity. I'll try and find it for a photo session. The cutting I listed above has gone to a good home.
  14. fyzygy

    Bunnings finds

    Bunnings Coburg: those PC pachanoi were tucked away indoors, underneath a table, for the past few months. Severe etiolation probably now a selling point. Still >$50 each. And a bunch of interesting-looking Mesembryanthemum spp. in the "Pigface" section, dwarf pink, pale pink, and white flowering.
  15. Chacruna Institute seeks input in formulating a response. https://chacruna.net/foia-brings-to-light-deas-problematic-report-ayahuasca-risks-to-public-health-and-safety/?utm_campaign=later-linkinbio-chacruna.institute&utm_content=later-33484504&utm_medium=social&utm_source=linkin.bio&mc_cid=a425161ff7&mc_eid=cbbc326c01