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  1. Think I might have an identical plant to #1, never really figured out what it is but by god it's got some serious spines!
  2. Snowfella

    Free to a good home

    Sounds good to me for both, everything is still sitting where it was yesterday ready for a pickup. I'll shoot you's some PM's with an address.
  3. Snowfella

    Free to a good home

    Due to it's "grows like crazy" tendency I've had to prune back my M. geometrizans and now have a few meters of stems laying about. I only "need" one large plant and don't graft or grow from seeds so these bits are totally useless to me and will end up binned if there's no taker. Unfortunately with the nature of these bits (Australia Post would likely ban me from ever shipping anything again!) there's just no way I can ship anywhere so the happy recipient would have to pick them up in person from Sydney's west...St Clair to be more precise. Leftover bits freshly cut, a tad skinny at the moment due to lack of rain. First come/first serve!
  4. Snowfella

    So, what am I?

    Always thought this as a PC Pach but not so sure anymore after the reactions to yesterday's flower bud post. It's a plant from Hamilton's bought somewhere back in 2011 and has been in the ground since 2012, moved once when I expanded my outdoors patch. So, ventured out this afternoon after work to snag a few more shots of it, but first for the "wayback" machine and some older shots. Tip growth in 2012 First, and only pup, in February 2013 Same pup in June 2013 Bit of hail lovin, didn't face it at all Now for the new shots from this afternoon. The whole plant, don't mind the weeds...they are on my to do list Bud closeup New spine growth from older areoles Some areole "porn"
  5. Snowfella

    So, what am I?

    Cheers. So it's more of a classic pach rather than a PC clone, nice to know. As for broad ribs, down the bottom of the plant there's hardly any ribs to speak of, it's all plump to the point of splitting. Last decent rain event saw it rip apart nearly a foot long beween some ribs! @Master B: next flower I get I'll harvest the stamen's and try to dry it out for you. Wife ought to be able to nick a specimen cup from work that I could pop it into. ;)
  6. Snowfella

    Columnar Flower Buds. Got some ? Post them here.

    Finally broke out in full bloom tonight, thought it was last night but walked outside a little while ago and the smell was unmistakable!
  7. Snowfella

    Columnar Flower Buds. Got some ? Post them here.

    To be honest I have no real idea what it's heritage is, picked it up a few years back from Hamilton's as a less than a foot long cutting. Didn't do much while in a pot but once out in the ground it's gone nuts with growth. Seem to suck up any moisture it gets, to the point that it splits badly down by the base. See if I can hustle up some more shots, anything in particular I should focus on? And pollen can be done, never collected it before so would need some pointers though. Edit: here's some more shots of it, both old and new ones from this afternoon, tossed them up in their own topic for good measure. http://www.shaman-australis.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=42276
  8. Snowfella

    Columnar Flower Buds. Got some ? Post them here.

    First ever buds on this PC, bit of a surprise it's taken this long as it's a good 9 foot tall by now.
  9. Think I can class my Azure hunt as "complete", found a very friendly little fella in a local reserve that let me in close.
  10. Snowfella

    Mammarillia id please

    M. prolifera
  11. Snowfella

    What did you do to your cacti today?

    Unfortunately not, though I have high hopes it should start setting flowers soon as it's big enough. As to size, it was a tiny little seedgrown thing when I put it in the ground 5 odd years ago, since then it's been left to grow hardly without any help from me.
  12. Snowfella

    What did you do to your cacti today?

    Generally ignored them, the whole collection has seen abit of neglect of late unfortunately. Monster in the making? Finally started putting on some height rather than just get fat, 10 inches tall and between 6-7 inches in diameter. Doubled it's rib count over summer. Likely a victim for some pruning come spring, getting way to spread out to safely reside in a pool area.
  13. Snowfella

    2xclumpers ID

    I'd be looking at something Eriosyce for the first one. Second feels like a Mam though I can't say what one.
  14. Snowfella

    Mammilaria identification thread

    First one has me stumped, though I do have a very similar plant on the bench without tags. Second 2 I'd say are different types of elongata
  15. Snowfella

    Mammilaria identification thread

    M. prolifera M. gracilis monstrose M. zeilmanniana, white flowered hybrid
  16. Snowfella

    Mammilaria identification thread

    1: M. elongata 2: M. Sheldonii/Matzalentsis 3: M. bocasana 4: M. bombycina 5: M bocasana 6: M. matudae Calculated guesses
  17. Snowfella

    fat cactus

    Don't see the hairy apex that ingens "should" have and from what I've read it only flowers from said apex and has hairy fruits so I'd be more leaning towards a Ferocactus.
  18. This morning down by the local river, finally got one of the local Azure Kingfishers close enough for a half decent photo. Been "hunting" them for months now.
  19. Snowfella

    Cacti declared pests in WA

    Funny enough I've even found Opuntia fruit for sale in a local fruitmarket, no hint to species though but from memory just about the whole genus is declared a weed in NSW.
  20. Snowfella

    Good Whiskey

    Had to stop buying scotch as a bottle never lasted more than 3 days Routine would be going past the local bottleshop on the way home on Wednesday (start of my "weekend") and it would be all gone come Saturday night. Generally enjoyed late night with a tad of ice while sitting in bed reading a good book. Used to be a bourbon drinker but 2 big bourbon (turkey, blantons or makers mark) and coke's late at night wrecked havoc with my sleeping pattern, 3am pee wakeups ended up a regular event. Best drop so far would of been an 18 year old Glenmorangie (1976 vintage, same as me) bought back in 1998 at a PX in Bosnia, sat unopened for months as hard liquor was a banned drink in theater but opened the day after I rotated back the world. Savored that one for a few months before killing it off with friends around a fishingtrip campfire.
  21. Snowfella

    Cactus of the 4 winds

    Don't think it's got anything to do with constricted roots. I've got a near 5 foot Pilosocereus in the ground that's stayed 4 rib from day 1, threw a new stem last summer that started out with 5 ribs but just an inch later reverted back to 4 ribs. Kinda skinny but plump and nearly square in shape.
  22. Snowfella

    ferguson livestream

    Simple, don't rob a store and then after it assault a police officer and you won't be shot! Play stupid games, win stupid prices! And it's really going to help their "cause" setting half the city on fire..bloody idiots!
  23. Something closer to home, Jamison Valley from Wentworth Falls lookout. Link to a somewhat below 50% scale, downscaled my original 9 shots before stitching them together. Just overlook the 2 far horizon stitching errors. http://www.imagebam.com/image/0de7af365554876
  24. Snowfella

    Columnar Flower Buds. Got some ? Post them here.

    This one might not be a columnar but I'm pretty darn stoked with them anyways, first ever Fero buds.