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    Went out side for my morning coffee and found this beast growing great giggle first thing.
  2. His guys, im a newbie here and thought id kick it of with what to some/all may think is a dud topic lol. Is it all posible to grow khat in tas climate? No is most likely the answer but maybe with some assistants?? Ideas and views greatly apreciated, thanks
  3. Not meaning to go for a sob story but my wife and I grow sun flowers every year in memory of her best friend who passed away about three years ago from cancer, taken way to young! She would be over the moon to see these in the garden Peace DrG
  4. Drgreen

    Khat in tasmania.

    Hi all. Just wondering if someone could clear a thing or two up for me as im no doubt over looking something... Now as im aware it is legal to grow khat in tas, It is illegal to harvest anf extract. You can import upto 5kg a month for personal use as long as you posses an AQIS permit and then a OCSEH lisence. Now this is were some imput would be great and I know my dumbness is no doubt blinding me but from what I have read, I cant find stated that you have to be samali or ethiopian to gain these papers.... Can an average whitie joe blow gain these permit/licence to import a personal suply??? Has anyone or knows of someonr that has done so??? Thanks people DrG
  5. Drgreen

    Give away- south tas

    Hi all. I picked theese little beasts up as a freebie of a custumer at work. Dont know what they are,but im sure someone will Pick up or meet half way somewere, no stress.
  6. Drgreen

    Rivea Corymbosa- 1 lot to give away

    All done peeps
  7. Hi there...... Ive just started out so dont have much to offer but after hitting a couple of freebies up I feel I can try to keep some good vibes going I recieved a pack of Rivea Corymbosa seed and had a good strike rate with 4 out of five planted so wanted to offer a pack of ten to someone that would like them 1x pack of 10. I know its a tiney offer but I felt I must because there is so many good people here, its only fare I contribute what I can. So hit me up drG
  8. Drgreen

    Transplanting rivea from indoor to outdoor

    Looks awesome mate, insperation rite there ;) Happy days drG
  9. As the topic says I have some rivea that i have struck off indoors under lights. This is the begining of my garden so I dont have much if any expirence and was wondering if I could get some tips on how to reduce the stress of the move out doors??.. They are tinny at the moment (about 10-15cm) but it will be a couple of months till they make the move. Any ideas or tips would be great. Thanks all drG
  10. Drgreen

    Transplanting rivea from indoor to outdoor

    Thanks for them good point got. Are you by any chance in tas?? Ill have a few to pass around is all and would be happy to give you a couple Cheers guys
  11. Drgreen

    Transplanting rivea from indoor to outdoor

    Awesome stuff mate cheers!! I didnt think there would be much of a problem, they seem like a very strong plant. Ill drop a little fan in there tomorrow to give them a bit more strength Thought id better ask the question before risking death lol Cheers drG
  12. Drgreen

    Wtb Ephedra seed

    Will do cheers
  13. Drgreen

    Wtb Ephedra seed

    Hey all. As this not so bad tassie winter will be coming to an end, I was hopping to get mg noob but into gear a little. I had paid for a couple different ephedra types a couple of months ago but I fear they may not show so I wanted to put a word out and see if other members may have some up for grabs as we aproach spring??? Thanks all drG
  14. Drgreen

    ''black jack'' giveway

    Ohhh just came on and saw this.. Are there any about still for a noob??? Ill pm bud.. Cheers.
  15. Drgreen

    Rare Ephedra seeds for sale

    No prob at all.. Hope al is well ef
  16. Drgreen

    Rivea seed giveaway

    Got mine today too, thanks mate
  17. Drgreen

    Rivea seed giveaway

    Love some thanks. PM'd buddy
  18. Drgreen

    Is catha edulis posible in TAS??

    Haha no problem at all ob, spring is the go with the way this weather has kicked it up a notch lol, but thanks for dropping a line in mate I also would be interested in the NL if posible waterboy Cheers guys dG
  19. Drgreen

    Is catha edulis posible in TAS??

    Pm sent, thanks mate
  20. Drgreen

    Is catha edulis posible in TAS??

    Thankyou all for your imput guys, this newbie is on his way Pm sent obtuse, I hope lol. Computers aren't really my things.
  21. Drgreen

    Is catha edulis posible in TAS??

    That is awesome! so there would be a chance of sourcing khat locally?? If you guys could help me out that would be great im not up to trade state yet as ive just started out but am willing to pay cash... Would the ephadra be just as hearty to?? Thanks for the help and input guys.