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  1. Sulik114

    Wanted - Reishi Spores can trade

    Hi all, For health reasons I am wanting to grow some Reishi on some logs. Heard that it is a great immune system regulator. if anyone has some spores they can share it would be greatly appreciated. All I can trade at the moment is some Shiitake 3782 wedges. cheers,
  2. Sulik114

    Medicinal Cultivation Laws

    Here is a link to a list of allowable and restricted mushroom species culture imports into Australia. Very annoying as Maitake and Lions Mane seems to be restricted https://bicon.agriculture.gov.au/BiconWeb4.0/ViewElement/Element/Index?elementPk=653575&caseElementPk=719742
  3. Sulik114

    Acacia Plebophylla pollination

    Thanks mate, I'm really looking forward to seeing it flower and bear seed. Will do some posts including photos as this progresses. cheers
  4. Sulik114

    Acacia Plebophylla pollination

    Thanks mate, yes I hope to get a heap of Tassie climatised viable seeds, that way I can get more trees out to the community as it is a rare tree. Be nice to start of a mini plantation one day Not sure what the life span would be but you'd hope they could naturally reproduce themselves without having to propagate more seedlings. They are hard to get going from my experience with seeds I've got from this forum previously. Definitely going to be an interesting experiment Take care bro,
  5. Sulik114

    Acacia Plebophylla pollination

    Hi Dood, yes your small seedling really loves our cool climate. It only exhibited a little transplant shock when I transferred her to a large pot. I was worried because some people said that they usually die after that. Anyway shes in a good native soil mix with coarse river sand and crushed red granite I got from a tombstone cutting business. Gave me a big bag for free. Anyway when you say it takes 12 months to mature do you mean the pods hang on the tree that long before opening? Do they self pollinate? cheers
  6. Just a question, I have a really healthy plebophylla growing in Tassie about three years old it's about 2.5 metres tall now and has a flower stem forming, see photo. My question is will the seeds once flowering is complete form and be viable if I only have the one tree. Can they self pollinate? cheers and peace to all
  7. Sulik114

    Psilocybe Galindoi (ATL7) print (microscopy use only)

    Would be interested in a Mexicana as a trade, PMme.
  8. Sulik114

    Psilocybe Galindoi (ATL7) print (microscopy use only)

    Pm me and we can do a trade.
  9. Very impressive season and great pics, I have yet to come across any wild actives apart from a few Fly Agarics. Recently came across a nice patch of medicinal Turkey Tail. See my photos.
  10. Sulik114

    Psilocybe Galindoi (ATL7) print (microscopy use only)

    Hi Soma, i think I might have a Galindoi print for you for microscopy purposes. Send me your addy. cheers
  11. Sulik114

    Raising A.Phlebophylla

    Hi Cubism, yes its been a while since I was here. Busy with life in general and still looking after mum. Grown some great exotic shrooms. I'll have to send you some pics you'll be amazed. Hope you are well man.
  12. Sulik114

    Raising A.Phlebophylla

    Hi Sally, yes it is in a small pot, but loving the medium. Its touching the top of my greenhouse so I got to plant it out. I'm looking after my mum so don't really want to plant it here. I think I have a great spot ata mates place who lives in a snowline during winter. Might like it there. Mmmm this is a good idea. Thanks for prompting my my brain cells into action
  13. Sulik114

    Raising A.Phlebophylla

    My Phleb after 2 years, as tall as me now, really loves theTassie climate. I did not raise the tree from seed but won it at an auction here on corriboree. Anyone got any seeds they would part with for trialling some grow logs.