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  1. SkyWalker

    RIP spillover greenhouse

    Wow, mother natures power, sorry to hear of your loss mate, sometimes bad shit happens to good people and it aint fair or right but it still happens, nice to see a positive attitude heading in to the rebirth though, good luck brother
  2. SkyWalker

    sun opener seed give away, again

    Awesome, ill send some seeds i have lying around back, cheers dood
  3. SkyWalker

    Chilean sect using Aya sacrifices a baby

    What the frack, that is messed up, i mean who the, why the, huh?
  4. SkyWalker

    Sold to me 5-6yrs ago as Peyote???

    lol, for sure, call it the loph var. Hulk, mutated in a lab, might look small, but dont get it mad
  5. SkyWalker

    police predicament

    i like that jp idea, take the edge off for sure, good for alot of other things aswell
  6. Endor and darklight sitting in a tree, sterilising till its clean
  7. SkyWalker

    Lophophora Williamsi Crest-Cristata-Crestated

    The item was removed by ebay itself, along with many other items of mine, i would love to be able to sell some of my cacti jus to get them out there, but it honestly seems impossible, so why should i bother, i need to stress less anyhow
  8. SkyWalker

    Lophophora Williamsi Crest-Cristata-Crestated

    Oh man i am preety sure i am done here, why dont you auction it for me genius, we are now onto the second page, with one bid, and it has been less than entertaining to listen to every man and his dogs opinion, about wether they think i have a crest, i am standing here looking at it, you have a picture, im preety sure i have the better view point,
  9. SkyWalker

    Lophophora Williamsi Crest-Cristata-Crestated

    I was told to remove it from the discussion forums to the seed/plant exchange, i had bids in the discussion forrums and discussion in the sales forum, i have no idea how youre minds operate, but f**k me i cant figure it out for the life of me, call me whatever you like, but i sort of made it preety clear i just wanted to auction a cactus, whatever
  10. SkyWalker

    police predicament

    Defimation of character and slander, invasion of privacy and breach of rental laws as far as i know, talk to a good lawyer and start a case, at least that way he can say no i am sewing someone for that peice of slander, this is crap, they are not allowed on the property without providing at least a weeks notice, pictures are completely not allowed unless it is of damage to the property, and the owners are not allowed to be there unless stated so in the letter informing you of inspection, just take them to court
  11. SkyWalker

    Lophophora Williamsi Crest-Cristata-Crestated

    Lets call it a difference of opinion, i think it is you think its not, this thread has been hijacked enough, by enough members, obviously it is going to be to much trouble to auction this item here, auction closed item no longer available, i dont have the time for this, nor the patience, i say auction, you say debate, i think its a bit childish guys, really
  12. SkyWalker

    Lophophora Williamsi Crest-Cristata-Crestated

    i have heard of this, however this is normally due to the type of graft used, i have done my research, it will have the best chance possible to continue its mutated growth, any crest can return to normal growth at any point in time, there is no such thing as 'a particular crest' considering the fact that i have three different formations of mutation there i doubt you can specify which type, dont take such a run up bro, you are dealing with reasonably well versed people here, i might not be able to operate the forums but i know cacti, next time just ask if we know instead of, lol, 'bursting our bubble' , ii did not mean to offend you with the whole noob exclusion, but this is primarily why i would rather deal with people who know there stuff, that way i dont have to deal with someone foaming at the mouth if anything does go wrong (touch wood)
  13. Funky Fungus sounds groovy, any specifics bro, pm if you want
  14. SkyWalker

    Lophophora Williamsi Crest-Cristata-Crestated

    Cool she has been moved, enjoy peoples
  15. SkyWalker

    Lophophora Williamsi Crest-Cristata-Crestated

    How do i get in touch with a moderator, should i ask water trade to do it, im sure he wouldn't mind, cheers boys