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    globular cacti de-graft

    Orange discolouraton appears very common on my trichpcereus right now when i cut and seems to be due to some kind of oxidation and definitely not a pathogen. i wouldnt do anything rash
  2. Rev

    Nananthus albinotus

    thanks people Devance, you say youve raised it... any seed? :D also on what experimentation do you claim to have discounted its activity? for example prep methods may play a crucial role, as may chemotype (this has been demonstrated amongst this group - between popultaions constituents vary widely)
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    two trichs need a home...

    I dont have this one please put my name on the waiting list for swapsies or purchase :D
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    Fruit trees

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    star jasmine

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    Mt Buffalo / Acacia phlebophylla

    Ok ill stick to my part of this thread, thems steep edges. Re ideas - i guess some of them could be translated to the east but i was keeping them for myself for the moment The ones im talking about have special relevance to WA - domestic mainly but some with export potential. Why to give them away? cos i cant do them and they need to be done. Some i feel are too important to be left alone - the emerging scene in WA needs certain things that can only realistically be procured locally I mean WA (except the far far far north) has no Cubes, few subs and then in a highly policed area, No amanitas, no rue, no rainforest, very little in the way of known materials, not like the east...but... it does have huge potential for other plants and more can grow here than currently do The local populace will avidly consume more (legal) recreationals and concoctions than are currently offerred (sweet FA) and the plant market is significant too- specially given quarantine hassles with whole plants For example Catha might be common but ive never seen it in nurseries - why not? seed is free and its not only highly ornamantal but it is also a 'special interest' plant. I mean you cant build an empire on it but its a profitable hobby. Find out where the Ethiopian, Kenyan and Somali population shop/hang out and theyd sell like hotcakes.
  8. Rev

    Where is Reville?

    Rev is spending quality recreatioanal time in the Perth 'Burbs and wherever he can get to in WA Had a nice sojourn in Augusta and Margaret river the other week Catching up with friends and family in perth before i leave and in many ways Ill be sorting out a new and FINAL PO box for the seedring before i go away - redirection is F*$&ing useless and now ive got some here and some waiting in NSW Those whoeve sent orders and havent spoken to me recently just prod me with an e-mail and ill get to it when i get back to my seeds (NSW - didnt risk bringing them back through WA quarantine) Im kind of not stressing about the AFSR at the moment - not till im settled there - after Indonesia. Thats not to say im not filling orders - but the trend of the last 4 months is continuing, disruption makes is very sloooow. So if i dont respond quickly its not cos i dont like you. Im just spending much more real time than virtual ATM. And i wont be spending alot of virtual time while in Indo either - just reports like Gwydion probably The seedring will be back in March in time for all those winter crops