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  1. jarmon

    Planthelper F2 seeds giveaway

    If the next lot comes out. My hand is up for some.
  2. jarmon

    Planthelper F2 seeds giveaway

    will post a picture in a bit
  3. jarmon

    Planthelper F2 seeds giveaway

    Wow that went quick! In 8 years or so I might have some to add. The variation between seeds in the lot I got in 2012 was quite interesting they each seem unique. I've kept 3 for now one light green broad leaf, a red narrow leaf and another narrow leaf that is much lighter in colour more green and caramel than red.
  4. Hi Lost Nebula, No doubt that batch is long gone but the palms remain, hoping you still check this forum. If you do get any more seed pods I will grab some when ever the season is. Have some perth red khat about to go into flower that will seed if you want them and a small amount of hybrid catha seeds from ph. Which by the way produce some weird progeny: narrow leaf red and pink and broad leaf grean so far. Not sure if I can clone those freaks but if so would try and post tubes over.
  5. jarmon

    Catha edulis - History, Cultivation and Use

    http://books.google....epage&q&f=false ^I think some one posted this already but its an interesting and relevant read about this plant, most of the terminology seems to be in current use in africa. An example of the kiosks here the nyambene massive with the magic sticks!
  6. So the deal is take cuttings when they are alternate not opposite? I have a few taking root at the moment, most of them are alternate but a few are opposite. Will see how it goes. From the red ones I am growing it seems that one is a deep red and the other seems to be more pink and curled. I got the seeds from the two trees at UWA which apparently have been felled now. One was a really tall upright growing thing whereas the other was very branchy bushy and short. I'm guessing only the original gardener could answer whether this is a genetic or environmental difference.
  7. jarmon

    x x

    Duty free smokes. I found out about this the hard way. Doesnt bother me too much because I dont smoke so the decision was simple- declare them and then bin the other 8 packets out of the carton. In Indo its only $10 a carton or so anyway so its still cheaper. The guy I was travelling with decided to pay the duty and he reckoned it still worked out to be around 50% of the price he would pay in Aus. Good point about the declaring as much stuff as you can to avoid searching- I wouldnt want to bet my life or freedom on it though. I have had the same experience a couple of times where they just have enough of looking at all your declared goods and send you through but have also been sent to the xray before too.
  8. jarmon

    Meet up: Perth

    So that's a yes and yes? Good!
  9. jarmon

    Meet up: Perth

    As good as that doof looks are there still trade/swap meet ups? I remember there used to be one in subi, maybe not so much these days?
  10. jarmon

    Location of Catha in Perth

    Did this tree get cut down? That's awful it was a pretty impressive specimen. I saw the one across the road was gone. I took seeds from both about 8 years ago. I should have some more cuttings soon too.