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  1. looking for some PC software ... Adobe Premier Virtual DJ Adobe Lightroom have a few to offer if anyone is interested
  2. cactuslizardmagick

    Shipping into Australia?

    There's another red tape obstacle, the Dept of Water and Environment Resources (DEWR) who administer CITES. I had a nightmare with some T bridgesii seed recently, where Customs seized it, passed it to AQIS, who I convinced to send it back to Customs to be sent on to me. It went via DEWR, who seized it. I applied for release as the seed is permitted. They approved that, then seized it again because it wasn't declared as plant material on entering the country. Check ICON, check CITES, make sure the sender declares it as plant material, and you may be fine. Good luck!
  3. cactuslizardmagick

    instant bottomheat

    i was about to mention that ... i found an excellent and cheap way is disembowelling an electric blanket and tacking it to a piece of rigid insulating board ... works well in the bottom of a fish tank more specific directions here: http://www.earthalchemy.net/cultivation-sacred-cacti.html
  4. cactuslizardmagick

    peyote seed in exchange for web design

    web designer needed to install shopping cart ... simple site with only a few products offering peyote seed in exchange email me [email protected]
  5. cactuslizardmagick

    new peyote varieties

    earthalchemy currently offer over 15 varieties of Lophophora seed, including L. williamsii (Peyote). Feel free to check out the website, offer interesting trades, and email us with requests. Be well Steffen ------- www.earthalchemy.org Peyote seed and other sacred cacti
  6. cactuslizardmagick

    new lophophora varieties available

    something i am often asked, and unfortunately have little if any information. these varieties have been collected and propagated, but as far as i know there is no quantitative data on alkaloid profiles. be well steffen
  7. cactuslizardmagick

    new lophophora varieties available

    earthalchemy currently offer over 15 varieties of Lophophora seed, including L. williamsii (Peyote). Feel free to check out the website, offer interesting trades, and email us with requests. Be well Steffen ------- www.earthalchemy.org Peyote seed and other sacred cacti
  8. cactuslizardmagick

    bush medicine tours?

    anyone know of koori folk who conduct bush medicine/food tours around northern nsw? ea ------ www.earthalchemy.org Peyote seed and other sacred cacti
  9. cactuslizardmagick

    Calea zacatechichi leaves are going red then getting holes.

    i lost two plants like this recently, luckily i only threw the first (mother) out. simon, what changed in the conditions to spark recovery do you think? ea ----------- www.earthalchemy.org peyote seed and other sacred cacti
  10. cactuslizardmagick

    earthalchemy still alive

    someone just mentioned to me that it's unsure whether we're still operating or not so this is just to say that we're alive and kicking (if a bit dislocated from continual relocation over the past year) come and check out the website, or drop us an email to say hi be well www.earthalchemy.org
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    earthalchemy still alive

    on the odd occasion ... when i remember to [This message has been edited by earthalchemy (edited 27 October 2002).]
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    Earthalchemy cactus seed store. Open?

    sorry guys, i try not to spend too much time in front of the machine these days, hence the silence ... but we're still up and running, doing mostly international business ... it'd be nice to be able to help out more locals be well! www.earthalchemy.org
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    Grateful Dead books ...

    fans of the Dead, these two new books are only $20 each including postage ... Living With The Dead - Rock Scully w/ David Dalton Captain Trips ... bio of Jerry - Sandy Troy first come first served. email me be well ea
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    East Timor gains independence on the 20th.

    isn't that a bit extreme? we all know that the people are not responsible for the laws of the government ... wouldn't this be "punishing" the people for the sins of the lawmakers? surely you could look beyond that ... monday night: SBS, 7:30p Children of the Crocodile ... story of two east timorese in the wake of independence [This message has been edited by earthalchemy (edited 19 May 2002).]
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    Salvia - last days

    Another step in the eradication of personal freedom is about to be taken in less than 2 weeks. earthalchemy is offering Salvia divinorum products for the last time, in accordance with our draconian legal system. If you would like to know more, send an email to [email protected] with "Right-wing control freaks" in the subject line. Be well Steffen [This message has been edited by earthalchemy (edited 18 May 2002).]
  16. cactuslizardmagick

    Salvia in the Sydney Morning Herald

    did this article ever get printed?
  17. cactuslizardmagick

    earthalchemy re-opening

    anubian lights, can you email me then? tst: yep, should be fine ... have you been receiving the updates? should have been two by now. be well ea
  18. cactuslizardmagick

    earthalchemy re-opening

    earthalchemy is back (finally!) www.earthalchemy.org With apologies to all who waited so long and so patiently, earthalchemy is finally re-opening for business. Salvia divinorum – Endangered Sacrament With the imminent scheduling of S. divinorum in Australia less than 6 weeks away, we are able to offer the last of our stock of Oaxacan shade-dried leaf available. This herb is very limited, and we are unsure as to whether it will be possible to source more before the scheduling comes into effect, so take advantage of the offer here. New Cacti Seed We have added several species to our Sacred Cacti seed offerings: Echinocereus triglochidiatus Myrtillocactus geometrizans (excellent grafting stock) Trichocereus pachanoi “San Pedro” T. peruvianus T. terscheckii Two more varieties of Lophophora are currently being sourced, and we will let you know as soon as they are available. The Future We have many plans for the future, including live plants and a selection of essential entheogenic reference books. With your support we will continue to offer the best grass-roots service we possibly can. Namaste all, be well and happy! Steffen If you wish to be on the earthalchemy Update list, please let us know at [email protected]
  19. cactuslizardmagick

    CHOGM? Is Protesting counter-productive?

    valid questions mesqualero ... i've been thinking about the future of peaceful protest alot lately. i intend to check out the situation in brisbane (perhaps risking my neck to another terrorist attack?) but am loathe to be on the "frontline" ... there is going to be a large socialist presence, which i am fearful may result in escalation and violence (not necessarily on their behalf, but some groups from sydney are far too militant for my liking). i'd love to catch up with any of you who make it ... i'll organise a mobile number and post it here in coming days ...
  20. earthalchemy will soon offer HBWR seed for propagation purposes. namaste ea
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    count me in rev