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  1. 18 hours ago, Halcyon Daze said:

    Wicked :) What kind of stones can be found? Agates? DIAMONDS!!!

    smart answer and super sence of humor!

    you can find there:



    fossil wood superb detail

    real green jasper

    red jasper


    crinoid fossils

    nice colglomorates

    other fossils



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  2. 22 minutes ago, Inyan said:

    What is this blanket that has become law? And why would it require you to chop your beautiful cacti down to a smaller more manageable size?


    9 minutes ago, Average Joe said:

    I too haven't heard about this.

    don't relay on what I am saying for legal counsel:

    the blanket law was introduced a few years ago, with the aim to destroy, torstens, ray's hhh, and others business.

    the law says, if a herb has similar effects, as a prohipited plant/herb, it as well is illegal.

    this law did as well shut me down from trading.


    pedros might be still a grey area, and I would not worry about it if I were you. some of us hope that if we have those plants just as specimens, and not keep them as means of producing, mescalin we would be ok.

    as always, the cops and law enforcers judge on quantity. they get millions for ther useless work, so they inflate the weight of sezured herbs (useless fan leaves and stems get measured as drug).


    if my plants are small, they might believe me if I say, i'm just a plant enthusiast, and I swear I am.

    but large amounts might be seen, as attempt to produce.....