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  1. MerryPrankster


    I think p. viridus is pretty fatty so it's a pain in the ass to clean up, but if you use the right solvents it's not too hard or expensive. Do not sell it, man
  2. MerryPrankster

    My overgrown cactus garden

    I've developed a plan: Pull everything that is not a cactus out pour lots of watered down compost tea on it and then cover with a layer of fresh soil. I think I have some forest mulch somewhere so I'll mulch it, that should stop the weeds.
  3. MerryPrankster

    My overgrown cactus garden

    So, a lot of these cactuses have been in for 5-7 years and for the last 3 or 4 have been completely neglected. While I haven't gotten much height, there are a fuckton of pups. I want to dig them out, put in better soil and revitalise the area. I also want to put down rocks to keep the grass down. I would just weed it but some of those spines are huge, so I think it would be easier to dig everything out. Any ideas on what I've got here and how to best attack this problem?
  4. Your cover photo is gorgeous

    1. MerryPrankster


      Dude, I hope you are well :D

  5. MerryPrankster

    I have returned

    Hey thanks guys, I really appreciate the warm words. I forgot about this thread, been spending time getting my life sorted. Things are really good now. I'm figuring out what to do with my life, I think I'm going to become a blacksmith. Off to do some gardening, I'll post some pics.
  6. MerryPrankster

    I have returned

    Hi everyone! I'm back, I spent some time in jail but I'm once more a free man and keen to get into some gardening. How's everyone doing?
  7. MerryPrankster

    Hey so I still exist!

    I allegedly burned down a house. I've plead not guilty as I had nothing to do with it. My ex is going to cop it, though. Lying, manipulative bitch. Thanks Change, I am playing the game and winning, it's been an eye opening experience that won't lead to a criminal record either way. Thanks for the support everyone. I'm still in the nuthouse but hopefully not for too much longer and I have a good laywer. Catchyas soon :D
  8. MerryPrankster

    Hey so I still exist!

    I am just at the library, getting some stuff, I've gotten escorted leave. I'll keep all of you updated on how this goes. It's been a wild ride. I won't do any time and I'm only charged with the above offenses. I could have been charged with weapons offenses and other things that we need to discuss but the police were nice to me, lol. MUSIC IS LIFE
  9. MerryPrankster

    Hey so I still exist!

    Hi everybody, I've just been suffering the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune. I was homeless for a month and a half, then I was arrested and taken to a mental hospital for three weeks, released into police custody, charged with two counts of arson (malicious damage by fire,) spent a week in jail, got released on bail and I'm in the mental hospital again! I know how the game is played now, though. I should be out of the mental hospital in a few days, I think.
  10. I think that for a home setup, the Hogstad patent is a bit prohibitive due to the high voltages involved. Sally is right, I wouldn't just go and grab a DC transformer and start playing with this. 200v is nothing to sneer at. Perhaps if we boil the crude plant matter, filter as usual and boil down until it's pretty thick, then electrocoagulate (19-30V and 0.2-2.6A is much more friendly!) and remove the crap, boil down, electrocoagulate, rinse and repeat until you've gotten rid of majority of the crud?
  11. Yep, volumetrically as some people have mentioned is the best way for distributing tiny doses. Dissolve your gram in a suitable amount of solvent, then you know your ml/mg ratio and you can dose accordingly.
  12. I've just read the paper attached to the OP and it seems promising. In that one they are removing the impurities and leaving the alkaloid minus all the crud. I think for some extracts, it could be very useful and avoid the use of a lot of solvent. It appears their EC setup could be easily reproduced with a couple of items from Bunnings for electrodes and a DC power supply. They used low currents (between 0.2-2.6 A, 19-31 V) so this would be pretty safe to do at home. As far as getting pure alkaloids to precipitate out of a crude bulk, I doubt it. You're gonna get a lot of other compounds that are more greatly affected by the current than the alkaloids. As a pre-extraction step, it could be very promising. I am all for cutting down the amount of solvent needed.
  13. MerryPrankster

    My new house!

    Yeah, Halcyon. I just need some plants to put in! (and some room) Also, naja, thanks for the IDs, I broke the leaves of the 'camphor' and smelt them, didn't get anything. I thought camphor had a very strong smell. Once I get the whipper snipper going (need a tool so I can take out the spark plug and check it out) I will get to cutting some of those grasses.