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  1. TommyTommylicious

    Macrogonus maybe

    Macronus/peruvianus. Some of the green at the tip looks a little off, it resembles a pachanoi type of green so I would not be surprised if it's a cross. But just about everything else is consistent with peruvianus/macrogonus.
  2. TommyTommylicious

    Columnar Cactus ID please

    Hello there! What you have there is a rather attractive looking trichocereus bridgesii, or bridgesoid dominant trichocereus hybrid. There's almost 100% chance you have the real deal... Just so you know, anything to do about consumption tends to be off limits in the forums!
  3. TommyTommylicious

    San Pedro ID

    Hi, it's a little hard to discern but it does look like it could be a san pedro PC clone. Although it too looks like a cereus peruvianus. Best of luck!